August 31, 2006

Aug. 31, 2006: #2

The Left ... World Trade University, Chilliwack

A major international university supported by the World Trade Organization and the United Nations is opening its doors in Chilliwack, B.C., CanWest News Service, August 29, 2006

VANCOUVER - A major international university supported by the World Trade Organization and the United Nations is opening its doors in Chilliwack, B.C. The global headquarters of the World Trade University is up and running on a former Canadian Forces base, with its first students set to arrive in late October. .... the university's president, Sujit Chowdhury .... said the rural city will provide a quiet and non-threatening environment for the university's students, who will come from the developing world to take classes in international trade and finance. Although WTU's Chilliwack campus won't officially begin accepting graduate students until September, 2007, the international headquarters is already providing support to other campuses in Brazil, South Africa and China. In late October, a group of Chinese business professionals will be in Chilliwack for a three-week training course. The Chilliwack campus will likely accept about 600 students each year to graduate programs.

When did the planning for all this take place? Did you read about it in the MSM -- in the Centre? In the East?

There is too blinkin' much United Nations and leftism in Canada. We don't need more. How many taxpayer dollars were sluiced to this?

CRTC releases consumer bill of rights -- "restates key consumer rights with respect to local home phone service" , Scott Deveau, Globe and Mail, Aug. 28, 06

[....] John Lawford, counsel for Public Interest Advocacy Centre, said the document should be helpful for people because it will tell them how to argue their complaints, but that there is very little by way of enforcement. He said currently the CRTC will take a number of complaints on the same issue before any action is taken.

"The main problem is enforcement," Mr. Lawford said. "I'm not sure if you don't get satisfaction at the phone company level if it's going to matter a lot."

Mr. Lawford said he would like to see industry ombudsman office established that would be paid for by the companies, would be able to enforce complaints, and seek compensation.

The CRTC is an independent public authority that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada. The consumer bill of rights applies equally to all Canadian telecommunication service providers

Independent? Who appointed the members? To whom do they owe allegiance? is now

First, check this: Posted by Ezra Levant on August 29, 2006
August 29, 2006 is now

I saw the satirical website and laughed pretty hard (my favourite line: "MP searches Middle-East for terrorism, finds Israel). But they weren't laughing over at Liberal headquarters. The party's in a bit of a snit right now over the issue of Israel and terrorism and they've lost their sense of humour. is now

[....] I'm a defamation lawyer, and there's nothing defamatory about that website that isn't protected by the defence of fair comment (let alone truth, which is an absolute defence). [....]

Then don't miss this.

New website:

Liberals take a stand against the "Most vile nation in human history"

Olivia Chow's riding to push for funding for Hamas, Posted by Steve Janke on August 29, 2006 at 12:29 PM

Stephen Taylor has a leaked document listing all the foreign policy resolutions to be presented at the upcoming NDP policy convention in the fall. It is a document that is filled with all the requisite anti-Bush, anti-US, anti-business, anti-military stuff we expect from the NDP. Of course, these are resolutions coming from the grassroots, so you'd expect the worst of it to be filtered out just before or during the convention.

But I'm surprised at the harsh resolutions coming from the Trinity-Spadina riding association. That's Olivia Chow's riding. Olivia Chow is the wife of Jack Layton, the NDP leader. I would think that those resolutions would cleave closely to mainstream NDP thinking. If so, Canada's third party is entering a radical and thrill stage.

First things first -- go read the material at Taylor's blog. [....]

War, Hitler, Muslims, and the Left -- or here

-- or Photo: "I can't say if the comparisons between the 1930s and today are appropriate, but the picture in the link below show that one group - Hezbollah - can provide some proof of it."

Blogger Tim Denton offers insights into the Israel-Hezbollah/Iran conflict from his recent reading of Ian Kershaw's Hitler 1936 To 1945: Nemesis:

The point to watch here was the direct resort to war by Hezbollah, at the behest of its Iranian masters, the day the European powers found that Iran was not in compliance with some part of the process of diplomatic discussion about nuclear weapons development. Boom. Immediate outbreak of hostilities. Their recourse to war was immediate and unconditional.


Remarks of Brigitte Gabriel, delivered at the Duke University Counter Terrorism Speak-Out

[...] On Sunday morning, February 22, 1948 , in anticipation of Israel 's independence, a triple truck bomb was detonated by Arab terrorists on Ben Yehuda Street , in what was then the Jewish section of Jerusalem .. Fifty-four people were killed, and hundreds were wounded. Thus, it is obvious that Arab terrorism is caused not by the "desperation" of "occupation", but by the VERY THOUGHT of a Jewish state.

So many times in history in the last 100 years, citizens have stood by and done nothing, allowing evil to prevail. As America stood up against and defeated communism, now it is time to stand up against the terror of religious bigotry and intolerance. It's time to all stand up, and support and defend the state of Israel , which is the front line of the war against terrorism.

Posted by: Duke Aug 28, 2006 9:10:15 AM


Check out this video blog entry from Michelle Malkin .

Hopefully it works, because it has some of the programming from Al-Manar TV, the Hezbollah TV station. Please, dear friends, see this because there's no way I can describe it to you. Not even the CBC is this biased! The CBC!

Posted by: Zebulon Pike Aug 28, 2006 7:43:29 PM

Kofi seems obssessed with constantly knocking Israel but.... copied from newsbeat1

Wonder if he took a look at the new bunkers Hezbollah were building last week? or the re-arming of Hezbollah? or Iran's pursuit of nukes ? So why does Kofi constantly knock Israel - a nation that tries to improve the lives of people worldwide through technological and medical breakthorughs while its neighbours are more interested in improving the technology of bomb belts?

Which ineffectual (It's a job requirement.) character will follow Kofi? The spokesman for AIDS and the poor, Bill Clinton? Or Paul Martin? Was he not very busy with something at the UN since the last election? Or was he just shoring up support for the left's onslaught for the next election ... and maybe more UN universities?

Lately, in Canada, there has been a surfeit of articles, TV programs, tear jerkers about the poor. I would expect Canada's next election to be heavy on "concern" for the poor, the homeless, the drug addicted, the poor criminal victims of poverty, lack of daycare, cyclical poverty ... assorted root causes. The object is to transfer your money to somebody else ... somebody who as often as not has chosen his lot ... making stupid choices (reproduction without legal partner and provider, quitting school without getting the most necessary basic qualifications for anything else, choosing to try dangerous, addictive drugs, having unprotected sex with a member of either sex ... and so on).

All of the above will be fixed by another dose of the left's remedies (Librano$ or NDP) ... which invariably include reinforcing the behaviours listed above ... with your tax dollars. They will promise anything to get back at the trough. Was it Huey Long of Louisiana who said something like "For every million I steal, I spend $20-million on you?" (hazy memory)

Investing in the future of the RCMP

August 30, 2006, Regina, Saskatchewan, Notes for an Address by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy, Depot Division

In Budget 2006, we allocated $161 million in new funding for the hiring of 1,000 more RCMP staff and federal prosecutors.

Today I am pleased to announce our first step toward that goal:

During the next two years, the total strength of the RCMP will be expanded by more than 600 new full-time officers plus nearly 400 support personnel.

I am also pleased to announce that in order to accommodate the training of these officers, we are delivering on our Budget commitment to invest in the expansion and refurbishing of Depot. [in Regina ....]

Canada’s Crime Problems & Solutions [....]

Beyond the investment in Depot and more RCMP officers, Canada’s New Government is toughening up the justice system.

Because nothing is more frustrating for police and prosecutors than seeing their hard-won convictions result in trivial, ineffective sentences.

That’s why we have already introduced legislation to impose new mandatory prison sentences for serious gun crimes.

We have also introduced legislation to restrict the use of conditional sentencing, so serious offenders serve their sentences in prison – where they belong.

Yet another new crime bill cracks down on street racing, a growing problem which has claimed too many innocent lives.

And, finally, we have introduced legislation to raise the age of protection.

This will help protect children from sexual predators, including Internet cyber-criminals, who represent a whole new challenge for the RCMP. [....]

Community-based Solutions

The sad reality is that not every child is born into a stable, loving home or raised in a healthy, prosperous community.

Government cannot regulate the behaviour of every child or every family, but it can do things to encourage healthy communities.

That’s why our Government is also investing in community-based educational, cultural, sporting and vocational programs for young people.

To teach them skills, give them opportunities and provide them with alternatives to gangs, guns and drugs.

To show them there’s a better way – a Canadian way – that is reflected in the values of our country’s most cherished institutions, including the RCMP. [....]

As an add-on I would recommend the following:

Invest in marriages could be added to that -- you know, the kind where the kid knows who his/her father is, he sticks around, and he actually works to bring home the bacon while a partner parent--usually, though not necessarily, the mother--actually does the other half the job, bringing up the children to be decent human beings, decent citizens.

As part of another news release:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that the Government of Canada will upgrade the RCMP Training Academy (Depot Division) in Regina and hire 1,000 new RCMP personnel, an investment of nearly $200 million over the next two years. [....]

The investment includes $37 million to expand and refurbish the Training Academy so it can accommodate the new recruits. A further $161 million will allow the RCMP to expand its total strength by more than 600 full-time officers and nearly 400 civilian support staff. [....]

The Rebranding of the Conservative Party

Hidden in the midst of the federal Conservatives' slow decline in the polls is a slow, deliberate transition in the way the party is branding itself.

Stephen Harper has of late given speeches on the importance of the Queen and the role of the so-called Anglosphere. Most notably, he chose to skip an international conference on AIDS held in Toronto to tour the Canadian North and promote its importance to Canadian sovereignty and history.

References to Canada's historical roots suggest a reorientation of Conservative political thinking to the big picture and the long term, and stand in stark contrast to the short-term results-oriented priorities upon which the government was originally elected.

Whether or not it is successful, this transition marks [....]

Lately, somewhere, I have read an article describing the UK as falling away from its own historic roots -- all in the interests of being politically correct ... in relation to one particular group. Sad. Besides, there has to be a point where both sides meet and that group does not bend. (All the decent ones who just want to live and bother no-one, excepted.)

Massive fraud may leave law society on hook -- Society unlikely to get a dime from lawyer who misappropriated funds, Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, August 19, 2006

Martin Keith Wirick, the disbarred lawyer behind one of the biggest frauds in B.C. history, is being discharged from bankruptcy.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Jon Sigurdson decided recently in chambers that if Wirick accepted a token $500,000 judgement in favour of the Law Society of British Columbia, he can begin his financial rehabilitation after a final three-month suspension.

But Sigurdson noted the law society -- which may be on the hook for nearly $50 million in payments thanks to Wirick -- has less than a slim chance of seeing a dime.

[....] Starting in the summer of 1999, developer Tarsem Singh Gill and Wirick began flipping mortgages and playing fast and loose with financial instruments on various properties. [....]

Search: $52 million had passed , The Law Society Special Compensation Fund

Maternity Leave

Scroll to: The Fraser Institute-Total Tax Bill for the Average Canadian Family has Increased 1,600 Percent Since 1961 -- posted by casper35

original article here

There is more here Hansard Debates - Issue 74 - June 21, 2005

According to the Fraser Institute, the total tax bill of the average Canadian family has increased by 1550 per cent since 1961. In addition to the GST, ...

Touchy Librano$

Heil to the Liberal Party of Canada. -- We are the Master Race/Party. -- via Western Standard Shotgun


Lib censorship at work - doesn't the Lib party support Hezboallah? [sic]

August 28, 2006

First, the Liberal Party killed Youth for Volpe.

Last week, 'Liberals for Hezbollah' mysteriously went offline.

this site's ISP has received a letter from the Liberal Party of Canada, full of imaginary legal violations (Slander? Has a HezboLiberal Broadway-style musical opened somewhere?) and veiled threats.

My ISP has been great and has given every indication that they would stick by me through this. But, I have decided to take down the website to save them further hassles.

If the Liberal Party ever wants to repair its reputation, it has to learn that it can't censor, threaten or demand that Canadians 'shut up.' There are too many of us, and it is too easy for us to communicate these days for that sort of tactic to work anymore, in a free society.

If the Liberal Party doesn't like what it sees on blogs and on the Internet, it has to stop doing stuff so outrageous and offensive that someone would spend an entire day building a website just to mock it.

Until that happens, you are going to have to learn to live with it.

------- Liberal Party Lawyer's Letter Follows -------

Posted by: maz2 Aug 29, 2006 6:59:49 AM [....]

Maz2 posts interesting items.

Memory Lane: China already owns part of Northern Lights Mining and Extraction Project ... and more

SinoCanada Petroleum Corporation, an indirect subsidiary of China-based Sinopec Group, owns the remaining 40% of the Northern Lights Partnership, CNW Group, March 9, 06

CALGARY, March 9 /CNW/ - Synenco Energy Inc., Managing Partner of the Northern Lights Partnership, today reported on the completion of its first round of open house and town hall meetings held in conjunction with the Partnership's proposed Mining and Extraction Project, located 100 kilometres northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

[....] The proposed TOR and updated Public Disclosure Document for the Northern Lights Mining and Extraction Project are available at

Synenco (TSX: SYN), a Calgary-based oil sands company, holds a 60%
interest in and is the Managing Partner of the Northern Lights Partnership (NLP). SinoCanada Petroleum Corporation, an indirect subsidiary of China-based Sinopec Group, owns the remaining 40% of the Partnership. Northern Lights is
an oil sands mining and extraction project northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta, and an upgrader complex near Edmonton, Alberta.
The independent best estimate of the resource is 1.49 billion barrels of in-place bitumen. The Partnership also holds extensive coal lease applications in the Athabasca region of northern Alberta. In addition to its interest in the Partnership, Synenco holds a 100% interest in an oil sands lease adjacent to the NLP lands. [....]

Can one be found Guilty of Flying while being Asian?, copy of the article by Rod Liddle, The Spectator, August 30, 2006

Following the article, there is this comment:

I thought he was saying that because no more attention is paid to Middle Eastern travelers than say, a soccer mom with 4 kids in tow, the general public is being extra vigilent. Because the authorities aren't doing their job.


Gay Pride in Jerusalem, posted by rosemarie59, Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:50 am


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