July 27, 2006

July 27, 2006: More ...


PM not keen on Mideast peackeeping force -- Harper says regional solution best Meagan Fitzpatrick, CanWest, July 25, 2006

From a sidebar with a photo of the PM: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the government intends to take a closer look at the rights and responsibilities of dual Canadian citizens."

This was prepared by Margaret Young, Law and Government Division, October 1997, Revised August 1998

[...] D. Loss and Resumption of Citizenship [....]

F. Dual Citizenship

As noted, changes introduced by the 1977 Act permit dual citizenship. Before that time, Canadians who voluntarily acquired another citizenship, except by marriage, lost their Canadian citizenship. Until 1973, the regulations had also required applicants for citizenship to renounce their former citizenship, although whether that renunciation was legally effective depended on the law of the former homeland. When the government asked the Standing Committee to provide advice to the government in 1994, it did not highlight the issue as one that needed addressing, nor has it done so since.

Nevertheless, during its hearings, the Committee agreed with a number of witnesses who questioned the meaning of loyalty and allegiance where people hold dual or multiple citizenships and suggested that such a policy devalues the meaning of Canadian citizenship. For this and other reasons, the Committee recommended that the government explore the possibility of reinstating the former rules, so that an adult Canadian citizen who voluntarily and formally acquired the citizenship of another country(39) would cease to be a Canadian citizen.(40) Appendix B contains list of major countries that do recognize dual citizenship and those that do not.

Ottawa to review help for non-resident citizens Alex Dobrota & Gloria Galloway, G&M, July 26, 06 -- via CNEWS Forum, Eliza99 posted7/26/2006 07:09:11 -- Globe and Mail, July 26. 26


Bill Siksay, the NDP citizenship and immigration critic, said there is no distinction in Canadian citizenship for people who are resident in Canada and those who live elsewhere.

Toronto's new race-based curriculum units

... "pro-black puffery and victimology" ... "have failed utterly" elsewhere, but that doesn't stop the racism industry harnessed to the leftists in Toronto.

Reading, writing, 'rithmetic and ... race? NatPost, editorial, July 26, 06

Lessons on statistics, for instance, will help students see how blacks are purportedly targeted by police. History lessons will highlight blacks' contribution to [....]

Toronto District School Board (TDSB) ...

A must read article.

University isn't for everyone NatPost, July 26, 06

Realistic -- worth reading.

Our home and native land Geoff Matthews

Let's see. How can we put this delicately, so as not to offend politically correct sensitivities.

"It has been brought to our attention " ... no, that won't do it.

"There appear to be irreconcilable differences " ... nope, that's no better.

Aw the heck with it. Best just to blurt it out. I'm getting sick and tired of a never-ending series of demonstrations, blockades, sit ins and assorted other protests in the name of Native land claims. [....]

Join the swelling crowd. I'm tired of all the guilt industries.

Ben Mulroney appointed to UNICEF Canada post Updated Tue. Jul. 25 2006 8:37 PM ET, CTV.ca

TORONTO -- UNICEF Canada and CTV are delighted to announce the appointment of Ben Mulroney as a National Ambassador. [....]

Holding degrees in law and history, and with his family background in politics, Mulroney is well-versed in national and global issues and passionate about leveraging his celebrity appeal to make a difference for the world's children. [....]

Mulroney joins CTV Newsnet Anchor Kate Wheeler; Olympic gold medalist Beckie Scott; former prima ballerina and producer Veronica Tennant, C.C.; musician Corneille; and youth actress Catherine Brunet on UNICEF Canada's roster of high-profile spokespersons. [....]


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