September 17, 2006

Sept. 17, 2006: Feminists, Clinton, AIDS, Lewis

Sept. 16, 06, in the Globe and Mail was a full page devoted to ex-US President Clinton's 60th birthday bash in Toronto and his Clinton Foundation. How many feminists spoke out about his penchant for ... inappropriate behaviour with women?

We Don't Support Gropers except for Bill Clinton, September 16, 2006

[....] Well, the irony to me is that the same left-leaning "feminist" types fawn over, and show support for Bill Clinton--one of the biggest gropers and sexual harrassers around--all the while shrieking that if a man tries to touch them in a bar, all bets are off and physical violence will follow. [....]

Gropers who belong to the leftist network may behave badly in relationships with women with impunity, it seems. Where is the feminist blow back? I would have expected Clinton to be hiding his shame somewhere quiet ... even retiring from public life. Apparently, shame is not for lefty gropers with moneyed friends willing to keep men like him before the public, it seems. Who are his friends? Check the G & M for the list of those involved in this one page extravaganza in support of Groper Billy's birthday bash. My fiendish mind asks, "Was there a group grope?"

Bill Clinton was in Toronto at the HIV/AIDS Conference -- more below.

Update to these posts:

FHTR Sept. 3-9, 06

Sept. 7, 2006 #1 Global Good Will ... Continued [....]
Sept. 6, 2006: #3 A failure to communicate ... & More [....]
Sept. 4, 2006: #1 Update AIDS Refugees & More [....]
FCJ Refugee Centre / No One Is Illegal - Four Demands! [....]

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants -- [and illegal aliens ] -- March on Ottawa: An op-ed piece by Heather Lash of the FCJ Refugee Centre, about the recent No One Is Illegal March on Ottawa., announced in a press release, June 16th , 2005.

Update on the AIDS refugees who remained in Canada after the AIDS Conference. [....]

"An HIV-positive Eritrean delegate at last month's international AIDS conference has started treatment for the disease in Toronto while he awaits the status of his refugee claim, one of 137 made by participants in the event." , "137 aids conference delegates ask to stay -- Refugee claims", by Siri Agrell, National Post, September 02, 2006

FHTR Aug. 27 - Sept. 2, 06

Sept. 1, 2006: #2 150 AIDS Delegates Remain--Refugees
AIDS delegates won't leave Toronto -- Up to 150 delegates to last month's T.O. conference have filed refugee claims, Tom Godfrey, TorSun, Sept. 1, 06
/2006/09/01/1792499-sun.html [....]

The Special Envoy's Sanctimonious Twaddle -- Abstaining from Stephen Lewis , by Michael Vallins, September 13, 2006

If you saw photographs of the emaciated bodies of AIDs-stricken people, ... those sufferers with body sores and useless immune systems told you that promiscuous sex was the cause, what would be the very first thing you would eliminate from your future activities? Promiscuous sex? [....]

Stephen Lewis ... said recently, "Abstinence-only programs don't work." Eloquent? That's not eloquence. That is crass stupidity. It is the height of gross ignorance.

Special Envoy Stephen, listen, if you don't do a certain activity, if you abstain, which means in this case (listen now) if you do not have sex, you cannot possibly be infected that way. [....]

[... Lewis:] "Ideological rigidity never works when applied to the human condition." A prime example of wordy sanctimonious twaddle. What a meaningless comment. What he is actually trying to say is that 'a principle no matter how correct it is cannot be adhered to by humans.' How insulting. How that denigrates people. I wonder if you, Stephen, include yourself in the "human condition?"

What sir, do you mean by the human condition? Has it absolutely no self-control? [....]


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