September 07, 2006

Sept. 7, 2006: #12

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Unbelievably, on the eve of the 9/11 catastrophe--one that took the lives of close to 3,000 people, the CBC will be presenting a Terence McKenna special How America Totally Screwed Up. Oh, its official title may be somewhat different, but this covers the general idea. This kind of negative tripe from CBC programming will set back Canadian-American relations by a decade. And to think that the CBC dares advertises itself as the kind, caring, sympathetic voice of Canada ... cue the violins. CBC makes me ashamed to be a Canadian. From the ivory towers of the CBC, they cannot intuit how the confused response to such a tragedy will offend our fellow North Americans and our friends, the United States. Do CBC decision makers not remember the number of Canadians who died on 9/11? They should not be made the material of a leftwing propaganda organ by this omission of remembrance of their deaths at the hands of terrorists.

News flash from the CBC: the Toronto Film Festival (or is it a documentary film festival?) will be showing a number of provocative, insightful and daring documentaries. Now, of course, anybody who follows the scene, knows that almost all of them will be filmed from a leftist stance, at least, the ones advertised or mentioned on the CBC. They will show the ravages that Western civilization has wreaked on the benighted of the world.

May I mention tonight's portrayal on the CBC of the plight of Muslims in Spain after the bombing of the Madrid trains last year. For some unknown reason, that bombing has caused distrust of many followers of Allah in Spain, Muslims claim. The investigation that showed the widespread links among many Muslim groups in the country was omitted ... or I must have left the room. Too, CBC managed tonight on the National to have a shot of someone asking "Who, exactly is a terrorist?" and this will be explored in one or more documentaries. CBC advertising for itself again, it appears.

The CBC is committing hari kiri because they have pursued the left side of the road in most, if not all, their documentary programming. Sometimes, it is vacuous, harmless or mildly entertaining; other times, it is leftist social engineering. Having heard of some of the CBC programming to come this year, I can only conclude that it will push the sword clear through ... from spasms to a merciful demise ... It will be a painless death ... for the rest of us.

I rarely agree with much in the Globe and Mail but today, John Doyle's characterization of CBC as Fort Dork is dead on.


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