September 19, 2006

Sept. 19, 2006: #5 Guy Fournier resigns

Update below

CBC chairman, Guy Fournier has resigned as chairman of the CBC -- 'lost the confidence' of the government: Oda , 19 Sep 2006, CBC Arts

A public furor arose last week over a column [Guy Fournier] wrote in gossip magazine 7 Jours mocking the sexual habits of Lebanese.

The column read, in part: "In Lebanon, the law makes it possible for men to have sexual intercourse with animals as long as they are females. To do the same thing with male animals could lead to the death penalty."

It sparked an uproar in the Lebanese Canadian community.

But, is it true? Or is it not politically correct to mention? I read another article (G & M, Sept. 19, 06, A3 by Mark McKinnon) about the effort to marry off martyrs' widows as second wives in Gaza (The Married Widows of Gaza). The first wife may come along to check out the potential ... helper ... whether to see if she will be pleasing to the husband or to see whether she will be a help with the housework was unclear. There was mention of their being able to get along. How cheerful. Now, she may breed more martyrs ... and help the first wife.

I can think of more pressing reasons to fire upper management at CBC ... things like attitude, tone, bias, slant, so-called balance which isn't ... items I have mentioned several times.

Fournier hits the fan - CBC loses its head -- CBC head quits after defecation, bestiality remarks, Reuters Canada, Tue Sep 19, 2006

[....] In comments made in May, and replayed in a CBC weekend interview, he talked at length about the joys of bowel movements.

"He has increasingly lost the confidence of Canada's new government," Oda told the House of Commons. "I inform this House that I have received the voluntary resignation of Mr. Fournier effective today."

Link to comment. I would fire Keith Boag and Julie Van Dusen whose biases are always in evidence ... but that would be just a start at cleaning out the Mothercorps. Someone has suggested the whole CBC could use an enema.


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