August 10, 2006

Aug. 10, 2006: #4

Via We must be ruthless -- re: article by David Warren, The Ottawa Citizen, Published: Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Israeli military policy is to hold fire against any building in which soldiers believe civilians are sheltering, even if they believe Hezbollah fighters are also present. This policy goes well beyond the Geneva Conventions, which anyway don't apply to combat with irregular fighters. Moreover, by slowing Israeli progress in destroying Hezbollah, it grants time for pressure against Israel to be built internationally.

The entirely predictable result of the media effort to sensationalize Israeli "atrocities" -- including one at Qana last week that was probably faked -- has been to trigger waves of anti-Semitic rage across the Muslim world, and on the left side of the political spectrum throughout the West. (Events, such as the shooting rampage in the Seattle Jewish Federation office the Friday before last, do not give sufficient pause. But was that not a natural consequence of anti-Israel incitements?)

One reader, rosemarie59, commented: "The terrorists know the extent of our humanity and use it against us, through the MSM. There is no place for emotion in wartime, rather it calls for resolve against the enemy. The "news" is not reality. It is rooted in sentiment and will be our undoing."

When an Islamist Informs on Islamist Terrorists Daniel Pipes, July 31, 06

When not doing their best to impede law enforcement's ability to stop terrorism in the name of radical Islam (for examples, see here, here, and here), Islamist organizations declare that they are of course ready to do everything within their powers to help catch terrorists, and that good policing depends on good relations with the Muslim community. Fair enough; I wrote about one such case in New York City "Does the Police Department Profile? Should It?" But what happens when an Islamist steps forward to help with counterterrorism efforts? [....]

"Sudden Jihad Syndrome" in Seattle , by Daniel Pipes, New York Sun, August 8, 2006, [NY Sun title: "Seattle Rampage Is a Case of 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome'"]

[....] Third, Mr. Haq is not someone who would arouse suspicions of jihad. His parents, Mian and Nahida, arrived in the United States in the 1970s, where Naveed was born. His father worked at the Hanford nuclear site. While in high school, Naveed won a $250 award for finishing second in an essay contest sponsored by the U.S. Institute of Peace. .... honors in biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and ... electrical engineering, from Washington State University .... University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Haq drank alcohol at a bar alone and joined social-networking websites. His rap sheet consisted of a pending lewd conduct charge for having unzipped his pants in March at a shopping mall and exposed himself to young women. ... traffic violations and unemployment benefits. [....]

Fourth, Mr. Haq's actions are a clear instance of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome," whereby normal-appearing Muslims unpredictably become violent. His attack confirms my oft-repeated call for special scrutiny of Muslims. Because the identity of the next homicidal jihadi cannot be anticipated, Muslims generally need to come under heightened observation. I regret writing this as much as you dislike reading it, but it needs to be said and operated upon.

Fifth, sudden jihad syndrome never erupts in isolation, but results from a steady diet of antisemitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Christian, and anti-American incitement fed by Islamist mosques, schools, voluntary associations, and media. Leftist demonizing of Israel further contributes to the problem. [....]

More on Naveed Haq, Seattle's Sudden Jihadi,

[....] Haq's parents were among the founders of the Islamic Center of the Tri-Cities in southeast Washington State and Naveed himself is described in one newspaper account as growing up "surrounded by their work." Chillingly, soon after returning from a Christian experimentation to his home mosque, Haq set out to murder Jews. The Islamic Center of the Tri-Cities needs close scrutiny. [....]

Fatah: Relate this to Pipes' question above -- What would Muslims do to prevent terrorism?

Fearing for his life, Muslim Canadian spokesman quits post, Last Updated Thu, 03 Aug 2006 17:09:36 EDT, CBC News

[....] Fatah, who also hosts the Crossroads Television System current-affairs program Muslim Chronicle, is well-known for his liberal interpretations of Islam.

Aside from advocating for gay and women's rights, Fatah has also vigorously opposed the adoption of Shariah law, the legal code of Islam based on the Qur'an.

Last July, Fatah also fought against granting a visa to controversial British Muslim cleric Sheik Riyadh ul Haq
. The cleric, who vehemently denied accusations that he had promoted hatred in his speeches, ultimately ended up making his address to a youth conference in Toronto by video link.

Against Shariah? No wonder Mohammed Elmasry is so against Fatah ... who (I'm guessing) is probably against plural marriage too, which Elmasry argues for, as well.

Muslim Congress co-founder resigns -- Fatah cites death threats , Jeffrey Hawkins, National Post, August 04, 2006

Fearing for his life, Muslim Canadian spokesman quits post , Aug. 3, 06

A spokesman for moderate Muslims has resigned from the Muslim Canadian Congress, citing death threats and safety concerns.

Tarek Fatah said his wife and daughters encouraged him to step down as communications director for the organization following an alarming number of threats and harassing phone calls.

Fatah said he has been assaulted both verbally and physically, including an incident in which he was attacked at an Islamic conference in Toronto by dozens of young Muslim men.

He also said that an associate informed him of a discussion she overheard in which young men were discussing how Fatah should be killed.

Fatah said he's reported the threats he's received since 2003 to Toronto police, who are investigating the allegations. [....]

But wouldn't it be politically incorrect in NDP / Liberal / leftist Toronto to actually do anything about Muslim death threats? It might turn off the only voters who matter, it seems to the TO city council and the parties whose desire for Muslim votes determine their moral positions.

Hezbollah's Nazi roots -- Across the Middle East, radical Islamists yearn for a new Holocaust, Daniel Johnson, The New York Sun, August 04, 2006

[....] there are parallels between the present war and previous campaigns waged against Israel by Arab nationalists. One thing that Arab nationalists and Islamists clearly have in common, though it is usually ignored in the Western media, is their explicit debt to the Nazis.

This extends even to overt Nazi symbolism. I am indebted to one of the most seasoned observers of the Middle East, Tom Gross, for a photograph of a Hezbollah rally on the Lebanese side of the border fence, shortly before the present conflict. With houses in the Israeli town of Metullah in the background, hundreds of uniformed Hezbollah terrorists are raising their arms in a Nazi-style salute. This obscene ceremony, complete with yellow standards and mullah commanders taking the salute, was happening in full view of Israeli civilians. Mr. Gross asks pointedly, "Are all those now attacking Israel around the world even capable of imagining what an elderly Holocaust survivor who happened to glance across the fence might have felt?" [....]

A second key similarity between today's Islamists and past Arab nationalists relates less to ideology than to geopolitics. As the British historian Efraim Karsh convincingly shows in his new book, Islamic Imperialism, the pursuit of empire through ruthless military conquest has been a constant theme from the time of Muhammad till that of Osama bin Laden, whose jihad is aimed at creating a timeless, universal Caliphate. [....]

Symposium: Terror From the North, By Jamie Glazov, , July 21, 2006

Featuring: Stewart Bell, Rachel Marsden, Patrick Grady, Michael Marzolini, and Robert Spencer

What Hezbollah wants , Robert Fulford, National Post, August 05, 2006

But Hezbollah wants an Islamic world and believes such a world to be worth killing and dying for. Recently, that way of organizing society has crept into .... the Indonesian province of Aceh won the right to adopt Shariah criminal law ...

In Aceh, roaming Taliban-like squads of vice police in brown uniforms now tour the streets, looking for men drinking alcohol or women consorting with men other than their husbands. These people are then caned outside mosques, watched by crowds and TV cameras. Women claim they are more often the objects of vice-squad raids than men. Ordinary citizens sometimes grab couples sitting in parked cars and hand them over to the vice police. The same rules govern foreigners. An Italian aid worker, accused of having a little marijuana and being seen alone with a woman (his translator) is imprisoned, faced with caning. The vice police are turning into a steadily expanding bureaucracy -- and other provinces are now talking about following Aceh's example. So now a great religion, which once inspired enviable poetry, philosophy and architecture, has reduced itself to promoting institutionalized thuggery.

That's the world Hezbollah desires. It seems clear that the crisis in the Middle East is a struggle for a decent civilization. Given that truth, anyone arguing that the West should remain neutral looks like either a fool or a scoundrel.


The house of Khadr -- Canada's 'first family of terror' is caught between two worlds -- hoops and holy war, infidels and the Internet, movie scripts and martyrdom, by Michael Friscolanti, Aug. 4, 2006

The Khadr Bunch -- Who's-who in Canada's 'first family of terror' , Aug. 4, 2006

Media & Background to the UN meeting Aug. 8, 06

Anti-Israel bias on full display -- UN appears to be in no rush to disarm Hezbollah , Steven Edwards, National Post, August 05, 2006

[....] UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his deputy, Mark Malloch Brown, appear to have shown their colours in this crisis, acting in ways that would tip the balance against Israel.

[....] French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy gushed about Iran when he met his counterpart from that country in Beirut.

"In the region, there is a country such as Iran," he told reporters. "A great country, which plays a stabilizing role."

So for the French, "stabilizing" is seeking a nuclear bomb in defiance of international treaty; gun running to a non-state army; and helping that army occupy part of the territory of a fellow UN member state.

With the prospect the UN will soon send a French-dominated peacekeeping force to replace Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon, it's little wonder Israel feels it must do all possible to destroy Hezbollah in the days left. No other country -- perhaps least of all the Iran-admiring French - will have equal incentive to disarm the group. [....]

France, Lebanon & the UN

Isn't monitoring what UNIFIL has been doing? Unsuccessful at preventing kidnapping and all the rest.

Suspected arms routes decimated -- war in the Middle east: Hezbollah responds with 195 missiles into Israel, Matthew Fisher, CanWest News Service, August 05, 2006

[....] Three other bridges on the highway, including an even longer span that soars dramatically above the Casino du Liban, were badly damaged as Israel sought to sever routes that it believes Hezbollah has been using to move weapons from Syria and the Bekaa Valley into southern Lebanon.

But the Red Cross and UN humanitarian agencies complained that this route was almost the last way they had to bring emergency supplies into Lebanon, where nearly 900,000 people have been displaced by the fighting in the south and the bombings in Beirut.

[....] France's draft resolution calls for UN peacekeepers and Lebanon's army to monitor the truce, while the United States favours the Israeli army staying in southern Lebanon until the arrival of an international force. [....]

UN Urban Forum, WUF III

Can cities survive UN urban forum? , Terence Corcoran, Financial Post, June 22, 2006

[....] the third World Urban Forum, the giant United Nations conclave .... Rather than celebrate cities, WUF III, as it is called, is based on the premise that cities are some kind of Hell on Earth in need of United Nations attention and salvation. [Spare the rest of us. What the UN wants is power and money for itself. ]

The agenda at WUF III portrays cities as "areas of concentrations of the deficiencies of human existence." Cities are being tested by "social exclusion, inequities and shortfalls in housing and basic services." They face "unprecedented challenges in quality of life, health, congestion and deteriorating air and water quality." It's all part of "the crucible of cities" that can be salvaged only by an unwieldy UN collection of leftists and interventionists.

The UN left thrives on manufactured crises. [....]

That the UN urban focus is locked on such dark, Dickensian views of urbanization is no surprise. Exactly 30 years ago in Vancouver, a group of like-minded political meddlers, led by Maurice Strong, Margaret Mead, Barbara Ward and former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, helped create the United Nations' urban fix-up operation. Their theme was "urbanization's increasing threat to the natural environment."

Search: the demonstrators were not the homeless but accredited participants

Free Classic Literature in the Public Domain from the Classic Literature Library

No satellite, no rights: Muslim man -- in Halifax, NS, Aug. 2, 06

Treatment Of Women In Islam -- "The purpose of this post is to show how the barbaric nature of Islam manifests itself in the cruel treatment of women. ", shiva123, 8/08/2006 16:16:37

[....] First point to notice here is that Quran clearly states that Men are superior to women. Secondly, Islam instructs that a man should control his women through brutal violence and fear.

IV/15: (For women) If any one of your women is guilty of lewdness ...confine them until death claims them.

IV/16: (For Men) If two men among you commit indecency (sodomy) punish them both. If they repent and mend their ways, let them be. Allah is forgiving and merciful.

As you can see, for women any sort of sexual exploration is punishable by death. Whereas for a man, any form of perversion is pardoned by the all merciful Allah.

XXIV/6-7: As for those who accuse their wives but have no witnesses except themselves , let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies...

Here we see, that a husband can easily accuse his wife (or wives) and eventually sentence her to death by merely declaring four times that the accusation is true. On the other hand, women have no such right in Islam.

[....] Gazzali, the renowned Islamic thinker summed up the 18 pains that had been visited on Muslim women as a punishment for Eve's transgression in paradise. The list eloquently shows the position of women in Islam and how the social customs were backed up by Islam. Here Islam goes to the extent of saying that even pregnancy and childbirth are punishments from God. Such is the nature of the all merciful Allah!!!

The 18 punishments are: [.... Good summary here]

Canadians: I have seen what Muslims have been doing in India for the last 1000 years! Have your governments thought out fully the wisdom of allowing so many from the "religion of peace" into your country? Call your MP today.


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