August 01, 2006

Aug. 1, 2006: A very odd thing ...

Now here is a very odd thing.

During the last federal election campaign, some Conservative candidates implied the Supreme Court of Canada had been packed with lib-left ideologues who were using their judicial powers to legislate changes in Canadian law.
Ted Byfield, July 30, 06

[....] These judges had been carefully selected. It was known with certainty how they would respond to any one of a dozen highly controversial issues that would come before the court.

The Supreme Court bench had been stacked -- diligently, deliberately, with a clear political motive.

Yet to actually come out and say so is a dire deed, bordering on treason. No one must mention it. [....]

In other words, the high commissioner is a fervid political crusader ... can scarcely be said to reflect impartiality. [....]

Byfield is worth reading.

Syria mobilizing? -- mentions CNN and China also

"World War 111 anyone?"


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