September 06, 2006

Sept. 6, 2006: #1 Saying What Needs To Be Said

Jumpin' Jack Flash doesn't even know the type of people he is siding with -- Homosexuals are even now being murdered in Iraq on the authority of a disgusting fatwa from Sistani. By Andrew C. McCarthy, September 06, 2006

Jack Layton is pandering to the anti -war Quebec crowd to bolster anti war votes in Quebec and he's anti Afghanistan and Iraq to pick up the Muslim voters that used to back the Liberals. What he doesn't talk about are the extremists that he emboldens that have no rights for women and (would like them to be covered head to foot in Burkas with no education) and homosexuals and Jews and infidels. By cutting and running, he is taking the side of vicious sadistic killers for crass political opportunism. The rights we have here he would like to deny others and the left wing media lap up this nonsense because their only motive is anti Bush/Harper.

President Bush’s speech yesterday was simply stellar....

He didn’t back down to pressure from Muslim interest groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The president clearly and repeatedly named names. Our enemy, he declared, is “violent Islamic radicalism,” which comes in both Sunni and Shiite “strains.”

Islam is intolerant. Non-Muslims, for example, may not enter Mecca and Medina. That is not bin Laden’s idea, or Nasrallah’s. It is mainstream Islam (rooted in the Koran’s Sura 9:28, among other scriptures). Homosexuals are even now being murdered in Iraq on the authority of a disgusting fatwa from Sistani. In Afghanistan, five years after the United States deposed the Taliban, the government attempted to put a man to death for the “crime” of apostasy — the renunciation of Islam being a capital offense under Muslim law. In Egypt, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University, as close an analogy to the papacy as there is in Sunni Islam (translation: very mainstream), instructs that Jews are “enemies of Allah [and] descendants of apes and pigs,” views he expressly attributes to the Koran.

That, like it or not, acknowledge it or not, is normative intolerance. It is a real question whether such a belief system and culture — one which enjoys, at the very least, tens of millions (probably hundreds of millions) of devotees among the world’s approximately 1.3 billion Muslims — even desires reform into something we would recognize as democracy, let alone whether it is capable of the transition. [....]

I heard Pres. Bush's speech ... excellent. You won't hear anything positive in the mainstream media in Canada.


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