July 24, 2006

July 24, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

Lebanon's threat -- "disproportionate" response

These reckless acts of murder and kidnapping committed by Hamas and Hezbollah were an unofficial declaration of war. Both organizations are sworn enemies of an Israeli state. Neither group will fight in open combat, but rather hide amongst their supporters in towns and villages. Their cheerleaders are the majority of the citizens of Palestine (they, after all, elected Hamas), the residents of Shi'ite South Lebanon, and most of the Muslim world. They are the proxy armed wings of Syria and Iran, who have financed and supplied them with their deadly rockets. Therefore these countries are de facto enemies also.

Israel has watched their unilateral disengagements from Gaza and the Lebanese buffer zone rewarded with ever more brazen attacks emanating from these areas. As well, they have watched the complete inability of the Lebanese government to restrain Hezbollah, which effectively runs a parallel government in their southern region. Hezbollah is a cancer, which the Lebanese doctors cannot excise; therefore, the Israeli doctors must do it. The cost to Lebanon, a truly beautiful country, has been enormous. However, if you look at The Globe and Mail map (July,19 A-8) of the Israeli bomb targets you see that most are in Southern Lebanon, or in areas that could be supply routes for Hezbollah. Mainly Christian, Druze or Sunni areas are spared. In contrast, Hezbollah simply lobs hundreds of rockets indiscriminately into Israeli towns and cities.

Israel knows all too well what "disproportionate military response" is. They have been secretly attacked by their Arab neighbours' armies. They fully understand the psychology of implacable hatred that their neighbours--the entire Muslim world actually--have for them. Capitulation in the face of terrorism is not an option for Israel.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Stop whining about Canada's evacuation plan

First, North American countries didn't have maritime fleets to evacuate their citizens quickly. Norway, which gets much good press, didn't have America's 25,000, or Canada's 40,000-50,000 people to get out. In both countries, the liberal media has unjustly criticized their efforts. The situation was chaotic at best. Some citizens were in Beirut, some stuck in little villages, with bombed out infrastructure and no electricity. Some tourists were registered, others not, and yet others, who only held Canadian citizenships of convenience, may not want to leave at all. Just figuring out who wanted to leave must have been a logistical nightmare. Finally, the Israelis didn't exactly give us much evidence of how they were going to crank up the juice on Hezbollah. It could have been a three day war. Hindsight is always 20-20. Finally. Harper's support of Israel's right to defend herself has motivated some of the Muslim tourist criticism--along with that of the usual lefty suspects. The word "resisters" has overtaken the true appelation, "terrorist aggressors", for Hezbollah. There seems to be a nascent death wish creeping over the left. Consistently, they miss the true menace to their cherished liberal beliefs--gay marriage, abortion on demand, and feminism. Hezbollah don't put up with those abominations, no way. Maybe it is time for them to change the channel, before it is too late.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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