August 03, 2006

Aug. 3, 2006: Gotcha, Gremlin -&- Table of Contents

I wondered whether anyone would read what I posted in the wee hours after midnight. Obviously, somebody did ...

First, the eye picks up anomaly, and this morning I noted a change to the post entitled "Aug. 3, 2006: Culture's Tentacles #1", a change that I had not made. Two words were reduced to size 0 (zero) by the introduction of a bit of html code around the words.

A Gremlin changed what had been posted to this:

Without the CRTC, there might be real, as opposed to the pretend competition, that Canadians now have.


Without the CRTC, there might be real, as opposed to the pretend, competition that Canadians now have.

Table of Contents
Aug. 3, 2006

Note that the sidebar does not show the list of all that I posted for Aug.3. There are two sections:

First Series

#11 Why ... [Why does leftist thinking permeate Canada?]
#10 Charisma, the intellect ... [Trudeau, Laski and Hayek]
#9 Trudeau, China, Laski & Socialism ...
#8 Christianity and Liberalism ... [Two Alternative Religious Approaches]
#7 Hayek and Capitalism, London Sch. of Econ.
#6 Come By Chance Refinery, Vitol, UNSCAM & More
#5 Global aspirations ... [Background ... Many Voices, One World]
#4 Maurice Strong & UN University / UPEACE
#3 UPEACE Toronto
#2 UN University: Learn how or what to think?
#1 Pugwash conferences ... [Nova Scotia, Cyrus Eaton and Others]

Second Series

Culture's Tentacles #1
Culture's Tentacles #2


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