August 03, 2006

Aug. 3, 2006: #4 Maurice Strong & UN University / UPEACE

#4 Maurice Strong & UN University / UPEACE

Judi McLeod ( has written on UPEACE: Liberal MP Dennis Mills and the Flying Yogics by Judi Mcleod, March 15, 2004

[....] A Canadian connection saved the [UN] university when Maurice Strong, fresh from a stint as Ontario Hydro Chairman, took over.

[....] Like the one world government-advocating UN, the guru is lukewarm to democracies, saying that the democratic system is "so cruel."

Back to UNIS Vienna: UN University for Peace -- via UNIS []

[....] To ensure academic freedom, the University was established under its own Charter, approved by the United Nations General Assembly. UPEACE is not subject to UN regulations and is directed by its own Council of renowned personalities with expertise in peace and security matters. [....] The Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan is the Honorary President of the University and Maurice Strong is the President of the Council. [....]

The Costa Rica campus of UPEACE sits on more than 300 hectares of beautiful land some 20 kilometers west of the capital, San José. The campus includes protected primary forest and a peace park, donated by the host government. [From the Tico Times, Frost Hits the Rhubarb: July 9, 2006: Maurice Strong: Do as I say ... not as I do ]

UPEACE has 8 one-year masters programmes at its Costa Rica Campus: International Law and Human Rights, International Law and the Settlement of Disputes, Gender and Peace Building, International Peace Studies, Peace Education, Environmental Security and Peace, and Media and Peacebuilding. UPEACE also offers a Dual Graduate Programme at the Master’s level with American University in Washington D.C. After two years of academic work, these students receive an MA in International Affairs from American University's School of International Service and an MA in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from UPEACE.

In addition to its Costa Rica headquarters, the UPEACE system includes offices in Geneva and New York, the Africa Regional Programme office in Addis Ababa, the Latin America [See all the offices listed under a cross listing with the United Nations University] and the Caribbean Regional Programme office in Costa Rica, and the International Centre in Toronto. Other regional programmes in Asia and the Pacific, and Central Asia are in development, as are other international centres.

Do you suppose there is a campus in Israel?

The UPEACE Sharing Knowledge for Peace Programme (SKP) is a distance learning initiative which ensures that those unable to attend courses in Costa Rica or in one of the other UPEACE locations are reached through state-of-the-art dissemination methods.

Do not miss the full catastrophe ... [Zorba the Greek]

United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU/IAS) is an international community of scholars undertaking research and training on issues at ...
UNU/IAS Institute of Advanced Studies

The above appears to have an ISP in Japan or connecting through Japan.

United Nations University: Institute of Advanced Studies

Is every country funding the UN also contributing to funding this? ... Every UN buzz word known to UN-man can be found on the webpage ... Do you want to fund what appears to be a socialist, leftist, (communist?) endeavour? It might bear more checking.


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