August 02, 2006

Aug. 2, 2006: Error or intentional?

Note the discrepancy in the dates.

Google refers readers to March 6, 2005, not June 16, 2006. Somehow, I doubt that an automated process in Blogger makes that kind of mistake.

I occasionally find that something I had posted, particularly relating to Chinese triads or criminals who have entered Canada, develops errors, omissions, and incorrect search engine listings. Do some friends of these fellows work for Google ... or is it simply a mistake?

The correct link to my post and to the original article follow:

Crooked cop’s family returns $20 million

An excerpt here: Frost Hits the Rhubarb June 16, 2006: Justice? Notorious police Sgt. Hon Shum / Hon Kwing Shum ... who fled to Vancouver with millions of dollars he had accumulated in bribes , June 9, 2006, AsiaPacificPost (Mata Press Service) via Leo Knight's

[....] The police study done by Asian Organized Crime Investigators believes that up to 44 former Royal Hong Kong cops, followed the lead of Hon and the other so-called “Five Dragons” to escape a corruption crackdown and establish themselves in Canada with their ill-gotten gains.

The ex-Royal Hong Kong police officers, their wives, concubines and children have invested tens of millions of dollars in businesses and real estate in Canada, mostly in B.C. and Ontario, according to the secret Canadian police study.


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