August 27, 2006

Aug. 27, 2006: #2

South African Police Service Child Protection Unit via W -- and thanks.

This is sickening but very important.

Last week a 3 year old girl (in South Africa) was beaten and raped. She is still alive. The man responsible was released on bail yesterday. He is walking the streets. .... The Government is planning to close the child protection unit and this is a petition against it. This is a very important petition. It is an essential part of the justice system for children. You may have already heard that there's a myth in South Africa that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. The younger the virgin, the more potent the cure. This has led to an epidemic of rapes by infected males, with the correspondent infection of innocent kids. Many have died in these cruel rapes. Recently in Cape Town , a 9-month-old baby was raped by 6 men. Please think about that for a moment. The child abuse situation is now reaching catastrophic proportions and if we don't do something, then who will?

There is a petition to sign on the website.

We should not legitimize Hezbollah's aim of erasing Israel by talking to Nasrallah, says Rondi Adamson , Aug. 27, 06

Interview with David Harris re Hezbollah legal status, Posted by Mark Sutcliffe on CFRA on 11:12:34 2006/08/25

Mark Sutcliffe of CFRA Ottawa interviews David Harris on the proposal by some Opposition MPs to remove Hezbollah from the list of designated terrorist organizations in Canada.

It is important to note that these MPs also joined with Alexa McDonough of the NDP to block testimony from CIDA, Red Cross, and Lebanese representatives on a recent Foreign Affairs Committee panel that dealt with Hezbollah and Lebanon. What is absolutely consistent is their support for Hezbollah and their demand that no opposing voices, especially those with experience on the ground, be allowed to speak.

Why do some get to make representation before Parliamentary committees while others don't? Is it the decision of the whole committee? The head? How can they decide before they have heard the testimony?

CRTC rejects request to block hate websites

Canada's telecommunications regulator has rejected a bid by an Ottawa lawyer to block access to two U.S.-based hate websites that call for the ''violent overthrow'' of the Canadian government and the ''extermination'' of Jews in Canada.

In an application to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on Monday, Richard Warman said websites by a Nazi sympathizer contain material intended to incite violence against him that has caused him to fear for his life. [....]

Harper has focused his energy on winning enough support for a majority, but an SES-SUN poll shows he's still right where he started in January , Greg Weston, Aug. 27, 06 -- entitled "Stephen stalls" but read the fine print on this one. It's more positive than the title would lead one to believe.

Using native culture to keep kids in class

[....] While aboriginal students from across Canada often must travel to go to an off-reserve public school that offers classes beyond Grade 8 or 9, Southeast Collegiate offers a uniquely aboriginal experience because it is owned and operated by the Southeast Tribal Council.

Revel says the school's attention to native culture, history, language, and counselling - as well as academics - is keeping students from dropping out while preparing many for college or university. [....]

Instead, the federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs pays $11,000 per student annually for tuition, as well as $13,000 in room, board and trips to and from the students' home reserves.

$24,000 for one student ... more than many live on as a yearly income. The school is owned by the band but taxpayers pay. Doesn't sound quite right.

Praying aloud gets man jailed -- Something's wrong with police priorities, By Licia Corbella, Aug. 21, 06

Maybe if Artur Pawlowski had been holding a flag of the outlawed terrorist organization Hezbollah, Calgary Police would have left him alone.

[....] Because Pawlowski has been threatened so often by drug dealers angry their clients often turn away from drugs as a result of his message of hope and help, he started videotaping every outing. Wednesday's was no different.

Worth reading. You get more respect in Canada if you're a druggie with AIDS.

New Green leader to try for a seat in Cape Breton -- Cape Breton-Canso re: Elizabeth May

General John Abizaid updates on on the global war on terror., The Hugh Hewitt Show, a blog of, Aug. 06

[....] HH: General, are you concerned with that particular brand of Shiia extremism that is called the 12th Imam branch, or the hidden imam branch, and that their fatalism, or their theology might make them less susceptible to deterrence than other enemies the United States has faced in the past?

JA: You know, Hugh, Shiia mainstream Islam, and Sunni mainstream Islam, in my view, certainly don't represent a threat to the United States. But when it is couple with the revolutionary ideology, as purveyed by the current government of Iran, it does represent a long-term threat to our interests in this region. And Sunni extremism, as represented by people such as Osama bin Laden, certainly represents a threat to the United States of America, not only in the region, but globally. So I think it's very important for us to give the moderates in the region the chance to shape their own future. We've got to help the moderates in the region face down the extremists, wherever they show up. And it's a big challenge, it's a long challenge, and it requires not only military power, but a lot of diplomatic and economic power as well.

HH: Is it all one war, General? Afghanistan, Iran, the Hezbollah-Israeli battle?

JA: Well, from where I sit, it's all connected.
And whether it's one war or not can be debated from a political perspective. But from a military perspective, as I look at it, the...all of the lines lead back to one or two sources. They either lead back to Sunni-sponsored extremism, or to Shiia-sponsored Iranian extremism. And sometimes, on occasional points in the battlefield, they even cooperate with one another. So it's certainly connected. No doubt in my mind. [....]

JPMorgan guides two major deals -- Montreal office key advisor for Domtar, Coutu , Barry Critchley, Financial Post, August 25, 2006

"What have you done for me lately?" is a line many bosses are supposed to ask their subordinates at regular intervals.

Well, if you are the Montreal office of JPMorgan Securities, the answer is a fair bit.

For the second day in a row, the office -- together with its U.S. parent -- was the financial advisor for a large transaction involving a Quebec-based company. On Wednesday, JPM was one of the two advisors -- RBC Capital Markets was the other -- for the sale of Domtar Inc. to Weyerhaeuser Co.

Yesterday the firm was back at it: It was the sole advisor on the sale of Jean Coutu's U.S. pharmacy business to Rite Aid Corp.

Beyond farce-" the United Nations' relentless campaign to undermine the security of Israel." at TCS Daily

"Currently, Israel is the canary in the coal mine.
, via newsbeat1

Bloggers -- 9/11

Email from a Battalion Commander in Afghanistan..........

Dearbornistan Student Jihad, August 24, 2006, via newsbeat1

Jihad for Juniors in notorious Dearbornistan
hat tip The World's Reality.

Apparently 100 or more high school students have MySpace accounts detailing their fantasies of killing Americans and Jews. The blogger exposing the jihad received death threats from one of the Dearborn wannabe terrorists last night. Screenshot below

Check this one.

Alarm at 'cross' player's caution -- The Catholic Church has criticised Scottish prosecutors for cautioning a Celtic goalkeeper who crossed himself during a match against Rangers.

Islamist Al-Hesbah Website Plan of Action for the Jihad Fighter: How to Kill a Westerner in the Arabian Peninsula , August 25, 2006

On August 4, 2006, the Al-Hesbah website published instructions on "How to Kill a Crusader in the Arabian Peninsula." The document was signed by Amer Al-Najdi, and dated June 15, 2006.

Al-Najdi instructs his readers in some possible ways to kill a Westerner, from choosing the victim through following him through the stage of the actual killing.
The following are excerpts from the document: [1]

"Before Carrying Out the Operation, Pray for Guidance" [....]

"Some Ways to Find a Crusader [i.e. a Westerner] or a Dog From the Security Apparatus [....]

"A third way to find [a Westerner]:
Sometimes when you, the jihad fighter, are sitting with your colleague or with family, someone comes and says: 'We have an American working for the company, who receives [a salary of] 150,000...' When you hear this, you must find out the following things:

"1) If you know where your colleague works - fine. But if you don't know where he works and where his company is, immediately address your colleague, saying: 'That's not true, this [salary] is exaggerated.' He will immediately say, 'You're wrong, and I can prove it.' Tell him, 'I know someone who works for such-and-such a company (give a name) and they have an American who gets [paid] 40,000, and their company is in (give a place). Then tell him, 'Your company is probably in the such-and-such area (north, for example).' And he will reply: 'No, our company is in such-and-such a place.' If the description so far is [still] unclear to you, say to him: 'Oh... next to (give the name of a place)?' He will reply, 'No, our company is in such-and-such a place' exactly. Then say to him, 'This American you have must be a director if he gets [paid] such a sum,' and then he will tell you what this infidel does [in the company]. Then say, 'Surely he has a fancy car if he gets such a salary,' and then he will tell you the kind of car. Thus you have gotten the information that will help you in the future, without your colleague or anyone around him noticing. Then pretend that the matter doesn't interest you, and try to change the subject immediately. [....]

"How to Kill the Infidel and What Security Measures to Take [....]

Lengthy and indicative of the mindset, the dissembling, duplicitousness, the reason I am beginning to viscerally hate mention of that "religion". I am generally in support of any religion that is a help to people in trying to lead better lives ... but this one? Religion of peace? These guys are blinking nuts!

And don't try to tell me that I must not think what my reading leads me to conclude. As I said ... nuts ... venal.

Terrorism's Enablers -- Attention nervous flyers: Don't think you can escape the terrorists by taking the train., David Frum Posted: Monday, August 21, 2006,pubID.24798/pub_detail.asp
Read the full text at:

On July 31, an alert German train conductor spotted an abandoned suitcase on a regional train as it passed through the city of Dortmund, in western Germany. That same day a similar suitcase was found near Koblenz, in the German south. The two suitcases contained bottles of gasoline, propane gas and detonators--a deadly effective firebomb that could have killed or horribly burned hundreds of travellers. They were wired to explode at the same time, with at least as much force as the 7/7 bombings in London. [....]

For even as Western police forces become more capable, our terrorist enemies become in their way more dangerous.

Increasingly they are born on native soil. They speak the language with a local accent--and are protected by all the legal rights of citizenship.

Three of the 24 British suspects arrested have turned out to be converts to Islam. Daniel Pipes has long warned that extremist Islam might replace radical leftism as the default ideology for angry and alienated young people looking for an alternative to democratic capitalism. Those warnings seem now to be coming true.

Converting ... an outlet for evil. ....... Treason

Check it out , via robmik43

I love this title: "Coderre To Attend Spontaneous Angry Riot"

You might want to attend a bake sale too: "Bake sale and craft show to raise funds for new Katyusha rockets"

Listen up, heirs, successors and assigns , Ian Hunter, August 26, 2006 – Page A15
As one ages, and worldly possessions accumulate, the prospect of death requires that we, in the words that Shakespeare puts into the mouth of King Richard II, "choose executors and talk of wills." [....]

I wish each generation would write a little about each member of the family that could be handed down and added to by successive generations. It could be copied and given to those that follow. I so much wish I knew more of my ancestors.

In cases of divorce, it would be a good idea before contracting a new marriage to sign a pre-nup so that not all would go to the offspring of the second wife, as has happened in a couple of cases of which I know. It leaves the members of the first family feeling somewhat unloved.

New fridges distributed in effort to save power -- Cuba's energy revolution -- "The Invasion of the Chinese Refrigerators.",

[....] "Actually, they're quite expensive. I'm paying the equivalent of US$286. My wife and I make about US$25 a month. So, like most people, we're financing it over a 10-year period at 10% interest."

In a country known for rolling blackouts and an ageing patchwork of power systems that includes oil, wind, solar energy and a botched attempt at building a nuclear plant, this year was dubbed Year of the Energy Revolution. [....]

When do those of us who want to buy Canadian get a website with a list of companies that produce goods here or in the US and individual vendors (e.g. farmers / farm stands) where we may go to support our neighbours and fellow taxpayers? Is there any computer equipment made in North America?

Letter to Jimmy Carter on his interview with Der Spiegel from Ari Fleischer (Israel & Lebanon) , August 21, 2006, Posted on 08/22/2006 1:12:53 PM PDT by Ooh-Ah

[....] Mr. President, your words are music to Hezbollah’s ears and your message is a blow to long-term peace.

Just as you underestimated the threat of the Soviet Union in the 1970s, you underestimate the threat of radical Islam today. Your condemnation of Israel, the victim, only encourages Hezbollah, the attacker, to bide its time and attack again.
Ahmed Barakat, a member of Hezbollah’s central council, last week told the Qatari newspaper as-Watan that “Today Arab and Muslim society is reasonably certain that the defeat of Israel is possible and that the countdown to the disappearance of the Zionist entity in the region has begun. The triumph of the resistance is the beginning of the death of the Israeli enemy.” [....]


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