September 14, 2006

Sept 14, 2006: Various

This PM's not for turning, Sept. 12, 06

[....] Maybe he just believes that fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan is the right thing to do. That Canada must do its part to prevent Afhganistan from ever again falling into the hands of the Taliban, who gave safe haven and aid to Islamist terrorists while they plotted 9/11 and other atrocities. [....]

Harper makes the case for Afghanistan on Sept. 11 anniversary , Jennifer Ditchburn, Sept. 11, 06

[....] "Canada has acted when the United Nations has asked. And as the events of Sept. 11 so clearly illustrate, the horrors of the world will not go away if we turn a blind eye to them, no matter how far off them may be," Harper said.

"And these horrors cannot be stopped unless some among us are willing to accept enormous sacrifice and risk to themselves."

Twice, Harper underlined that Canada acted with the United Nations when the mission to Afghanistan was launched in October 2001, in an effort to deal with the source of the Sept. 11 attacks. He lauded the work being done by Canadian servicemen and women.

"There are Canadian heroes being made every day in the desert and the mountains of southern Afghanistan. These are the stories that we don't hear - the countless acts of courage and sacrifice that occur every day on the battlefield," he said. [....]

Should we be concerned for Jaballah? For ourselves?

Lawyers ask judge to consider deportation to torture issue in Jaballah case , Gregory Bonnell

TORONTO (CP) - A federal government lawyer spearheading the legal battle against a suspected Egyptian terrorist urged a judge Monday to consider the possibility the man could face torture if deported.

For almost seven years, the government has argued that Mahmoud Jaballah's alleged connection to terrorist groups al-Jihad and al-Qaida demanded his immediate expulsion from Canada.

Jaballah's lawyers have long argued, unsuccessfully, that the married father of six faces torture, or even death, if returned to his native Egypt and deserves protection under the law.

But on Monday, federal prosecutor Donald McIntosh staged a remarkable role reversal as he urged Justice Andrew MacKay to consider the constitutionality of deporting Jaballah in light of those concerns. [....]

Search: "A request to have breakfast served to the men before sunrise during Ramadan"

September 12, 2006 -- News of the Weekend (Sept. 9-12)

Communist air defense parts on way to Syria (and possibly Hezbollah) halted in Cyprus: A ship loaded with "radars which 'appear to be part of an air defense system'" (BBC) was seized on route to Syria. Cyprus authorities held the ship after hearing from Interpol that "the vessel might be smuggling arms and that it had been loaded in China and North Korea" (emphasis added). According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the air-defense shipment "may have been on its way to Hezbollah." [....]

U.S. bans Iran-regime bank, but goes soft on nuclear issue: [....]

The Canada file: The recently turfed Liberals are worried about the Conservatives' anti-Communism (Globe and Mail), earning the party a well-deserved keyboard-lashing from Steve Janke. [Angry in the Great White North] The Bank of Montreal's role in helping the Communists fleece investors, ahem launching Communist IPOs, is revealed by the Globe and Mail. Ezra Levant (Western Standard) and Paul Jackson (Calgary Sun) calls for the United Nations to admit Taiwan. Canadian police may be pointing local hate-crime laws at an anti-Falun Gong newspaper (Epoch Times). [....]

I don't believe the writer will be investing in China Merchants Bank's IPO through the Bank of Montreal.

Scroll down for Frost Hits the Rhubarb Sept. 10, 2006: China & Banking: BMO rising in China's bank sector -- "as a co-manager on China Merchants Bank's impending $2.7-billion (U.S.) initial public offering"

September 11, 2005 -- On the War on Terror, Part III: Communist China’s Support for anti-U.S. Terrorists

Four years ago today [2005], America suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history, and the worst attack of any kind since Pearl Harbor. Today, the nation is examining where we are in the War on Terror, and where we need to go. For most, Communist China will not be a topic of conversation. This is a tragic mistake. While I made this clear in a brief post in July, just after the London subway attacks, this post will have far more detail on Communist China’s role as the largest benefactor of international terrorism on Earth.

In the myriad of pro-democracy, anti-Communist events that I have been fortunate enough to attend, I am usually the only one who brings up the War on Terror (and I have nearly every time, in large part because I have written a book on this subject). Sadly, the consensus inside and outside the “movement” is that Communist China and the War on Terror are separate and distinct issues. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when one examines our enemies in the War on Terror – the Taliban, al Qaeda, the Ba’athists in Iraq, and for the more expansive among us, the regimes of Syria, Iran, and Stalinist North Korea – one finds only two things they all hold in common: hatred for America, and support from the Chinese Communist Party. [....]

Search: al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts , bought the missiles to “reverse engineer” , In 1999, a book by two Communist Chinese officers , China’s Xinhua press agency , video , as Pakistan was mulling over a request , Huawei Technologies , weapons from Communist China, a three-man delegation from the Taliban , Sudan , massive Communist oil investment (UPI) and jet fighters , Communist-owned firms involved in arms sales to the mullahs , Syria where Hu Jintao , Northern Industrial Corporation (Norinco) .....

Lengthy and detailed with links to more

Symposium: 9/11: Five Years Later , By Jamie Glazov,, September 11, 2006. With Tom McInerney, Andy McCarthy, Ralph Peters, and Jed Babbin

[....] Our borders are still practically open, and the great successes the FBI has had in nabbing terrorists coming in only illustrates the problem. It's like drug traffickers: no matter how many you catch, you can be sure others get through. But how many? [....]

The PC police are on the wrong side of this fight. Why aren't we profiling airline passengers for more scrutiny? Because phony "civil rights" groups such as CAIR are calling anyone who advocates it a racist. Remember, please, the Supreme Court decisions going back five decades properly condemn and prohibit "invidious" discrimination: discrimination that classifies people into different groups in which group members receive distinct and typically unequal treatments and rights without rational justification. There is nothing illegal or any invasion of civil rights by profiling because it is rationally justified by the experience of 9-11 and the plot just broken up by the Brits.? And by decades of Islamic terror going back to the 1970s.

[....] Finally, although we have not addressed it yet, the single biggest challenge we may face five years after 9/11 is the withering force of ascendant, un-democratic international law. What were once mere humanitarian guidelines, such as "proportionate" use of force are increasingly regarded as legally binding. And the arbiter is not the American people (or, recently, the Israeli people) deciding at the ballot box what they believe is necessary to protect their security and their interests; it is what the UN and the so-called "international community" (including enemies of the United States) decide is proportionate and compliant with international obligations. Which is to say, we are now in a world where Kofi Annan pronounces the American invasion of Iraq illegal (after over a dozen UN resolutions), and the International Court of Justice pronounces the Israeli security fence (which reduced murders from suicide bombings by over 90 percent) illegal. This system, and its effect on a sovereign nation's ability to govern and protect itself, badly needs rethinking.

Search: we're simultaneously witnessing the ultimate crash of a once-great, still-vain civilization , "I've been privileged to spend a good bit of time not only in the greater Middle East, but, over the past half-dozen years, on the far fringes of the Islamic world." , Blanket condemnations , "While the Iranians--Persians, really--seek nukes to deter our military in the region, when it comes down to who-gets-hit-first" , "As a former soldier, I believe in doing" ,

There is much more worth reading. Those speaking actually register differing opinions.

The US to blame for 9/11? , Tom Brodbeck, Sept. 12, 06

Two public opinion polls during the past week suggest the majority of Canadians believe U.S. foreign policy was to blame for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Funny, Canada was in lock-step with America on some of the biggest foreign policy issues of the 1990s. So if U.S. foreign policy was to blame for the attacks on the World Trade Center, then Canada must be to blame, too.

Worth reading and noting. Also, check how much money the polling company made from previous governments. There is a concerted effort on several fronts in Canada to emphasize anything anti-US and particularly, anti-George Bush, for political reasons, I believe, in an effort to return the same old corruptos to power. After all, the right people have much invested; business deals hinge upon stability, that nothing change so cleaning up the avenues for corruption on the part of PM Harper and his government would change the rules, maybe even affect the bottom line for those who stood to profit, in my opinion.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Another NDP MP breaks ranks with leader over Afghanistan -- NDP MP Pat Martin disagrees with Jack Layton over pulling out Canadian troops immediately , F. Abbas Rana, The Hill Times, September 11, 2006

[....] Carl Hétu, co-president of the NDP's Quebec campaign in the last federal election, and economist Paul Summerville, who ran unsuccessfully as an NDP candidate in the last election in the Ontario riding of St. Paul's, both said they're leaving the party. Mr. Summerville, who has since joined the Liberal Party and hopes to to attend the December Liberal leadership convention as a Bob Rae delegate, said he disagrees with the party's economic policies.

Pierre Laliberté, the NDP's candidate in the Quebec riding of Hull-Aylmer, criticized the party leadership for failing to empower the party grassroots and for spending little time in Quebec in the last election.

Meanwhile, Pierre Ducasse, a former NDP leadership candidate, played down the significance of the departure of the three prominent NDPers from the party.

Update and mea culpa: re: Sept. 7, 2006: #12

I listened to the the general tenor of CBC's programming including the talk advertising the upcoming documentary the night I wrote "Sept. 7, 2006: #12 Advertised this evening" with the result that I expected the usual "How America Totally Screwed Up" program (in reference to the McKenna documentary shown Sept. 10, 06) but, according to one who watched it and whose assessment I trust, actually, McKenna's film was reasonably good. Apparently, I was wrong. I didn't watch it because the CBC so angered me with its concern, not for the 9/11 victims' families, particularly the Canadian families, but for Muslims in Canada, that there be no backlash / Islamophobia. Anyway, I'm sure it will come around in re-run. Watch it and judge for yourself.

The post: FHTR Sept. 7, 2006: #12

Unbelievably, on the eve of the 9/11 catastrophe--one that took the lives of close to 3,000 people, the CBC will be presenting a Terence McKenna special How America Totally Screwed Up. Oh, its official title may be somewhat different, but this covers the general idea. [....]


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