August 17, 2006

Aug. 17, 2006:#1 The AIDS Industry -&- More

The link is for the second item, only. It is lengthy and definitely worth reading.

Understanding the AIDS industry , Michael Fumento, National Post, August 17, 2006

Michael Fumento is author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS (1990) and a senior fellow specializing in health and science at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C.

[....] The entire science of epidemiology -- which began when London physician John Snow mapped out cholera cases in his city and found they clustered around a single water pump -- depends on identifying risk factors to ameliorate them. In Snow's case, he simply removed the pump handle and the epidemic ended.

He was lucky he didn't have to deal with activists carrying signs reading: "Pumps don't cause cholera; ignorance and prejudice cause cholera!" [....]

Yet, even the current AIDS budget swamps spending on malaria and tuberculosis, which together kill about twice as many people annually as AIDS does. Antiretroviral therapy for AIDS cures no one and while it costs relatively little in the Third World -- $300-$1,200 per year -- compared to North America, TB can be cured with $65 of medicine. Malaria in Africa and Asia can be prevented for a pittance by spraying DDT, yet environmental activists and the European Union have essentially blocked its use in those areas that need it most.

Alas for these victims, they don't have a politically correct disease. And for that they must die.

You won't see this reported in the Mainstream Media (MSM)

Bestselling author and syndicated columnist Michael Fumento reports: The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS - A Nine-Year Retrospective of Fear and (Mostly) ... "the harm from the disinformation campaign that was the myth of heterosexual AIDS."

[....] Almost invariably, non-drug abusing heterosexuals were being infected by drug-abusing ones. Yet this distinction of who was infecting heterosexuals was simply ignored not only by the media but by many public health departments. In 1987 I called such departments in many major cities and they didn’t even know what I was talking about. The question had simply never come up.

The major exception was New York, where officials knew this was indeed the most crucial question regarding how far the epidemic would spread. As a result, they made it a policy to carefully interview all men who claimed to have been infected by a woman. They found that practically nobody fell into this category. Indeed, one of the few men they were convinced truly had no risk factors other than vaginal intercourse proved to have been a minor actor in gay pornography!

Thus while other health departments were reporting female-to-male transmissions left and right (and do so to this day) simply because whenever a man said he got HIV from sex with a woman they took his word for it, New York was screening these people out with careful interviews. Later it scaled back and then essentially ceased the interviewing process, inevitably leading to New York male "heterosexual transmission" cases going through the roof.

"I was appalled," said Sonnabend, who had worked for the Department of Health in the 1970s. "A number that was about 18 suddenly became 400 or 500, just because they stopped interviewing." [....]

As a medical journalist, I can say with authority that the CDC has some of the best, most scrupulous researchers in the country. But those are the career people, not the political appointees. The words of one CDC researcher who isn’t in the AIDS section and declined (most strongly) to be identified, apply to all sectors of our Public Health Service. "If they’re high up in the AIDS part of the organization, they almost have to be one of the bad guys." [....]

Read Michael Fumento’s additional work on AIDS and on the media. Read an excerpt from his book, The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, Exploding Myths (National Review, December 13, 1993). Michael Fumento is a health and science writer who has authored four books, including The Fat of the Land: Our Health Crisis and How Overweight Americans Can Help Themselves.

Politically incorrect -- won't be reported in the MSM

Of morals and medicine -- "the Catholic Church is the global leader in caring for AIDS patients", Father Raymond J. de Souza, National Post, August 17, 2006

[....] People may not use condoms in the brothels, but it's not because the Catholic Church is against the condoms. We are, it should be remembered, against the brothels. [....]

Virginity before marriage and fidelity during marriage is hardly a Catholic invention, even if today the Catholic Church is sometimes lonely in defending the ancient wisdom on sexual morality. And it remains the case, as with all sexually transmitted diseases, that nothing would deal a blow to the spread of AIDS as effectively as an outbreak of moral virtue. Yet the international AIDS community views talk of morality, abstinence and chastity as something altogether irrelevant, and perhaps dangerous. [....]

BRITISH airport operators are considering plans to introduce a screening system ... , Ben Webster and Simon Kearney, August 16, 2006

[....] Neil Fergus, part of the Wheeler review of airport security, said ethnicity and religion would play a part in profiling, but only as much as any other factor. "Your systems would fail completely if you were reliant on stereotypes. It's the whole package, the age is potentially much more relevant than physical characteristics or apparent ethnicity." [....]

SNC-Lavalin in project to develop 'clean' coal

How big can Lavalin get?

U.S. Coast Guard arrests reputed Mexican drug cartel leader -- Javier Arellano Felix

[....] The Arellano Felix family gang was once Mexico's most powerful and feared drug cartel, running a vast smuggling operation out of the gritty border city of Tijuana. The gang lost some of its power in 2002, when its enforcer, Ramon Arellano Felix, was killed in a shootout with police and his brother, Benjamin, the cartel's mastermind, was arrested. Members of the Arellano Felix organization, including Javier, were indicted in the United States in 2003 for racketeering, conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine and marijuana and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The indictment also accuses the organization of committing 20 murders in the United States and Mexico.

Ottawa wise to Quebec 'games' -- summer 2005 memo: Internal documents: Province pushes 'the envelope' in its foreign relations, Jack Aubry, CanWest News Service, August 17,

[....] But in an internal memo dated the summer of 2005, a Foreign Affairs official wrote Quebec was pushing the "envelope" when it came to its international role.

"The Quebec government has tried hard to expand the envelope of its international relationships, including with EU [European Union], institutions to which they are not accredited," said the memo, originating from Nicole Sondergaard in Brussels.

The heavily censored memo notes Quebec has been "more astute" than Foreign Affairs in recognizing the public affairs benefits of being active in the EU "political-media culture
." [....]

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