August 11, 2006

Aug. 11, 06: #1

A plan 'to commit unimaginable mass murder' -- "security sources indicated that the key event — thought to be the transfer of funds — had taken place overseas.", By Philip Webster, Sean O'Neill and Stewart Tendler

# Assets of 19 suspects are frozen
# Pakistan money link investigated
# Martyrdom video is discovered

[....] These are the names of 19 suspects reportedly being held by the police after the foiled plot and whose assets the Treasury has sought to have frozen.

Umir Hussain, 24, London E14

Muhammed Usman Saddique, 24, London E17

Waheed Zaman, 22, London E17

Assan Abdullah Khan, 22, London E17

Waseem Kayani, 28, High Wycombe

Waheed Arafat Khan, 24, London E17

Cossor Ali, 24, London E17

Tayib Rauf, 21, Birmingham

Ibrahim Savant, 26, London E17

Osman Adam Khatib, 20, London E17

Shamin Mohammed Uddin, 36, Stoke Newington

Amin Asmin Tariq, 23, London E17

Shazad Khuram Ali, 27, High Wycombe

Tanvir Hussain, 24, London E10

Umar Islam, 28, (born Brian Young) High Wycombe

Assad Sarwar, 25, High Wycombe

Abdullah Ali, 26, London E17

Abdul Muneem Patel, 17, London E5

Nabeel Hussain, 21, Waltham Forest

2 British nationals arrested in Pakistan over aircraft terror plot , Sadaqat Jan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Intelligence agents arrested two British nationals of Pakistani origin who provided information on the terror plot ....

[....] the hardline group's leader, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed ....

[....] Saeed formerly headed the militant group Lashkar-e-Tayyaba until 2002 when it was banned by President Gen. Pervez Musharraf because of suspected terrorist links. This April, Washington put Jamaat al-Dawat on a list of terrorist organizations for its links to Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. [....]

24 held in raids ... including convert and young man with £300,000 Aug. 11, 06

A TEENAGER who attended a well-known grammar school and recently converted to Islam was among the suspects arrested over the foiled terror plot, it emerged last night.

Neighbours said Don Stewart-Whyte had grown a beard and made different friends since he changed his beliefs.

[....] One friend of Mr [Khuram ] Ali last night said: "He did not used to be a radical, but he went to Pakistan two years ago and came back a changed man. [....]

"There were people coming to the [bungalow] at night-time, around midnight, almost every night. I have no idea what they were doing, but they certainly were not living there, as they left a few hours after they arrived." [....]

Terror Plot Linked to Exiled Cleric -- exiled cleric Shiekh Omar Bakri Mohammed

The Syrian born Omar Bakri Mohammed was the leader of several Salafist organizations which many claim have ties to al Qaeda. In July, two splinter groups from Bakri's orignal Al-Muhajiroun organization were banned by the British government.

The return of Operation Bojinka , Aug. 11,06

We know that al-Qaida and Islamic Fascists in general pick targets and strategies that they like to return to. One of the very first major al-Qaida operations after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 was the 1994 plot of al-Qaida via Ramzi Yousef, to first, murder Pope John Paul II and then to blow up multiple airliners while in flight. Known as Operation Bojinka which means alternately in Arabic either chaos or explosion. [....]

Preventing the Unthinkable , By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. 8/10/2006 12:09:27 AM

WASHINGTON -- It seems to me that the Islamofascists of Hezbollah have made a parlous mistake. They have demonstrated that they have missiles that can cause dreadful localized carnage and that they are continuing to improve those missiles. Someday these weapons will be able to cause widespread carnage. Hezbollah's killers have demonstrated that they will infiltrate their brutes into civilian neighborhoods and use suicide bombers. They have refused to abide by United Nations resolutions. They have revealed that they have powerful supporters in Syria and Iran. Actually the Syrians and Iranians have not been coy about showing their support for Hezbollah's brutal asymmetrical warfare, and here they too have made a mistake. In their unconscionable bellicosity Hezbollah's guerrillas, the Syrians, and the Iranians have all donned bull's-eyes. They have made themselves targets.

"Messrs. Coderre and Duceppe did not condemn terrorism"

The rise of Quebecistan , Barbara Kay, Aug. 9, 06

[....] On Sunday, 15,000 Quebecers, mostly Lebanese-Canadians, marched for "justice and peace" in Lebanon. That sounds benign, but in fact the march was a virulently anti-Israel rally, and scattered amongst the crowd were a number of Hezbollah flags and placards. Leading the parade were Bloc Quebecois chief Gilles Duceppe, Liberal MP Denis Coderre, PQ chief Andre Boisclair, and Amir Khadir, spokesman for the new far-left provincial party, Solidarite Quebec.

All four politicians had signed a statement by the organizers the day before the march, in which Israel is lambasted for its depredations in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank -- but the word "terrorism" is never mentioned, nor Hezbollah assigned any blame for the war.

A must read

A fitting companion piece: UN Human Rights Council to convene on Israel, Aug. 11, 06, AP

The new UN Human Rights Council [....]

to "consider and take action on the gross human rights violations by Israel in Lebanon," according to the request filed by Tunisia on behalf of the OIC. [....]

A Hezbollah Fighter: Nasrollah is Deputy of Leader of Iran , Shervin Sharei, 10 Aug 2006

[....] One of the speakers was Mohammad Mohsen, a fighetr from Lebanese Hezbollah.

[....] In his talk, Mohsen recalled a story from Nasrollah. “After the victory of 2000 and Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon, the leadership of Hezbollah came to Iran to meet the leadership and receive approval from it. When we arrived at Mr. Khamenei’s resident, he was happy and had a smile on his face. All our sufferings and martyrs equaled this smile because this is the smile of the Imam of our time,” Mohsen said. [....]

He also said that Hezbollah specialized forces had been trained by the Passdaran Revolutionary Guards of Iran, while there were currently no forces other than Hezbollah in the war zones in Lebanon. [....]

Sticks and Stones, August 10, 2006

I don't get this. First, CAIR endlessly tells us that Muslims are peaceful and not terrorists. But then, in the next breath, it sticks up for the terrorists and objects to their being called fascists. Second, CAIR seems to object to any pejorative reference to Islamic terrorists. If we can't call them fascists, or militant jihadists, or Islamic radicals, or totalitarians or imperialists, what on earth are we supposed to call them?

Personally, I generally just call them terrorists.

9 charged in Asia-U.S. prostitution ring, Aug. 10, 06, AP

SEATTLE -- Authorities said nine people were arrested Thursday as investigators broke an international sex-trafficking ring that smuggled Asian women into the U.S. in shipping containers.

[....] Authorities allege that [Yong Jun] Kang told confidential informants that women were being smuggled into the U.S. in shipping containers after paying as much as $50,000. Some of the women, investigators said, were brought into the United States by crossing the Canadian border.

The women came from China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Laos, and were forced to pay debts to smugglers by working in brothels, federal prosecutors said.


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