September 04, 2006

Sept. 4, 2006: #6 Technology Partnerships Canada

For some reason or other, on Frost Hits the Rhubarb website, there has been interest in TPC, the audit, the details of where the money was going during Paul Martin's time, particularly in this:

FHTR June 28, 2005
Hansard, TPC, Audit, Secrecy & the Missing Link, Other links to TPC & ZENON, Bombardier & More
concerning this: "... information that had been available on a government website had disappeared -- and this is not the first time this has happened."

I decided to check further today and one link which had been there is no longer.

Technology Partnerships Canada [Created: 2005-06-23 Updated: 2005-06-27 ]

Then I Googled for one of the articles from the same date (scroll down):

"Government of Canada Invests in Clean Heavy Oil Recovery Technology". It is amazing the number of links and familiar names that pop up.

If you scroll down FHTR June 28, 2005, there are undoubtedly other articles which could stand perusal.

See what the audit of TPC revealed ... or whether "privacy concerns" kicked in.

Final National Report Audits of TPC Recipient Companies
PDF Format

"In August 2004 [during the Liberal government(s) era], Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Consulting Inc. (RCGT Consulting Inc.) was contracted by the Audit and Evaluation Branch to conduct audits of 47 recipient companies."

Note: "Recipient company is non-compliant ... 35%"

In the Footnotes, note: "This rate of non-compliance is high" -- Names of noncompliant companies -- seem to be missing. Why? I have run out of time to check further so maybe they are listed ... somewhere. It is Canadian taxpayers' money. However, Google does preserve some interesting information.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada -- mentions a few TPC funding recipients if you scroll down, but only 22 recipients, it says. Where are the rest listed? What happened?

Or search: "government canada clean heavy oil recovery technology"
Google result:
These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: invests

There are several more articles if you search -- just to while away your time. For me, tempus fugit ...


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