August 03, 2006

Aug. 3, 2006: #3 UPEACE Toronto

In case you might want to study and learn how to achieve peace:

There are many, many links, for example UPeace Toronto

Training of Trainers Seminar on "Religious Identity, Islam and Peacebuilding". 13-16 June 2006 - Dushanbe, Tajikistan. [....]

International Conference On "Strategies for Peace with Development in Africa: The Role of Education, Training and Research . 12-14 June 2006 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. [....]

Curriculum Development Workshop on Education for Peace in Sudan. 3-4 May 2006 - Khartoum, Sudan.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the University for Peace (UPEACE) Africa Programme held a Curriculum Development Workshop on Education for Peace in Sudan in Khartoum, 03-04 May 2006.

Earth Charter Delegates Meet with President-Elect Oscar Arias. 06 April 2006 - San José, Costa Rica.

Delegates from Earth Charter International and the University for Peace met yesterday with President-Elect Oscar Arias of Costa Rica to discuss areas of potential collaboration during Mr. Arias' term of office. Mr. Arias, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who was recently re-elected after years away from political office, will be inaugurated on 8 May 2006. The Costa Rican government has traditionally been a strong supporter of the Earth Charter in international fora, such as the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development and the 2004 World Congress of the IUCN.

[The ex-Rector is Maurice Strong. Was he in Canada for this CIDA lecture?]

UPEACE Rector Emeritus Lectures at CIDA: The Prospects for Peace and Security in the 21st Century. 06 April 2006 - CIDA, Ottawa.

UPEACE Rector Emeritus Martin Lees provided a sobering lecture for CIDA staff, as part of CIDA's Poverty Reduction Speaker Series.

[....] Advanced Studies in Environmental Diplomacy. 1 April-31 May 2006 - Geneva, Switzerland.

UPEACE students stage Model United Nations Conference 2006. 16 March 2006 - San José, Costa Rica.

The fourth annual ... (UPMUNC 2006) is taking place at the headquarters of the University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica. [....]

A Seminar on "Religious Identity, Islam and Peacebuilding was held in Tajikistan . 20-23 February 2006 - Dushhanbe, Tajikistan.

... a Norway-funded project. The seminar was led by UPEACE Professors Amr Abdalla, Dean for Academic Studies, and Mahmoud Hamid, Department of Environmental Security.

[....] Welcome students from Dual Master's Degree in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. 02 January 2006 - San José, Costa Rica. [....]


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