September 06, 2006

Sept. 6, 2006: #3 A failure to communicate ... & More

There is an update below, complete with a screen capture of information.

Obviously, there has been a failure to communicate that Canadian citizenship actually means something, that Canadians have rights to certain services not intended as rights for non-Canadians nor for illegal aliens. We may offer charity but we do not "owe" the world whenever they ask. Response to a comment on this post: Sept. 1, 2006: #2 150 AIDS Delegates Remain--Refugees -- "AIDS delegates won't leave Toronto -- Up to 150 delegates to last month's T.O. conference have filed refugee claims", Tom Godfrey, TorSun, Sept. 1, 06

Dear Anonymous

Does being born in Canada, having worked and contributed to Canada, including after naturalization, not mean that you are a Canadian citizen with certain rights, duties and privileges that include, at this time, access to a physician and at least a minimal level of treatment--whether that system provides all that the citizen wants or somewhat less? Were those on your list born here? Then, they're Canadians; ergo, they have a right to the social services. Perhaps in your zeal for the AIDS refugees you misunderstood.

Access to the rights, duties, and privileges of citizenship should not be available to illegal aliens just because they come here and say "refugee", particularly, the world's sick or about-to-be, who want free treatment at Canadians' expense, never having contributed anything to Canada, nor to its health care funding.

The AIDS Conference refugees particulaly, are illegal aliens who were not supposed to be staying in Canada, or they would not have been allowed to enter. They were helped by some people abroad and in Canada. Some already have HIV/AIDS so they will be a drain on Canadians' health care dollars, money that rightfully should be used for Canadians.

Or are you one of those leftists / activists who are trying to remove barriers to anyone who wants to come to Canada to batten on those who worked, particularly on the already over-burdened health care system.

I have heard that the number of Canadians who do not have a personal physician approaches a million. Whether correct figures or not, all of us know that we are lacking medical personnel for those who have already contributed tax dollars. Are you willing to forego treatment for yourself or a family member so an AIDS patient may be treated with those dollars? Those who are not willing to do that have a right to express that opinion.

I am saying birth and/or Canadian citizenship should still mean something. I do not think we should beggar our own house--Canada--for some leftist idea of global citizenship coming out of the UN and other groups like No One Is Illegal. (Check Sept. 4, 06 for more on that.) Then Canada could be a destination for anyone who is able to hop a plane or a ship, simply to garner the health care treatment dollars that rightly belong to Canadian citizens. At that, I balk, as do others.

Perhaps you should read what I and others have written on AIDS, how it is contracted, how to prevent any new cases, that it results from behaviour choices (except for infants born with it, those who have contracted it through blood transfusions, and those who were raped), and why throwing money at people who continue foolhardy behaviours which may lead to HIV/AIDS, is a waste of money. Those dollars could be better spent on treating diseases which affect many and are not the result of careless behaviours. Think of malaria -- provided you can get the treatment to those needing it, that they take it, and that your own family has been taken care of, the first duty of a parent ... or a government.

As for the rape victims, are you suggesting we should bring them here for treatment? What is the cut-off point? Perhaps you could do something yourself about the cause in South Africa, for example. You might like to donate to that charitable endeavour yourself, while other Canadians make their own choices about which charities they wish to fund at a personal level. Is up to governments elsewhere to inform their citizens concerning the real cause of HIV/AIDS, instead of taking charitable donations from the world and continuing to spout ignorance about diseases.

This article might interest anyone as concerned about his/her fellow man and disease as you appear to be.

Canadian aid sold on Nigerian black market -- Vitamins for children: President says stolen pills are an 'embarrassment', by Tom Blackwell, National Post, September 05, 2006 [see below]

Obviously, you feel very strongly about the AIDS refugees, so do consider contributing to any charity of your choice which will get the money to the countries you believe are most in need of it. Or sign up to work educating those who need it, in Africa, for instance ... using your own money to get there, of course. Not mine. Incidentally, I do contribute to charity ... here ... so I know whether my contributions go where I wish and don't add to some dictator's or thug's bank account or to the black market. Every dollar counts, even to them.

Update: As luck would have it, I found some information which might be of interest to you.

Volunteer in Africa via Mauice Strong's One World Net -- There are "exciting opportunities for Volunteers in OneWorld Africa Education Support Network"

You might want to learn something about "traditional healing" for HIV/AIDS before you go (see screen capture). Also, note that there appears to be an East African Submarine Cable System planned or under construction (Check Global Crossing which might be involved for more information.); at least there was a "stakeholder meeting" in Lusaka, Zambia Aug. 17, 06 (see screen capture) so you will be able to access Mr. Strong's network and the "experts" and "scientists" who will work with his network.

Canadian aid sold on Nigerian black market -- Vitamins for children: President says stolen pills are an 'embarrassment' , Tom Blackwell, National Post, September 05, 2006

[....] An international-relations expert says the theft should come as no surprise, given Nigeria's mammoth corruption problem, and questions why Canada is providing aid to the country.

The free distribution of the high-dose capsules to children and nursing mothers is aimed at combatting vitamin-A deficiency
, a condition that can lead to blindness and undermine the immune system with deadly consequences. The World Health Organization estimates that four million children worldwide have a severe deficiency.

Through UNICEF, the Canadian agency annually provides Nigeria with 100 million pills, worth $25-million, according to Nigerian officials. They are passed out by local clinics on what are called national immunization days.

Nigeria's National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), which is investigating the theft, suspects the pilfering was done by local officials after the vitamins had been distributed to the various states, Mr. Jimoh said. [....]

Search: CIDA , Nigeria, which, by developing-world standards at least, are relatively wealthy, as well as being corrupt.

Have I mentioned that aid given to intermediaries can be found on black markets all over the world? Not just in Nigeria. Have you ever bought goods in a market ... you know, the necessities of travel life like a bottle of your favourite liquor--for medicinal purposes--and wondered why you could buy it on the street at a stall but not where you would normally be expected to get it? Black market.

The missing link, indeed , Alastair Gordon, president, Canadian Coalition for Democracies, Wednesday, September 6, 2006, Page A16

Toronto -- Sheema Khan argues that Islamic terror is driven by foreign policy (The Missing Link Between Foreign Policy And Resentment -- Sept. 5), claiming that Londoners and Spaniards were killed because of their countries' involvement in Iraq; that thousands perished on 9/11 because of America's support for Israel and its presence in the Middle East; and that Canada has it coming because of our role in liberating Afghanistan from Islamist tyranny and our belief that Israel has a right to defend its citizens against terror.

Liberal senators in no rush to pass ethics package, Joan Bryden, Sept. 5, 06

[....] The act changes dozens of statutes and tightens restrictions on lobbyists and political donations; creates an independent public prosecutor to investigate bureaucrats and politicians who breach federal law; protects civil servants who blow the whistle on wrongdoing; and beefs up the powers of the auditor general and ethics commissioner.

"When you get a bill that's this long you have to expect there will be some delay in getting it through," said Day.

Senator Donald Oliver, the Conservative chairman of the committee, said he'll be "disappointed" if Liberals drag out the hearings beyond the agreed upon deadline of Sept. 26.

"Surely, after all that's happened with Gomery, I am sure the Liberals will want to keep the timeline they promised," Oliver said, referring to the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship mess.

"After all, we are all honourable members." [....]

When I read that last sentence, I'm afraid I snorted.

Note: "a term limit of eight years on senators"

Death toll in Afghanistan , NatPost, Sept. 5, 06

Thirty-two Canadian soldiers and one diplomat have been killed since the Canadian military deployed to Afghanistan in early 2002.

The names of those who have died since April 17, 2002 and a brief description of where and how they died are in this article.

How Xstrata won Falconbridge -- Some of the world's most powerful miners took part in the prolonged battle for Canada's metals giant , Drew Hasselback and Carrie Tait, Financial Post, September 05, 2006

Lengthy and detailed


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