September 01, 2006

Sept. 1, 2006: #2 150 AIDS Delegates Remain--Refugees

AIDS delegates won't leave Toronto -- Up to 150 delegates to last month's T.O. conference have filed refugee claims, Tom Godfrey, TorSun, Sept. 1, 06

[....] Most of the claimants have the deadly disease and include a large group of women from hardest-hit South Africa and citizens of El Salvador, Eritrea, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

[....] Tesfamichael said he was given his passport for processing on landing at Pearson and managed to bolt to a pre-determined meeting with men who spirited him to a waiting car.

[....] About 48% of all claimants are accepted in Canada as refugees.

Just what Canada needs -- a guaranteed drain on tax $$$. Incidentally, who were waiting to spirit Tesfamichael and probably others away? It is utterly foolhardy for Canada to be allowing people to stay in Canada who are bound to be a drain on an already overburdened health care system. Put them on planes and ship them out. Take care of our own citizens' health care first. I believe it is foolhardy to beggar your own house in the service of some politically correct idea that we "owe" the world. Those are Canadian taxpayers' health dollars that they are claiming in becoming AIDS refugees. It is time to write to your MP.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you want to revoke citizenship for the following so we can ship them off somewhere to avoid "draining our tax $$$":

Welfare recipients
People on work disability
Cancer and rare diseases patients
People needing expensive "experimental" treatments
Old people who take more out of the healthcare system now than they put it during their working years

Did I miss any group?

Tue Sep 05, 02:16:00 PM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...


Does being born in Canada, having worked and contributed to Canada, including after naturalization, not mean that you are a Canadian citizen with certain rights, duties and privileges that include, at this time, access to a physician and at least a minimal level of treatment--whether that system provides all that the citizen wants or somewhat less? Were those on your list born here? Then, they're Canadians; ergo, they have a right to the social services. Perhaps in your zeal for the AIDS refugees you misunderstood.

Access to the rights, duties, and privileges of citizenship should not be available to illegal aliens just because they come here and say "refugee", particularly, the world's sick or about-to-be, who want free treatment at Canadians' expense, never having contributed anything to Canada, nor to its health care funding.

The AIDS Conference refugees particulaly, are illegal aliens who were not supposed to be staying or they would not have been allowed to enter. They were helped by some people abroad and in Canada. Some already have HIV/AIDS so they will be a drain on Canadians' health care dollars, money that rightfully should be used for Canadians.

Or are you one of those leftists / activists who are trying to remove barriers to anyone who wants to come to Canada to batten on those who worked, particularly on the already over-burdened health care system.

I have heard that the number of Canadians who do not have a personal physician approaches a million. Whether correct figures or not, all of us know that we are lacking medical personnel for those who have already contributed tax dollars. Are you willing to forego treatment for yourself or a family member so an AIDS patient may be treated with those dollars? Those who are not willing to do that have a right to express that opinion.

I am saying birth and Canadian citizenship should still mean something. I do not think we should beggar our own house--Canada--for some leftist idea of global citizenship coming out of the UN and other groups like No One Is Illegal. (Check Sept. 4, 06 for more on that.) Then Canada could be a destination for anyone who is able to hop a plane or a ship, simply to garner the health care treatment dollars that rightly belong to Canadian citizens. At that, I balk, as do others.

Perhaps you should read what I and others have written on AIDS, how it is contracted, how to prevent any new cases, that it results from behaviour (except for infants born with it, those who have contracted it through blood transfusions, and those who were raped), and why throwing money at people who continue foolhardy behaviours which may lead to HIV/AIDS, is a waste of money. Those dollars could be better spent on treating diseases which affect many and are not the result of careless behaviours. Think of malaria -- provided you can get the treatment to those needing it, that they take it, and that your own family has been taken care of, the first duty of a parent ... or a government.

As for the rape victims, are you suggesting we should bring them here for treatment? What is the cut-off point? Perhaps you could do something yourself about the cause in South Africa, for example. You might like to donate to that charitable endeavour yourself, while other Canadians make their own choices about which charities they wish to fund at a personal level. Is up to governments elsewhere to inform their citizens concerning the real cause of HIV/AIDS, instead of taking charitable donations from the world and continuing to spout ignorance about diseases.

This article might interest anyone as concerned about his/her fellow man and disease as you appear to be.

Canadian aid sold on Nigerian black market -- Vitamins for children: President says stolen pills are an 'embarrassment'

by Tom Blackwell, National Post, September 05, 2006

Obviously, you feel very strongly about the AIDS refugees, so do consider contributing to any charity of your choice which will get the money to the countries you believe are most in need of it. Or sign up to work educating those who need it, in Africa, for instance ... using your own money to get there, of course. Not mine. Incidentally, I do contribute to charity ... here ... so I know whether my contributions go where I wish and don't add to some dictator's or thug's bank account or to the black market. Every dollar counts, even to them.

Tue Sep 05, 04:13:00 PM 2006  

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