September 07, 2006

Sept. 7, 2006: #5 Meeting in Ottawa tonight

Make your views known ... from a correspondent.

There will be a FLSAC meeting tonight at Ottawa City Hall (Laurier & Elgin) to discuss the language requirement for the new police chief. The President of the Police Services Committee said that bilingualism will not be a "pre-required qualification" but the FSLAC is very anxious to make certain that this be a requirement. This will be the topic of discussion tonight. The meeting will be at 7:00 pm at City Hall. Please come if you can.

Caroline Andrews (co-President of FLSAC) was interviewed by Steve Madely [Ottawa radio, CFRA, I believe] this morning and [Ms. Andrews] said that the FLSAC feels that the Francophones are not being well-served for recreational purposes and want the City to give them $250,000 to mount an "awareness" campaign to tell the French-speakers about the various programs that are available in French ... to make sure that certain programs are available in French even though the French are not signing up for them. Steve said that these programs are already available and if the French-speakers don't sign up for them, whose fault is that?

You might want to attend -- Ottawa, tonight. It might even be a spirited meeting. Express your views, as this Sun News poll indicates Canadians did ... in a poll where it didn't count, a self-selected group which usually means they were interested enough to vote. At least one news agency is willing to run a poll; most pretend in the MSM that almost any other topic is worthy of a poll, but not this.


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