August 02, 2006

Aug. 2, 2006: Testimony disallowed by Opp. MP's & Alexa's NDP

This is what the Left has accomplished in Canada ... preventing people who do not agree with them from presenting their views before Parliamentary Committees such as the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House. Below, is the speech that was intended to be CCD's testimony. The testimony is too important not to circulate.

First, note this comment on CCD by J Hand, with which I concur: The "Liberals and the NDP, are acting as servants of radical Islam"

It appears that once again the Liberals and the NDP, are acting as servants of radical Islam. Their voices continually aid and abet an ideology that is determined to destroy the west."

I think that the left are just as interested in destroying the West in terms of replacing its structure with a socialist system. Having a one world socialist government means destroying most significantly the United States....

The Testimony

Note: I have not put the following in blockquotes. ed.

CCD condemns silencing of Lebanese witnesses by Opposition
The testimony that CCD had prepared but was prevented from presenting is below.

Testimony of
Alastair T. Gordon
President, Canadian Coalition for Democracies
1st Session, 39th Parliament
Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs
and International Development
Meeting No. 16
Tuesday, August 1, 2006 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Room 237, Centre Block, Parliament Buildings

Canada has long had a policy of so-called neutrality in the Middle East. We have referred to ourselves as an “honest broker” in the conflict between a sister democracy and organizations – specifically Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah – whose governing charters all call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Fatah, the party of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, is the only one of those three entities that has not yet been designated as an illegal terrorist organization by the Government of Canada. Yet the Fatah charter, available for all to see on its website, states, “Judaism … is not an independent nationality. Nor do Jews constitute a single nation.” To achieve the goal of denying a state to the Jewish people, the charter of the most moderate of Israel’s opponents states that, “Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine.”

It is important to realize that even Fatah, the so-called “moderate” of the Middle East factions, is governed by a charter – as inviolable as Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms – that calls for the destruction of Israel through violence. And Hezbollah and Hamas consider Fatah to be unacceptably moderate. This is the neighbourhood in which Israel struggles for survival.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has rightly chosen democracy over terror in this conflict. He is not seeking the ephemeral and short-lived popularity enjoyed by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1938 when he chose to negotiate with Adolf Hitler and sacrificed Czechoslovakia for “Peace in our time”. That contrived “peace” gave the Nazis the time, opportunity and tacit approval to grow to a near-unstoppable force that resulted, by the end of World War II, in 45 million dead and Europe in ruins.

In today’s terms, Prime Minister Harper recognizes that sacrificing Israel to the demands of a fascist enemy will not bring peace. Just as Hitler peddled his self-inflicted and self-serving grievances to gullible Western leaders and peace activists while pursuing his well-publicized charter, so too will Hamas and Hezbollah. And they will be further emboldened by the apparent weakness of today’s gullible Westerners.

In contrast to Prime Minister Harper’s moral clarity, we now hear former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence, Bill Graham, tell the Guardian newspaper on July 18, "Mr. Harper is proud of the fact he wasn't nuanced … Nuance has kept us in a position where we could help.”

Nuance? Does Mr. Graham actually believe that nuance will curb the homicidal ambitions of an organization that has amassed over 10,000 missiles and sent 1,500 of those missiles packed with flesh-shredding ball bearings into Israel, and done so from positions within densely populated Lebanese cities and towns? Does he believe that nuance is an effective weapon against an organization that is the heavily financed and armed proxy of Iran, whose president has called for the nuclear annihilation of Israel? It would be laughable were it not for the slaughter of innocents and the threat to Canada that flows from Mr. Graham’s deadly naiveté.

Mr. Graham actually believes that Israel should negotiate with an organization that his own government has designated as a terrorist entity. He is telling Israel that she must deal with Hezbollah, whose opening demand is the release of hundreds of prisoners with Israeli blood on their hands, starting with Samir Kuntar, a Palestinian whose gang kidnapped 4-year-old Israeli Anat Hanan and his father, and took them to Gaza where they smashed in the head of the child in front of his father before shooting the man to death. For this atrocity, Kuntar is a Hezbollah hero.

It is Prime Minister Harper, not Bill Graham, who is the honest broker, for honesty demands that we not be impartial between the fireman and the arsonist, to paraphrase Winston Churchill.

Canada and other UN members pressured Israel to give up “land for peace” in Lebanon and Gaza, land that was originally secured by Israel as a result of its being used for terror attacks against Israeli civilians. Now that “land for peace” has proven to be “land for war”, surely we at least have the obligation to allow Israel to defend herself against the blood-soaked consequences of our own failed policies.

Prime Minister Harper has recognized that the Middle East is not a distant regional conflict, but a struggle for the existence of Israel against the same enemy that may have recently been thwarted in our own backyard from slaughtering thousands in Canada. Israel faces the same enemy that has massacred innocents in Mumbai, Kashmir, London, Madrid, New York, Philippines, Bali, Thailand, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia and countless other places around the world. The Middle East is not a regional conflict. It is a global conflict – our conflict -- and “nuance” will not defeat this enemy any more than “nuance” defeated Hitler.

The people of Lebanon are suffering horribly. Their nation – once described as the “Switzerland of the Middle East” – has again been shattered by Islamist extremism. As one young Lebanese evacuee told the New York Times on July 27, “Hezbollah came to [our town] Ain Ebel to shoot its rockets … They are shooting from between our houses … Please write that in your newspaper.” Sixty innocent Lebanese were killed when Israel returned fire on a Hezbollah launch site deliberately and cruelly located in the village of Qana, about which Human Rights Watch said, “The use of human shields [by Hezbollah] is a war crime.” The Cedars Revolution of Lebanon issued a press release on July 30 entitled, “Hezbollah is responsible for the massacre.” Were Hezbollah not using women and children as human shields to protect their fighters and weapons while they launch missiles into Israel, not a single Lebanese would have been harmed by Israel’s defensive actions.

This committee also asked witnesses to comment on Canada’s evacuation of Lebanese Canadians from the war zone. Whereas CCD can evaluate the ethical case for supporting Israel, we are not experts in the logistics of such a difficult operation. However, the fact that the Government of Canada successfully arranged for 31 ships and 48 aircraft to remove over 12,500 evacuees, and that the worse complaints from evacuees were uncomfortable conditions and delays, we can only conclude that our public servants and armed forces deserve enormous credit for a difficult job well done.

In conclusion, it is the position of CCD that Prime Minister Harper is the first Canadian Prime Minister in many years to “get it” – to understand that being an honest broker requires a leader who has the moral clarity to distinguish between democracy and terror, between those who wish to live in peace and those committed to their destruction. Like Winston Churchill, Prime Minister Harper is a leader who will be judged, not by transient blips in popularity, but in the fullness of history. We stand behind the Prime Minister in his support for defeating, not accommodating, the fascist death cult that is tearing apart our world. ...

Alastair Gordon, President
Canadian Coalition for Democracies

Prime Minister Harper appears to understand what is at stake for Isreal and for Isreali Jews from John M. Rosen on 12:47:50 2006/08/02

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