August 03, 2006

Aug. 3, 2006: #5 Global aspirations ...

Background ... Many Voices, One World

These posts provide some background to Maurice Strong and the United Nations influence in Canada, which, under successive governments has been moving Canada in a socialist direction, in my opinion. There are others but this is a start if you have not already read them.

FHTR: Jan, 26 to Feb. 3, 06

Feb. 3, 06

No Indoctrination 1, No Element of Coercion, No Global Aspirations
No Indoctrination 2: No Outside Influences?
No Indoctrination 3: No Coercion, Helping the Poor of Africa & the World
No Indoctrination 4: Francophone Countries Gain
No Indoctrination 5: Summit's Outcome Important for Islamic Countries
No Indoctrination 6: Control & the CRTC, Protection, Language, Industries & the CRTC
[added Feb. 5, 06 -- scroll down past #5 for it.]

Feb. 2, 06 and previous posts

The death cult people meet the death wish people -&-Brother, can you spare a dime? -&- Blasphemy

Another Gift that Keeps on Giving -- CRTC & Lib. Big Brother, Daycare Myths, Tsunami $$$ -&- GG's Royal Taste

Updated: Helicopters, Socialism on the March, Regina CSI Lab, Hamas, Calgary School, Tainted Blood Victims

No Indoctrination -&- Six Features of Socialism

No Indoctrination: Elections Canada & Student Vote?

January 14, 2006 Michael Ignatief, Saviour -&- Female AIDS Immigrants, A Reality Check -&- PM: appointing justices -- the tribe has spoken

[On immigration -- scroll to: ]
Liberal Compassion on someone else's dime

[...] the number of female immigrants who come to Canada and then, CANADA DISCOVERS THEY HAVE AIDS. [....]

Updated: Maurice Strong--Paul Martin's dangerous friend
Jan. 14, 06

January 13, 2006 Updates: Tongsun Park in Canada? "Des Notables", Terrorist Quietly Deported


Canada Free Press: Canada and Oil for food fugitive

Interpol-wanted -- "Canada may now have another record in allowing fugitives from the law access to other countries.

Was this yet another Canadian government foul-up, or is there more to ... ?"
via Newsbeat1

Question: I notice that Tongsun Park was headed for Panama. I seem to remember that Panama's ports are under the control of a Canadian, Li Ka-shing, now, and there was a special agreement with Panama's leader about Chinese (possibly others, as well) able to enter Panama without going through customs to get on a plane coming North, whether to Canada or to the US, I have forgotten. That Panamanian deal was mentioned in a post on NJC maybe as long as two years ago. Check starting with Mar. 1, 2004 in News Junkie Canada for that post, if you are interested. Maybe that is convenient for those needing to make a quick trip.
Note that Tongsun Park was able to leave Canada through an airport without being caught, even though he was on Interpol's list of wanted individuals. How was that possible?

Bud: Fulford "Do not Disturb", Campbell: "Betrayal & Deceit: The Politics of Canadian Immigration", Truth, Censorship, Multiculturalism

Trudeau's influence on Canada's immigration policy (1978)

Betrayal & Deceit: The Politics of Canadian Immigration
by Bud Talkinghorn:

Book review -- author, Charles M. Campbell

Campbell pinpoints two periods when the Immigration Act was changed detrimentally. In 1978, the Act gave peeference to "family class" immigrants. .... The second change came in 1998, "when the IRB started accepting refugees at a rate five times that of other refugee-accepting countries." .... The results of that miscalculation can be seen by Campbell's story of the influx in 1983 of Iranian "refugees", who had extensive connections with the Asian heroin trade. Within five years of their arrival, Montreal police linked them to 300 drug rings in the city. Over 100 of these "desperate" refugees had been convicted of drug smuggling and the addicted population had tripled. Not one of these individuals was deported. The reason goes back to Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It seems that one of these freedoms was for criminal refugees or immigrants not to be sent home. They might be tortured, you see, so they get to remain in Canada and torture us with violent crime, heroin trafficking and frauds too numerous to name. .... Mr. Campbell goes on to expose the main immigration myths. The abridged versions of these are as follows: [....]

January 4, 2006: INNU: Money for Nothing? by rosemarie59 on the language industry

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: Jan. 15-21, 2006

Global Ministry of Truth
[Scroll down for the following: ]

Orwellian black is white? ... "women’s empowerment."

ManyOne "We are setting the stage for the next evolutionary advancement of electronic media"-- Joseph Firmage, CEO and Founder, ManyOne Networks
The Foundation [....]

Out of Pakistan, Romania & ... other hotbeds of freedom and the free flow of information ... No advertising, no naughty pictures, no business ... so soothing ... so comforting ... so safe for children ... so insidious

Google: "Maurice Strong, OneWorld" and you will get "Inside Global Civil Society: How it Networks" New online initiative aims to harness the power of the media to benefit children [....] OneWorld T.V. Spotlight on Human Rights [....] OneWorld and UNESCO [....] Open knowledge [....] SchoolNet telecollaboration [....]

OneWorld, Maurice Strong, UNESCO & The Global Governance Gang

Updated: Our Freedom alert! Maurice Strong, Internet, Democracy Watch


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