July 28, 2006

July 28, 2006 Expanding the ...

French Connection

This is more from paperjam whose work was mentioned in a post June 22, 06: Frost Hits the Rhubarb June 18-24, 06

Background: headings and more

June 22, 2006: Kazakhastan, Silk Road Group, Banks, Shipping, & More ....

[.... re: Jean Chretien] 2004-02-04, David Olive, The Toronto Star. "Ex-PM's resumé grows longer" ...

[....] appointment as special adviser to PetroKaz for international relations.... "

UN, Frechette, McKenna, Marijuana, PetroKazakhstan, Chretien, ....

Completing the French Connection ... forged Niger Documents
... (The reasoning behind the forged Niger Documents) Posted on 11/21/2005 6:34:19 AM PST by paperjam

Related: KEYWORDS: CIA; CIALEAK; D; ESPIONAGE; JOSEPHWILSON; NIGER; PLAME; PLAMEGATE -- Is this the "French Connection" we were looking for? Posted on 10/30/2005 8:38:05 AM PST by paperjam

Check out the dates of this trip.[....]


[I checked and inserted this digression: ed.

Initially posted Monday, 19 July 1999 12:00:00 GMT

PARIS, July 18 (AFP) President Jacques Chirac this week highlights France's determination to widen its sphere of influence in Africa by including a first time visit to Nigeria during a five day, four nation tour starting Wednesday. Chirac's stopover Friday in Abuja, capital of the third country on his list, will be the first ever by a French head of state, underlining what French diplomats dub Paris' new openness to ....

[... That was from The Toqueville Connection -- A current item from the Business page that might be of interest:

Technip strikes profits bonanza, hits production snags [Thu, 27 Jul 2006 11:38:00 GMT]

Re: French oil services group Technip ....

end of digression ed.]

... I've been following the money. You are not going to believe what I'm finding...okay, maybe you will but the rabbit hole is very, very deep.
171 posted on 11/03/2005 10:04:16 AM PST by paperjam


Fox news ran stories last night based on some of the things we were tracking right here in this post. Here is their on line story.

[....] Bear in mind that the focus of this story started with TotalFinaElf who had options to develop the massive Majnoon and Bin Umar oilfields in southern Iraq. I followed the money back to Canada to Power Corporation who has deep connections at highest levels of the UN and then on to China through Mr. Li Ka-Shing, the worlds 19th richest man. France is still a major player in its attempts to harm the US and continues to position itself as a world leader in a new era, one without the USA as a superpower.

(The links are important ... )

Power Corporation [....]

Li Ka-Shing [....]

French President Jacques Chirac

192 posted on 11/04/2005 8:09:42 AM PST by paperjam

Paperjam moved his research to a new link:

Expanding the French Connection

Posted on 11/04/2005 11:36:55 AM PST by paperjam
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There are many links and comments. Further down, is this.

So then what are we to make of Hillary and Bill Clinton's relationship with Li Ka-Shing? Worldnet Daily piece from 1999
22 posted on 11/09/2005 5:11:53 PM PST by neoconette

One of the links from the above article: Friends of Saddam: France & Benelux Archives


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