August 03, 2006

Aug. 3, 2006: #11 Why?

Why does leftist thinking permeate Canada?

Introduction and table of contents

The following group of posts (#1-#11) go together, the result of my exploration to try to understand why Canada is so influenced by socialist / leftist thinking; there has been a concomitant de-emphasis and diminution of our traditional beliefs and culture, of our traditional allies, and an increasingly negative attitude toward profit and capitalism. All tend to get little or bad press. It is as if there were no politically correct point of view in Canada, other than that of leftists/socialists and they have been successful in presenting their perspective as the Canadian perspective, via our media and our institutions, including in our education system, through relentless social engineering and indoctrination.

The following meanders over a few pathways which might seem unrelated but I think they are entwined. One follows from another, supporting and reinforcing each other to move thought leftward, the direction Canada has been taking for years.

From Pearson's "peacekeeping" through successive governments devoted to UN-speak, Canada has moved further left and especially toward looking to and following the United Nations and allowing its agencies to enter and influence--not just government, but to influence our educational system so that the next generation will have "right thought" and "correct speak"

* There has been much talk but little in the way of solutions to conflicts which have lasted years; yet Canada kept turning to the UN for guidance.

* Canada's joining the UN in placing "peacekeeping" as paramount, instead of using military interventions--de-emhasizing actual military operations--that might have been decisive in helping to end hostilities and terrorist activities elsewhere, has allowed conflicts to escalate in many areas, for example, Darfur and now Lebanon.

* Canada's multiculturalism has entailed backing down and standing for little that might discomfort those extremists who have entered Canada, those whose cultural views have been allowed to flower ... People have been placated rather than forced to change to fit into Canadian democracy and society ... which has rendered our society less what it was, a Judeo-Christian democracy; instead it has become less safe and less secure in itself as a nation ... which may have been intended.

* There has been the gutting, through underfunding and undermanning, of Canada's military as a fighting force in favour of UN-inspired talk, stalling and dithering, with its euphemisms--road maps, peace accords, UN multilateral forces, contributing Canada's military to "peacekeeping"

Israel's recent history is littered with terminology left behind by failed diplomacy. "The peace process" lasted a long time but died with the suicide bombers of the second intifada. That led to the "two-state solution," followed by "the quartet" (America, EU, UN, Russia), which sponsored the "Roadmap for Peace." These terms were grounded in mendacity. They meant Israel and foreign governments, including Canada's, had to pretend they took seriously every career terrorist, even Arafat, who claimed to want peace.

Now Israel finds itself dealing with fresh language games. Much of the world claims that it hasn't shown restraint and has attacked in a disproportionate rather than proportionate way -- though no one says what "proportionate" means. How do you deal with killers who send death from private houses and use civilians as human shields? My guess is that people like Annan want the bombing to stop so that the UN can go back to doing nothing while saying much.

[Robert Fulford: The UN is the more dangerous enemy , National Post, July 31, 06
/story.html?id=18f1f376-7f3e-429e-a8c3-3e48b5eefbd0 ]

Because Canadian governments followed the UN's lead, it allowed Canada to avoid taking a stand based on reasoning to a moral and practical intervention. It allowed the euphemisms as a stand in for thought. It allowed Canadians' tax dollars to be sent, through government programs--some of which, at least, just happen to benefit some Canadians, some academics and some businesses--to "the Third World". Another reality is that Canada promises and/or sends funds through the UN for humanitarian causes and for soldiers and equipment as part of the guilt geld transferred from the First World to the Second and Third World 'have-nots' [like China, other parts of Southeast Asia, and Africa]. Funding supports UN peacekeeping and further UN talk. The payments to these militaries under the UN brings to their countries needed cash in return for their "peacekeeping" operations ... or whatever ... The UN "observers", according to the UN peacekeeper, Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, who was killed in south Lebanon, are simply watching and recording a range of sorties, sallies, and attacks, but the peacekeepers are not tasked with stopping them. The UN and peacekeepers could not stop Rwanda, Darfur, et cetera. Nothing is finally solved; hostilities just go on for years.

Through the UN, money and equipment have even been diverted to terrorists; for example, the PLO has been able to use humanitarian aid money and equipment (ambulances) supplied via the UN (and/or the Red Crescent / Red Cross) to pursue its own agenda. Military action would be too decisive and the UN is not about decisiveness but about maintaining the UN. Lately, with the great concern shown by Kofi Annan for Lebanese civilians, but not for Israeli ones, the UN has taken sides, obviously. The UN, to which successive Liberal governments turned for guidance and reinforcement of the direction in which they were taking Canada, has supported the claims of Arab states while criticizing Israel, no matter that Israel did much to bring peace. The overwhelming number and hence, power, of Arab / Muslim states with their votes in the UN and the presence of UN agencies in Canada, along with the influence of France, means our ties have moved away from the Commonwealth and our traditional allies like the US toward the areas mentioned.

All the de-emphasis upon Canada's military in favour of the UN approach may have been a Quebec-pleasing move but it has been of dubious use in Canada's ability to project her power and to protect her own territory as well ... which may have been the object.

Trudeau's myriad influences over the direction Canada would take with the Charter and Rights legislation--that UN-inspired, UN-pleasing can of worms--influences Canada still

* through the overwhelming number of Liberal governments since, which have cemented the liberalization and Liberalization of the country

* through their appointees to the court system, particularly the activist Supreme Court, the agencies, foundations, NGO's, the civil service with its bilingualism requirement which has effectively left one language group overwhelmingly powerful in maintaining its interests, its alliances, and the governments' direction, and leftist / socialist Liberalism continues, even if governments change.

Example: Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 27, 2005

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada -- Business News and more

"The Foundation was established in 1984 by an Act of the Parliament of Canada. It has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

APF Canada receives financial support from Foreign Affairs Canada, the Canadian International Development Agency and Western Economic Diversification Canada."

What was the impetus for setting up this foundation? Who initiated it? There is much high power concentration. Follow the money and the networks.

[....] Updates & China Conference-Vancouver Port, Maurice Strong-China Car Salesman, China's Bricklin & Strong, China-Copied Chevy Design?

[....] * Update 2: Maurice Strong

* through Liberal cultivation of the mainstream media, Ottawa press corps and the public broadcaster as its spin organ -- with the result that it is difficult for Canadians to get any other point of view.

* through public money channelled judiciously ... or to political associates and friends, even corruptly (Gomery Inquiry revelations ... and there is more to come)

* via granting agencies (to natives or through EDB, BDC, ACOA, etc.)

* to like-minded recipients (think of the arts unions and the Martin / Liberal "promise" to artists / cultural groups of unemployment insurance from the public purse, along with publicly funded international travel for example, to China (See below for more on arts funding / UNESCO Protocol -- "Culture's Tentacles #1" and #2 )

* to buttress business nationally or within a particular province (e.g. Bombardier)

* and internationally (through councils such as Canada-Asia/-China/-Pacific/-other countries councils with their promotion of business and other ties)

* through the francophonie (with public money toward travel ... also, consider Paul Martin's Africa-centric budget plans)

* to those who will happily take public money and then won't upset the system, the Liberals perpetuated their longevity and the recipients' loyalty to leftist / socialist / thinking and Liberal regimes

All of the above, allied with the influence in Canada of the United Nations (particularly harnessing UNESCO and the UN along with leftist activists), the EU (particularly France), currently joined by China and several Arab / Muslim states, and the result is that leftist thinking has become entrenched while Canadians seemed unaware of what was happening, lulled into a belief that they were being "nice". Voting the same political party into power for years allowed positions of power and influence to be filled with leftists and leftist/socialist philosophy.

In my research, I kept running into the same influences, the same names, the same institutions, NGO's, agencies, foundations, the same pattern of appointments, awards, et cetera -- all pervasive. Not only do their views permeate government, but their views are ubiquitous in education so the next generation will be indoctrinated--everywhere--and the media reinforce the attitude that any other views are supposedly un-Canadian. In reality, contrary views are not Liberal/socialist and hence, cannot get a fair hearing. The media are in business to make money, not to investigate; the perquisites that come of a close relationship with one political perspective cemented this movement leftward ... Much has remained hidden or unexplored.

A recent spate of articles on Trudeau and then my own reading took me through the following:

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