September 03, 2006

Sept. 3, 2006: #1 Terror, UN Human Rights Finds Culprit

First of a four part series -- a must read

The path to terror in Canada -- An exclusive report: Training ground , Stewart Bell, National Post, Saturday, September 02, 2006

Three months after the RCMP began arresting 18 suspects accused of plotting terror attacks in Canada, an investigation by the National Post has uncovered a web of links to Pakistan. Today, in the first of four parts, the role of a Pakistani training camp is revealed. [....]

Indeed, counterterrorism authorities in several Western countries have been finding links between domestic terror plots and Pakistan, particularly to an emerging player in the global jihad called Lashkar-e-Tayyiba.

Unemployed and a follower of Imam Ali Hindy's firebrand preachings at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Mr. James left Toronto on Nov. 5, 2005. [....]

Ali Hindy, who used to work for Atomic Energy of Canada ... mentioned often as a friend of terrorists ... strange ... must be coincidental. After all, he's a man of god ... the god of the peaceful ones ...

Jack and the Taliban: "who would have thought that Jack Layton and Canada's New Democrats would be among the first to condemn Afghan women -- among the world's most vulnerable -- to their certain, evil fate?"

That Jack Layton, the NDP leader, would want Canada to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan is unsurprising. That he wants to sit down with the Taliban as part of a "comprehensive peace process" involving "all combatants" is unconscionable. [....]

Before you dismiss the idea, read the article: We should nuke Iran, Michael Coren, Sat, September 2, 2006 -- via here, posted by rosemarie59

[....] Frankly, it would be churlish of the civilized world to deny martyrdom to those who seem so intent on its pursuance. Most important, a limited nuclear attack on Iran will save thousands if not millions of lives.

The spasm of reaction from many will be that this is barbaric and unacceptable. Yet a better response would be to ask if there is any sensible alternative. Diplomacy, kindness and compromise have failed and the Iranian leadership is still obsessed with all-out war against anybody it considers an enemy. [....]

Worth reading.

Think of the countries with abysmal records on human rights -- the ones that belong to the UN Human Rights Council ... and take this from whence it comes.

U.N. names panel to probe Israel abuses [Aw Jeez alert] , AP ^ Sept. 1, 2006, Posted on 09/01/2006 11:05:29 AM PDT by Alouette

GENEVA - The U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday appointed a Brazilian diplomat, a Tanzanian judge and a Greek professor to a commission investigating whether Israel committed systematic human rights abuses in Lebanon during recent fighting with Hezbollah militants.

The commission was created last month by the council, which condemned Israel for what it called "massive bombardment of Lebanese civilian populations" and other "systematic" human rights violations.

The committee is comprised of Brazil's Clemente Baena Soares, a former secretary general of the Organization of American States; Mohamed Chande Othman, who sits on Tanzania's supreme court and Stelios Perrakis, a professor of international studies and a member of the Council of Europe, the continent's human rights watchdog. [....]

Comments worth noting:

It should have been expected - Israel blatantly violated the most basic muslim human right: to kill Jews.

7 posted on 09/01/2006 11:09:25 AM PDT by alecqss [....]

Well, at least there's a guy on the committee named 'Mohamed'--what could be more fair?

12 posted on 09/01/2006 11:17:52 AM PDT by San Jacinto

And Kofi Annan is an honourable man ... as impartial as the UN Human Rights Council -- see below for members.(

Kofi Annan and Sheik Nasrallah

UN ambulances for terrorists.

Rogues' Gallery

Human Rights Council -- "The initial members of the Council included a number of states with poor records on human rights, such as China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Pakistan and Russia.

[....] The first election of members was held at the General Assembly on 9 May 2006.[1] The successful candidates were:

African States: Algeria, Cameroon, Djibouti, Gabon, Ghana, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia and Zambia.

Asian States: Bahrain, Bangladesh, People's Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

Eastern European States: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Latin American & Caribbean States: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

Western European & Other States: Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. [....]

Position on Israel

The new UN Human Rights Council voted on 30 June 2006 to make a review of alleged human rights abuses by Israel a permanent feature of every council session. The Council’s special rapporteur on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is its only expert mandate with no year of expiry. The resolution, which was sponsored by Organization of the Islamic Conference, a block of Muslim countries, was passed by a vote of 29 to 12, with five abstentions. Israel, the United States and some human rights groups raised concerns about this revival of a practice of the UN's discredited former Commission on Human Rights[3].

Now, isn't that reassuring? The men of peace have found the culprit ... nothing to worry about ... What is Canada doing still a member of the thug-state-run UN?

Iran's Spinmeister, Investor's Business Daily, posted 8/31/2006

Axis Of Evil: That Iran is getting away with defying the U.N. on its nuclear program is clear. Now, with the arrival of that country's "moderate" ex-president, it's beginning a charm offensive to keep the world duped.

For the life of us, we can't understand why Mohammed Khatami — who with the rest of Iran's government is bent on developing a nuclear bomb — was given a visa to come to the U.S., speak and take part in something the United Nations has cooked up called the "Alliance of Civilizations."

A big part of the trip appears to be a meeting with former President Carter, the nation's leading appeaser of Islamic fascism. No surprise. In diplomacy, strength always seeks weakness.

Remember, it was Carter who [....]

In case you have forgotten, read what happened while Jimmy Carter was President.

OTTAWA (CP) - The Foreign Affairs Department is advising travellers to stay clear of the city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico where striking teachers and other groups have held protests since May........


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