September 07, 2006

Sept. 7, 2006: #11 Bubba goes ballistic

This is mini series everyone will want to know about ... A lawsuit concentrates public interest remarkably , via this forum from the New York Post, Sept. 7, 06

I shall omit the part that would make you run to check in favour of the following:

"Many of the people who have expressed opinions about the film have yet to see it in its entirety or in its final broadcast form," he said. "We hope viewers will watch the entire broadcast before forming their own opinion."

Executive producer Marc Platt told The Washington Post that he worked "very hard to be fair. If individuals feel they're wrongly portrayed, that's obviously of concern. We've portrayed the essence of the truth of these events. Our intention was not in any way to be political or present a point of view."

That will be a relief to the subject.


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