September 07, 2006

Sept. 7, 2006 #1 Global Good Will ... Continued

This must be worth reading since I have had numerous problems with Google today. Every time I post on certain topics things go awry ...... There's a lesson there. Anybody want to host this blog? Write a comment. Now, to my post ... if the planets align correctly ... and the usual cabal don't have a friend working for them ... and against certain bloggers.

Social engineering on a global scale ... and it is going on in Canada. You won't get an expose in the MSM.

This post is related to two posts this week which add to information posted previously. Note the second item refers to events in Montreal.

1. Sept. 6, 2006: #2 -- re: the UN and Global Governance, the networks, etc. -- Scroll down for it if you have not already read it.

It begins with an article on the US but the implications extend to Canada, entitled: "The global governance gang: "hostile to U.S. sovereignty", "demanding that American taxpayers turn over $140 billion per year to his global welfare bureaucracy", and funded in the shadows by George Soros."
(David Horowitz has a new book out, The Shadow Party, available through .)

2. Sept. 4, 2006: #2 Initiative de resistance internationaliste ...

If you want some idea of where the leftists, the organizations interested in "social justice", "the environment", "the poor", the "undocumented" / illegal aliens (e.g. No One Is Illegal, Status, etc.) and more are headed, with the help of the UN, NGO's, Maurice Strong's network and assorted others, read this article. (search terms: "OneWorld ManyOne net")

Online Tools for a Sustainable Collaborative Economy by Gary Alexander -- or this


An image of a radically different future has been forming in response to the various environmental, social and economic problems facing the world. It is exemplified by such documents as Agenda 21 and the Earth Charter and the many submissions by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002 (Petkova, Maurer, Henninger and Irwin 2002, Sachs 2002). Global governance is a theme of some work (Esty and Ivanovna, 2002), with some using an explicit systems perspective as in this paper (Madron and Jopling, 2003). [....]

The core element of such a future would be a changed relationship between people, moving towards a collaborative world based upon trust and away from competition. Much of this paper will look at online tools to help build and maintain such relationships.

This new relationship—for those taking it up—would be the basis for the growth of new forms of economic activity. These would begin to be driven directly by environmental and social need rather than determined by money flows. (For example: a farmer who, through connection with local consumers, could aim to farm his land to best maintain its fertility and beauty, while providing local organic food that suited the tastes of his/her customers, rather than simply farming to maximize income from the food distribution industry.)

The pressures created by a need to maximize money flows are a dominant reason for the continuing environmental destruction and advancing poverty and inequality. (Douthwaite, 1996) The nature of an economy with this correct driving force—environmental and social need—is the other key issue this paper will develop, giving principles, existing examples, and future possibilities.

The change to such a future ... through grassroots and civil society initiatives linking together, ...

Central to this vision is collaboration and the linking of groups. This means that it will need a communications infrastructure, and moreover, one that is capable of matching the diversity and changing needs of the participating population. [....]

The purpose of this paper is to further develop the economic aspects of this image of the future, showing how online systems could enable and support it. It will give practical examples and develop theoretical principles. [....]

Linking up Existing Groups [You apply to join -- Obviously, exclusionary -- excluding some countries, ideas -- Then there is tracking the individual ... Think of the implications of that.]

[....] the next level of linking, [....] Each organization has its own online database of members that are not easily linked. Individuals have multiple, incompatible online identities with each organization to which they belong. However, there are now many initiatives aimed at overcoming these barriers.

One World – Linking the Major NGOs [Sounds suspiciously like a return to Communism to me ... ]

One World ( is a network of over 1,500 organisations in 90 countries that “is dedicated to harnessing the democratic potential of the Internet to promote human rights and sustainable development” and has “a vision of equitable and sustainable distribution of wealth amongst the world's population, underpinned by global attainment and protection of human rights and by governance structures which permit local communities control over their own affairs.” [Which group / who would oversee this? ]

Many One – the Ethical Alternative to AOL

ManyOne ( is designing a platform that will enable the linking of groups and individuals with social and environmental concerns. It is developing a slick multi-media browser that provides educational features and enables trade and communication.

Persistent Identity and the Augmented Social Network Project

The Augmented Social Network (ASN) project (Jordan, Hauser and Foster, 2003) was announced at a recent conference on Networking a Sustainable Future ( and was acclaimed there as the technical solution to linking groups and individuals that everyone had been looking for. Its purpose is to extend the functionality of the Internet through open standards and software development to provide ‘persistent identity’ online. Persistent identity provides an alternative to an individual having a separate, incompatible identity, password, and personal profile with every online organization of which they are a part. Instead, you are registered with an ‘identity broker’, who controls your online profile. When you log-on to a group, the id and password are automatically referred back to your identity broker to be checked. [and tracked ... Who will be one's "identity broker"? .... ]

Support for Connection and Relationship

If the basis for Planetary Citizenship is a changed relationship between people, then considerable support will be needed for that. Co-operation and mutual support require skills of communication and organization [....]

The most radical part of the picture given in the examples is the move away from an economy driven by money and towards an economy driven by goals of service towards the environment and the community. It remains to be seen how far in that direction we can go.

In ManyOne and other systems, local currencies are often limited to a discount on conventional monetary prices. In Keith K’s world, for local transactions there was a choice of national or local currency or community service. The point of that was to encourage a group to move towards service as it became able to. More distant exchange was based upon Fair Trade, which puts social and environmental concerns before lowest price or highest profit. These are all useful but limited steps, still a long way from a complete change of goals for the economy.

You must belong to the network(s) and login. There will no be Google searches (Microsoft searches? Has Microsoft not become involved in this leftist initiative? Remember, "George Soros, money, Bill Gates" Look it up.) You will be able to be tracked with that persistent identity. There will be an exclusionary aspect ... Make a guess as to which countries will be excluded. Where does the UN Protocol on Cultural Diversity fit in vis a vis the "protection of human rights" which will include and enforce certain language provisions--culture--backed up by the UN, if enough nations sign on. There will be a UN global tax, it appears, if the UN gets its way, according to other reports on UN plans. See the articles on the UN and Ambassador Bolton. (posted Sept. 6, 06)

There is much more to the above article and there are others. Check Canada Free Press, Claudia Rosset, Eye on the UN. There are other sources, as well.

More on OneWorld here -- or here is a global portal that provides a comprehensive overview of current world events and issues through the eyes of over 1500 partner organizations working in human rights and sustainable development worldwide. [If you do not belong, your views are not included, it appears. Think of the debate over climate, Kyoto, and numerous other topics where reasonable people differ such the efficacy of giving aid money when it goes through corrupt local officials or dictators, HIV/AIDS, etc.]

Started as an NGO web site in 1995, OneWorld provides daily news coverage, thematic guides, radio and video programs and weekly reports from Africa, Asia, Europe, United States and Latin America in order to support and give voice to the struggles of the poor to better their lives.

The OneWorld User Guide provides descriptions and links to news, research, multimedia and other resources available in OneWorld. [....]

3. Open Knowledge Network (OKN) [How "open" to other points of view is it?]

Recognizing the diversity and richness of initiatives to collect and disseminate local content which already exist in many parts of the South, the OKN represents an attempt to 'join up the dots', in order to increase their capacity and impact. It is best thought of as a flexible framework or dynamic to link and support information initiatives among poor and marginalized communities though shared standards and values: local content, local people, local languages. OKN is an initiative of the DOTForce: the Digital Opportunity Task Force set up by the G8 Heads of State to make decisive contribution to bridging the digital divide. OKN has since been adopted by the UN ICT Task Force. [....] [I believe ICAAN's days are intended to be numbered.]

2. Global Campaigns—Current campaigns include: climate change, debt relief, digital divide, education, and trade. [Was much of this not part of the Liberal campaign Paul Martin's government ran? Deja vu ....... ]

3. OneWorld Partnership—Organizations working in human rights and sustainable development can apply to become a OneWorld partner. [Exclusionary]

For more information, email Roshani Kothari, Partnership and Promotion Manager

More links:

· AIDS [ in case you haven't learned enough from the MSM reports of the AIDS Conference in Toronto ]
· Debt Relief
· Digital Opportunity
· Education

For your edification ... or to whip up the guilt necessary to fully appreciate the selected information ... or whatever, check: OneWorld country guides

I believe Canada's SchoolNet is part of this global network, but check. If so, aren't you glad your child will be taught early by selected experts and/or volunteers who write articles for OneWorld / Dangerous influences will be kept out. What a relief!

Memory Lane -- articles to check, some links.

Entity behind Kyoto conned public, by Judi McLeod & David Hawkins Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stale Kofi -- Annan wants to "reform" the U.N. again. He must be in trouble. Claudia Rosett, April 20, 2005

In Reply to: Re: Maurice Strong caught stealing at U.N. (again) posted by Wall Street Journal Posted by Walrus on 12:16:48 2005/04/20 -- Blind Trust -- How much do we really know about Canada's next Prime Minister? Marci McDonald, The Walrus Magazine (, June 21, 04

The Roots of enviro-hysteria, Financial Post, no longer online but ... see these links for some.

The Roots of enviro-hysteria. June 2, 04, National Post, Peter Foster. [Fill in the obvious missing letters in f***france below -- Yes, it works, or did work.]

Maurice Strong and Kofi Annan -- Maurice Strong: The new guy in your future!

Concerns based on alleged "greed" and the notion that developed nations consume more than their "fair share" of resources are examples of hunter-gatherer economics, which lie behind the mushy but appealing concept of "sustainability."

On Maurice Strong: The new guy in your future! Henry Lamb, Jan. 1977

Turtle Bay's Latest Coverup -- The U.N. investigates itself--again. June 16, 04, Claudia Rosett

[. . . . ] There is also a lot of discussion about such details as the differences between answers in English and French, including the whimsically delightful detail that "unfortunately and unbeknownst to Deloitte Consulting, the French language questionnaire file was corrupted." A portion of the data was thus irretrievably lost--a footnote that might be of some interest to those concerned about U.N. handling of data vis-à-vis Oil-for-Food.

Do you trust the usual gang / network/ UN to run the world? Any economy? Social justice? Peacekeeping? Disarming? Human rights? (Who comprise the Human Rights Council?) ......... Anything you care about?

More Memories along Memory Lane: Note the aspect of "hate crime" to be addressed

The Left ♥ CAIR, MPAC, et al. .... the far-left Tides Foundation announces that is is funding CAIR's "Interfaith Coalition Against Hate Crimes" ... to "decrease tolerance for anti-Muslim hate crimes"

May 12, 2006 update: Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress addressed the Marxism-2006 conference in Toronto and told the assembled leftists:

Now, for the first time in history, the political left is working with conservative Muslims on issues of social justice, with the long-term goal of building a world that lives by peace, through justice. Communists, Marxists, socialists, and nationalists are working with civil libertarians, liberals, and conservatives to achieve this urgent goal together. [Would those "conservatives" be red? ... Liberals?]

Doesn't that combination just warm the cockles of your heart? Note, they're not worried about Muslim-on-others hate crimes / bombings / jihad. No! The big crime is that Canadians might note how many Muslims are involved in hate crimes ... maybe even say so. [hate crime alert ... ] []

There is a Tides Foundation connection (scroll or search for it, starting with the US ... the left in Canada with a US connection? ... oh, not a Pres. Bush connection ... everything fine ... ) under the heading: Sept. 4, 2006: #1 Update AIDS Refugees & More ... The mainstream media omitted the connection between the spokesman from FCJ Refugee Centre and No One Is Illegal in writing of the AIDS Refugees

[....] Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants -- [and illegal aliens ] -- March on Ottawa: An op-ed piece by Heather Lash of the FCJ Refugee Centre, about the recent No One Is Illegal March on Ottawa., announced in a press release, June 16th , 2005.

[....] Solidarity Across Borders

[....] No-One is Illegal [ *** Do you really want Canada contributing to that? ]

[....] STATUS [for illegal aliens]

[....] The Maytree Foundation , re: Alan Broadbent, Chairman ... [who is also] a Director of the Tides Foundation (Canada), the Canadian Institute of International Affairs ....

There is more, should you care to look.


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