September 04, 2006

Sept. 4, 2006: #2 Initiative de resistance internationaliste ...

Car bomb in Montreal ...

Oil industry spokesman's car blown up -- Montreal blast: Little-known group claims it planted explosives in vehicle , Graeme Hamilton, National Post, September 02, 2006

MONTREAL - As a spokesman for Canada's petroleum industry, whether defending soaring gasoline prices or arguing against the Kyoto accord, Carol Montreuil [....]

After a little-known group calling itself the Initiative de resistance internationaliste issued a communique claiming responsibility, the police anti-terrorist squad examined the charred vehicle and confirmed it had been destroyed by explosives. [....]

In its 2004-2005 public report, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service notes that "terrorist violence in Canada is not always related to conflicts beyond our borders." Among the groups it identifies as potential threats are "violent fringe elements of single-issue groups from the ecological, animal-rights and anti-globalization movements."

David Harris, a former chief planner for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, called environmental extremists "close cousins" of animal-rights extremists. "Their TNT can prove as lethal as anyone else's, so they qualify as terrorist organizations."

Why does the group have a Spanish name and issue "communiques" ... in Montreal? What is the "internationaliste" aspect related to? International activists? International activists are becoming ubiquitous in Canada -- see the previous article (Sept. 4, 2006: #1 Update AIDS Refugees & More ) on No One Is Illegal / FCJ Refugee Centre.

Thanks to the Liberals who allowed anything into Canada that would maintain their leftist butts at the trough with votes ... this!

Prime Minister Harper, it is time to man the barricades and time for citizens to write to the ministers to voice concerns about AIDS refugees, along with the CBC..

Take action on your issues

Stephen Taylor did on the Christina Lawand brand of mis-reporting at CBC.

Getting action from the CBC: Summary data, September 01, 2006

Here's the ombudsman's email address:

Yesterday, I heard CBC report Jack Layton's demand that the troops be brought home from Afghanistan and attributing Canadian troops being there to connections with President Bush -- anything to try to connect the Conservative government to the US President. (Actually, it was Jean Chretien who sent them which CBC doesn't mention.) CBC reported the Layton's words, emphasizing the connection to the US, within the next few minutes at least twice more. Why are Jack Layton's views always available on CBC? Let the NDP pay for the propaganda organ. I want taxpayer money removed from CBC ... pronto!


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