July 30, 2006

July 30, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

Lebanon: The realpolitik of the conflict

As the Islamic terrorists feel free to attack civilians in Israel, the Israelis seem to have taken a page from their playbook. Hamas has always claimed that killing women and children is justified because eventually these kids will be in the IDF. Israel has tried to limit civilian casualties, but they insist that if these terrorists merge into the populous (even their own families) then there will always be collateral damage. Now they have invaded south Lebanon and Hezbollah again hides in plain view. The UN outpost in Lebanon was hit because the Hezbollah were using it as a sheild. This was reported by the Canadian UN soldier before his death. Civilians dead due to this mingling are all part of Hezbollah's cannon fodder PR plan to condemn Israel in world opinion -- much like the Marine survivors of the Somalian Blackhawk Down incident told of the Somalian fighters pushing their kids and wives in front of them as they stormed down the alleyways. One soldier said that "We had to mow down their families to get at the fighters shooting behind them. The Muslim death toll that afternoon has been estimated at 600 to 1,000. Marytrs all, of course. That the country fell into total chaos is a trifling concern to these people. As I am writing, that country is in the death grip of a civil war between Islamic fundmentalists and the old warlord gangs.

As the beloved Hezbollah leader Sheik Nasrallah stated recently, "We will win because the Israelis are in love with life; while we are in love with death". Israel is dealing with an implacable enemy, who hates it and all it stands for--the very things that Western democracies claim they too espouse. Not one Shi'ite interviewed has shown the slightest regret that Hezbollah has lifted the lid off Pandora's box. This might account for the brutal bombardment of Hezbollah's urban hidey-holes. The Israelis probably feel as much grief over civilian casualties as the Allies did about flattening Hamburg and Tokyo in WW11.

The famous military historian, Hugh Trevor-Roper, estimated that even after a hellacious bombardment by Russiam guns and Allied bombers of Berlin, the Russians still took around 300,000 casualties in capturing the city. The Japanese had militarized the entire civilian population into a final ditch battle to defend the mainland. Children were taught how to strap themselves with suicide belt to kill soldiers, while women were trained to attack tanks with homemade rockets. Doesn't that sound familiar today? Hence, I doubt the Israelis mourn the deaths of future jihadis or their present fanatical supporters. These civilians in Hezbollah's areas and maybe further afield have all been indoctrinated and wish Israeli's annihilation. For them it is Armagedden time. The "death cult people" cannot be allowed to triumph. It really is that simple now. Besides, the Iranian government whuch supplies Hezbollah has openly called for Israel's total destruction. The stage is set for a gotterdammerung showdown here. I doubt if there is a Middle East capital that Israel has not locked its atomic sights on. The Israelis have no intention of living under constant terror attacks. This is one battle they must win. Good luck to them.

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Lying by omission has already started in the Lebanese conflict

As they say, "Truth is the first casualty of war". Those media folk who want to minimalize Israel's excuse for shelling Hezbollah forget to mention the eight soldiers killed during the "kidnapping". For Israel, eight of their soldiers dead is a big deal. With its small population--with some like the Israeli Arab citizens only tolerant of a Jewish state--Israel cannot afford too many of those losses. They are surrounded by large enemy armies merely waiting for an opportune time to attack it again. The degree of training that marks the IDF makes one Israeli soldier the equal of ten Arab ones. The constant strain of living in a suicide targetted country has caused many ex-soldiers to emigrate. The hundreds of rockets cast their way will encourage more to flee. Therefore, there is no way the importance of those eight dead IDF soldiers can be minimalized.

Speaking of lying, I just heard the Lebanese ambassador to the UN claim on CBC that the majority of Israelis want an immediate ceasefire. The reality is that 80% or more of Israelis want the retaliation to continue. You don't count on fanatics to honour any ceasefire; unless it allows them to rearm for the next round. I suppose one should give the CBC interviewer the benefit of ignorance, but I think that fallacious statistic was allowed to pass unchallenged because CBC sides with Hezbollah and Hamas (viz. Adrienne Arsenault).

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