August 13, 2006

Aug. 13, 2006: #1

Obviously, the son believes the press clippings about his father's greatness. Some of us would disagree vehemently. The photos of what has been happening since the age of Trudeau and his machinations tell the story. See links below.

The dynasty continues ... To which patriarch is Alexandre Trudeau referring?

The last days of the patriarch -- "Pierre Trudeau had a friendship with Fidel Castro that went beyond politics. It was a mutual admiration between two men who put their unmatched intellects at the service of their country. On Castro's 80th birthday, an essay by Alexandre Trudeau" , The Star, Aug. 13, 06

Indeed, like my father, in private, Fidel is not a politician. He is more in the vein of a great adventurer or a great scientific mind. Fidel doesn't really do politics. He is a revolutionary.

He lives to learn and to put his knowledge in the service of the revolution. For Fidel, revolution is really a work of reason. In his view, revolution, when rigorously adopted, cannot fail to lead humanity towards ever greater justice, towards an ever more perfect social order.

Castro has created a country which will machine gun those who hazard leaving on boats and are seen ... and Trudeau can only praise him and bash Pres. Bush.

This is one more in the MSM's series of harkening back to the golden age of Trudeau and his friend Castro. Last week I posted on CBC's rehabilitation of Castro. The left is so predictable ... and there is a new politico, Trudeau, to promote.

Related: FHTR Aug. 10, 2006: Cuba, CBC & Propaganda for Fidel

Original article: How to farm in a police state, Terence Corcoran, Financial Post, August 05, 2006

Hezbollah. On our streets. In our cities. I am NOT making this up., Aug. 12, 06, Girl on the Right

There are several photos and she has a link to even more. Scroll down: Counter Demonstration - Toronto - Aug 12, 2006

Photos of the demonstration and counter-demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto on August 12, 2006

There were some intriguing groups assembled in Toronto to march in support of Hezbollah: the Trotskyist League and the Communist Party of Iraq, along with the product of a "peaceful, loving" education--budding jihadis?--in the screen capture that follows.

Teach your children well -- Hezbollah in Canada

We're Havin' Us A Party!

This is part of an national day of action organized by the
Canadian Peace Alliance. http://

Learn more and RSVP here: http://

How could we refuse with an invitation like that? Please, if you're in Calgary tomorrow, join us in showing the jihadists and their supporters that their crap won't be condoned...

Who are behind / who fund the Canadian Peace Alliance? Make an educated guess.

"unfortunately, it's the Palestinian lie that sticks, not the truth."

All the war's a stage -- Be careful: Truth about crimes in battle easily clouded by agendas , By Licia Corbella. Aug. 13, 06

Remember Jenin?

You know, the so-called "massacre" of more than 500 defenceless Palestinians by the bloodthirsty Israeli army in the spring of 2002?

WAFA, the Palestinian news agency, had dubbed the Jenin battle "the massacre of the 21st century," saying there were hundreds of martyrs.

Once the fighting had stopped, the United Nations conducted a speedy investigation into the Jenin massacre, headed by that veiled hater of Israel, Kofi Anan.

So, what did Annan find in the crowded West Bank refugee camp? [....]

Corbella suggests looking at a concise little video about the lies being disseminated as truth

Ted Byfield: Hard to decide when enough terror's enough, Aug. 13, 06

[....] Then we read news reports such as the one on the statement made by Khursid Ahmed, leader of the British Muslim Forum, after last week's arrests. The report read:

"No mealy-mouthed expression of sorrow from Mr. Ahmed after he received private briefings from both government officials and the police. Instead, he responded with a threat: If the police failed to find incriminating evidence to justify the arrests, relations between the government and the Muslim Community would deteriorate further. The price of the Muslim Community's satisfaction is, for starters, a wholesale change in Britain's foreign policy -- that is, an immediate about-turn on Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine." [....]

'The issue in which Harper is most closely 'locked' to Bush is in his support for Israel.' -- "Most of the "New Canadians" pouring into the country from the Third World are not Muslim, but Christian, some of them trying to escape Islamic persecution or terrorism in their homelands."

[....] Harper has reversed Canada's 50-year record as a neutral "broker" in the Middle East, Graham had complained, a criticism in which Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff concurred. But neutrality on Israel, [Senator Gerry] Grafstein declared, is not Canada's historical record.

Though two of the party's leadership candidates -- Joe Volpe and Scott Brison -- have declared for Israel, the rest are "all over the place," says Grafstein.

With Harper taking such a clear and resolute position in Israel's favour, the effect is to demonstrate the Liberals generally as anti-Israel and pro-Hezbollah. This is already costing them the traditional allegiance of Canadian Jews. [....]

Prime Minister Harper launches Operation LANCASTER to assert Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic, August 12, 2006, Iqaluit, Nunavut

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today launched Operation LANCASTER, a 12-day military exercise in the eastern Arctic designed to assert Canada’s sovereignty in the North.

Speaking to a combined audience of Canadian Forces soldiers and Nunavummiut, Prime Minister Harper said the mission demonstrates his government’s commitment to defending Canada’s territorial integrity.

“It takes a Canadian presence on the ground, in the air and on the sea and a government that is internationally recognized for delivering on its commitments.”

Noting that Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic is recognized by 150 countries that have ratified the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Prime Minister Harper said the federal government is undertaking numerous measures to enforce Canada’s control over the Arctic.

“The North is poised to take a much bigger role in Canada’s economic and social development,” the Prime Minister said. “We must ensure the unique ecosystem of the North, and the unique cultural traditions of the First Peoples of the North, are respected and protected.”

Jump, Prime Minister!

For the Left, it's a command performance when the celebrities and Stephen Lewis are in town for AIDS ... Show up. Bring $$$

Harper chooses Arctic over AIDS -- PM speaks of sovereignty in Nunavut, critics say missing forum `not excusable', Aug. 13, 2006, Christopher Maughan, The Star

"I think part of the problem is that he's ignorant about the issue," said Laurie Edmiston, executive director of the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange. "I wanted him to have a presence here so he could listen and learn." [Maybe he knows enough about AIDS already. Maybe he's sick of the inability to be truthful about AIDS. I know I am.]

[....] "I've asked time and again why he isn't coming, and the answer I keep getting is that he doesn't want to be booed," he said.

This is the second major international event in Canada the PM has snubbed. Last month, he was a no-show in Montreal for the 2006 World Outgames, a celebration of elite gay, lesbian, and transgendered athletes. The AIDS conference is expected to be the largest in history. [....]

This is the second time I have read of Stephen Lewis making comments of extreme disrespect for the office, if not for the PM. Maybe Lewis has travelled around with Kofi Annan too long ... or he's angling to take over after Kofi.

Frankly, I can think of better ways of spending a weekend than trying to pretend AIDS is just another disease that is visited upon people who do nothing that could cause them to be so afflicted. With the exception of infants born with AIDS, it is preventable but people pursue activities that lead to AIDS. I can think of any number of diseases I might get that need money for research, along with providing taxpayer funding for more health personnel. AIDS and celebrities are becoming a bore. Let the AIDS activists address the real causes (Hint: it's not poverty.); then come back and talk to the rest of us.


AIDS & Celebrities: "Celebrity, almost by definition, is trivial", FHTR Aug. 13, 06

There are several links here: AIDS, FHTR Aug. 10, 2006: #6

Lysiane Gagnon: Et vive le terrorisme! , posted by Lysianne Gagnon, La Presse, 2006/08/10

Les partis d'opposition se sont discrédités, dimanche dernier, en parrainant une manifestation à sens unique farcie de témoignages d'appui au Hezbollah et uniformément hostile à Israël.

Ne parlons pas de Québec solidaire et des autres groupuscules d'extrême gauche, dont la position était prévisible. Mais depuis quand le Parti québécois, le Bloc québécois et le Parti libéral du Canada ont-ils décidé de fermer les yeux sur le terrorisme? Depuis quand cautionnent-ils la présence en leur sein de supporteurs enthousiastes d'un groupe terroriste qui est, rappelons-le, illégal au Canada?

On ne se serait pas étonné de voir des politiciens opportunistes exploiter la vague d'hostilité à la position pro-israélienne du gouvernement Harper. On ne se serait pas étonné non plus de voir les chefs des centrales syndicales sauter dans le même train, eux qui font flèche de tout bois quand il s'agit de s'opposer aux gouvernements dûment élus.

Ce qui étonne et scandalise, c'est qu'au lieu de se contenter de faire de pieux appels à la paix et d'observer un minimum de neutralité, tout ce beau monde ait carrément pris parti contre Israël, et laissé cette manifestation théoriquement vouée à " la justice et la paix " dégénérer en un grand spectacle à la gloire du Hezbollah, à coup de T-shirts jaunes ornés de mitraillettes AK-47 et de pancartes fanatiques (" Nous sommes tous des Hezbollah! ", " Longue vie à Hassan Nasrallah! ", " Juifs, assassins! ", etc.).[....]

David Harris -- immigration

OTTAWA -- A leading terrorism expert says Canada's liberal open-door immigration policy is a "death wish" for a terrorist attack here.

David Harris, a former top CSIS official who's now a senior fellow with the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, believes a bloated influx of immigrants and refugees poses a serious threat to national security. He said the entry system has spun "out of control," with the country now taking in far more people than it can properly screen and integrate into society.

"That's a death wish," he said. [....]

Mis-titled as "Tighten airport security: Grits", it was the Grits who underfunded the RCMP and CSIS.

Senator Kenny wants airport security tightened

Senator Colin Kenny warned that Canada's pattern in the past has been to heighten security in the aftermath of a threat, only to slack off when the crisis passes.

He said it doesn't make sense to ban shaving cream and soda pop while allowing lax screening for baggage handlers, airplane groomers and other airport staff who could easily smuggle explosives onto planes.

"What you're doing is saying the front door is shut, but the back door and the side door are open," Kenny said.


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