September 04, 2006

Sept. 4, 2006: #1 Update AIDS Refugees & More

The mainstream media omitted the connection between the spokesman from FCJ Refugee Centre and No One Is Illegal in writing of the AIDS Refugees.

When the 137--or is it 150?--AIDS Conference attendees, most with AIDS, remained in Canada as "refugees", one of the spokesmen/activists quoted by the mainstream media was Francisco Rico-Ramirez--no more information provided except that he was identified with the FCJ Refugee Centre. I checked. At first, FCJ sounds like a Roman Catholic charity--read further. FCJ was taken over by refugees, in particular, Rico-Ramirez, the spokesman for refugees referred to in the article I posted Sept. 1 on AIDS Refugees. The Director, a refugee and his wife from El Salvador, and the staff at the FCJ Refugee Centre are involved in advocacy and connected to / advocating for the group No One Is Illegal.


FCJ Refugee Centre -- "a charitable foundation now dedicated to advocacy", 208 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6E 2V4

Charitable Registration number: 869181062RR001
On May 4, 2005 FCJ Hamilton House Refugee Project changed its name to FCJ Refugee Centre. ... the elimination of the word “house” expresses that we no longer principally identify as a shelter, but are also involved in advocacy, assistance with settlement and public education.


Francisco Rico-Ramirez (Refugee Law Educator) and Loly Rico, fled El Salvador to come to Canada. Now, he is a Director of FCJ Refugee Centre.

Funding sources: various, including the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Social Fund ... The Maytree Foundation [see below] provided a grant to support this new program, called Refugee Help in Refugee Hands, which began in April 1997 with the full-time involvement of Francisco Rico-Martinez.

Formally trained as a lawyer and economist, Francisco has been committed to issues of social justice for as long as he can remember. Starting with work in human rights in El Salvador, then solidarity work in Europe, and now work in the field of Refugee Rights in Canada .... He takes very seriously the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights [....]

Francisco was the President of the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) for 4 years. ... he is publicly recognized as somebody that can provide non-partisan expertise to governmental and non-governmental organizations alike. [.... Non-partisan expertise? Read on and see if there is any partisanship to what he and his group are advocating. ]

Due to the increasing number of non-status people [ illegal aliens ] in our caseload, Francisco is currently interested in their rights and struggles. He is participating in this June's March on Ottawa which seeks to draw attention to this issue and is prominently working to define the framework for the regularization of non-status people. ["No one is Illegal" See below.]

This group have Charitable Registration number: 869181062RR001 which means they collect charitable funding to influence governments to legalize illegal aliens.

FCJ Refugee Centre / No One Is Illegal - Four Demands!

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants -- [and illegal aliens ] -- March on Ottawa: An op-ed piece by Heather Lash of the FCJ Refugee Centre, about the recent No One Is Illegal March on Ottawa., announced in a press release, June 16th , 2005.

[....] A dozen or so refugee protection and advocacy groups, including No-One Is Illegal, have organized this march of over 200 kilometres, covered from June 18 th to the 25th. They have called their coalition Solidarity Across Borders , subtitled Resisting the War on Immigrants and Refugees.

They are taking four principal demands Immigration Minister [to] Joseph Volpe [2005], and in the process raising public consciousness around these four issues:

* The regularization of all non-status people The “invisible class” of people without citizenship, recognized documents or other legal status, are nevertheless living here – sometimes for years, establishing lives – and, vulnerable to exploitation in the workforce, are mostly poor and mostly living in anxious insecurity. Many of these people are rejected refugee claimants who have gone ‘underground', because they are too afraid to return home. Regularization would mean recognizing the human rights of these people: to get settled, to enjoy the basic protections of a state and access to its basic services.

* An end to deportations Deportation is carried out in ways that are at best, insensitive and at worst – if someone for example faces torture [or lie convincingly about it] in their country – deadly. People are often handcuffed and sometimes drugged for their removal; failed claimants are criminalized by this adversarial system. Obviously, both deportations and violations against non-status people would be significantly reduced by introducing an appeal process for rejected refugee claimants. [An African prostitute with AIDS can remain here for 10 years, receive drugs for her condition; yet there is a need for more appeals?]

* An end to detention for immigration reasons Migrants, refugees, workers with expired visas, and people that the authorities simply do not believe are legitimate visitors, are held in detention centres for indefinite periods of time. Detention is ordered at the personal discretion of individual immigration officers. Many detainees (whose numbers include children, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups) are fleeing traumatic situations. In a scenario as confusing and scary as detention, the already daunting tasks of finding legal representation (and language services!) and getting your forms in on time, become impossibly compounded by the bail: often set very high, and often denied anyway.

* The abolition of security certificates The Canadian government can detain and deport non-citizens who are deemed security risks, without ever disclosing – to them or their lawyer - the allegations or the evidence against them. Currently, 100% of people held on certificate in Canada are Arab Muslims.

These demands are not unreasonable, nor even all that radical, considering even the United Nations Committee on Arbitrary Detention is “gravely concerned” that people detained under security certificates are denied the right to a fair hearing. Amnesty International has also expressed concern [....]

In all their promotional materials, Solidarity Across Borders describes itself as a “Montreal-area network of self-organized migrants refugees and immigrants, and their allies”. Non-refugees seeing themselves as allies rather than leaders in this struggle is certainly a step in the right direction. The way the march on Ottawa is thus framed expresses a strong anti-oppression stance, and an acknowledgement of the geopolitical realities that brought refugees here in the first place, realities that continue to define their experience once they are here.

No-One is Illegal – here with these fine allies – engages in events like this in the spirit of solidarity, and understands that refugee advocacy is not philanthropy, but an expression of the fundamental and universal justice on which we must build another world. As they say, it is possible. So even though the march is over, go to for more information on the four demands, and spread the word.

If you check the website, you will find a link to STATUS -- i.e. the following.

No-one is illegal!

STATUS is demanding that the government of Canada implements a program to allow all non-status immigrants illegal aliens living and working in Canada to apply for permanent resident status.

The Maytree Foundation , re: Alan Broadbent, Chairman

[....] special focus on support programs for refugees and immigrants in Canada. In 1992, the Maytree Foundation established the Caledon Institute of Social Policy, an organization which Alan also chairs. In 2001, Maytree established the Tamarack Institute, a community development organization.

Alan is also Chairman and CEO of the Avana Capital Corporation, a private investment holding company. In support of its investment activities, [....] the C5 Initiative, which brings together the mayors and civil society leaders of Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal; and Ideas That Matter, a publication of progressive ideas concerning the public good. [Progressive? Whose public good? Which public?]

Alan holds several other positions including Chairman and CEO of Jamscor Inc., Chairman of Pace Integration, a Canadian technology company which operates globally designing large scale integrated smart card systems, and Chairman of The Philanthropic Initiative, the United States’ leading firm offering counsel on philanthropy to corporations and individuals. He is also a Director of the Tides Foundation (Canada), the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, the Literary Review of Canada, the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation, Happy Planet Foods, and the Agora Foundation.

Note: "offering counsel on philanthropy to corporations and individuals. He is also a Director of the Tides Foundation (Canada)"

Related: The Maytree Foundation (founded 1982) is funded by / partnered with The Atkinson Charitable Foundation -- the Joseph E. Atkinson Foundation (He was the publisher of The Toronto Star, running the newspaper from 1899 to 1948)

Related: FHTR week of April 17, 2006

April 21, 2006 More Stephen Lewis & the Global Guilt & Governance Gang: scroll to Google: GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP SEMINAR SERIES JANUARY to MARCH 2006 ... Stephen Lewis is the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, ... , 19 Apr 2006

April 19, 2006 A few items: scroll to Global Commission on International Migration -- The United Nations and US Immigration Policy -- "Self-righteous globalists preach that no human being is illegal." , Joseph Klein, April 11, 2006

April 17, 2006 Illegal Aliens

FHTR week of Feb. 26, 06 -- Are global taxes the best way to end poverty? -- Chirac -- guilt geld -- UN, NatPost, Mar. 1, 06

Another article from that week: What is the rationale for immigration numbers and is it justified?

Man with HIV jailed 15 years for unsafe sex -- The moral of the story is ......... ?

At this point, you might consider scrolling down to: February 26, 2006
The Plan

What I see in Canada is a coalescing of leftists and globally connected leftist groups devoted to breaking down any legal attempts to maintain Canada's national borders and her security. The United Nations is usually hovering in the background, along with unions and other activist groups.

Thought provoking -- David Warren: Chestlessness -- re: courage in the face of Islamofascism , Aug. 30, 06

[....] Jean-François Revel: “Democratic civilization is the first in history to blame itself because another power is trying to destroy it.”

At the time Revel said this, the enemy power was Soviet Communism. The intellectuals, the smart journalists, the fashionable academics, the smug urbane of all descriptions, were hardly pro-Communist. They were more ironical than that, they were “anti-anti-Communist”. Today they are anti-anti-Islamo-fascist. [....]

Search: Gamil Garbi (alias Marc Lépine)

President of Muslim group offers N. American perspective -- Canadian Ingrid Mattson, newly elected president of the Islamic Society of North America, North America's largest Muslim organization.

She converted to Islam in 1987, months after completing her undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of Waterloo.

[....] lived in Pakistan for a time to work with refugee women [....]

How does she fit in with the "activists"?

Memory Lane: Iran

April 21, 2006 Updated: Nuclear Iran, A Q Khan, & a Canadian Connection?


Blogger rosemarie59 said...

How does she fit in with the activists? Elmasry's affiliated with Waterloo isn't he? Surely he had a say in throwing a bone to the second class citizens of Islam. You know, to make it look like they actually might have a seat at the power table? As long as they realize who's really in charge....

Mon Sep 04, 05:24:00 PM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

Bingo! Actually, it's a rhetorical question; those who read know the answer. The rest will never learn from the mainstream media. That is why it is so important for others to get out the information they find. The MSM / leftists / NDP / Librano$ are incestuous, aligned with the those whose votes keep them in the best positions. They seem to support those with the most dangerous views simply for votes / perquisites / a chance at the taxpayer trough / a chance to rub up against power (and corruption) ... and they don't seem to be aware of what is coming down the pike. If only people would read. If only ...

Mon Sep 04, 07:22:00 PM 2006  
Blogger rosemarie59 said...

Why don't you write professionally? You're very good and there's a dearth of female voices in the MSM. Of course, that may be by design. Please God, save us from the Linda McQuaigs and Naomi Kleins. Trite and triter.

Mon Sep 04, 09:46:00 PM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

I'm thrilled that you think I write well. If only someone would offer me money for writing ... but I don't write or do anything well on command nor on demand ... nor am I able to fit what I want to say into a prescribed size or number of words, not even when it would be to my advantage.

I once spent an extra month on a research report because it had to say what I wanted after all my research ... My prof, knowing I desperately wanted to finish to go somewhere, had offered me the chance of throwing together a seven page report, just so I could leave. I didn't know how to do it any other way. Is that dumb or what? Anyway, I was proud of the result and my mark. And I left late ... the story of my life.

Give me a quiet corner, let me read and research and I'm happy; then I'll write as the spirit moves me ... if anyone is interested. Still, I tend to be blunt and it would probably offend most woomen, who tend to value "nice". Men react more positively to blunt, thank goodness, or I wouldn't have many readers. It's the influence of too much exposure to "nice". I found I preferred direct ... cut to the chase ... down and dirty direct. It's quick and the point is made ... though I have been known to reiterate my point ad nauseam ... probably the banshee coming out.

I don't dissemble about my feelings and views well enough to be other than as I am in writing. The world is not cutting a path to hire my style. Sigh ... Cheers and thanks.

Mon Sep 04, 10:13:00 PM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

women ... not woomen. I can spell but my typing needs to be checked.

Mon Sep 04, 10:16:00 PM 2006  
Blogger rosemarie59 said...

You spell better than I. I shudder to think how many times I wrote populous for populace, thinking it correct. But back to you. Why don't you try the Western Standard? They don't pull too many punches. Just pick one of your posts that you're feeling good about and send it to Ezra. Worst case scenario, he rejects it. And then you try again. I like your take on the current Arnie brouhaha. Your point questioning just how mainstream the gays want to be..."perhaps they're pursuing the wrong agenda" is fresh. You come up with all sorts of good stuff like that. You don't realize it, because you're writing all the time. Now to me. I wrote something yesterday that I think is good. I have an email relationship with a reporter at the Post and she told me to send it Jonathan Kay, the op-ed page editor. It's a first try so I'm not overly optomistic they'll accept it, but hey, I've got to start somewhere. At least I'll get feedback on what's wrong with it. And then I'll make it better and send it to Ezra. I love to write and you know what they say: do what you love.
Have a grand day...................rose

Tue Sep 05, 08:30:00 AM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

I am thinking about it. It seems a good idea. Thanks and enjoy the evening.

What I wrote about AIDS refugees on Sept. 1 garnered an irate reader, one who obviously thinks the opposite. I guess he/she would open the doors to the world's sick ... on someone else's money, I would expect ... Canadians' tax dollars.

Differing opinions garner real negativity in Canada. Writers like that have been exposed to too much leftist social engineering. They've come to believe their own propaganda. I've answered but anonymous writers seldom check the feedback. They usually just want to spew -- sort of drive by shooting down of anyone who thinks differently. The writer doesn't seem able to explain why we should fund all comers who have AIDS ... just makes assumptions about my views on others.

Tue Sep 05, 08:20:00 PM 2006  

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