September 12, 2006

Sept. 12, 2006: Big Brother's helper has arrived ...

And your tax $$$ helped

Teaching BlackBerry to talk -- and listen, Simon Avery

But Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS) of Waterloo, Ont ...

... iLane ... reads ... forward, reply or delete, all with voice commands.

The company is also testing a GPS-based product called iPaid, which IMS would like the auto insurance industry to begin using to offer "usage-based insurance." IMS says the technology could lead to a "pay-as-you-drive" fee structure. [Big Brother may track us.]

Mr. Basir founded IMS in 1999, and has raised about $25-million in funding, which includes $3-million from Technology Partnerships Canada, a federal corporate subsidy program, and a large sum from independent investors in Bahrain.

In addition to running the company, Mr. Basir is also an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Waterloo, where some of IMS's research and development has been conducted. [....]

Isn't RIM big in China? I read somewhere that the unique thing about the Univ. of Waterloo is that it allows the staff member/inventor to retain their intellectual property ... but you don't benefit. You just help pay for development. It will be enough that you have helped to bring on a brave new world with your tax dollars.

RIM unveils 'sleek, sexy' Pearl of a BlackBerry -- Photos, music and videos , Mark Evans, Financial Post, September 08, 2006

[....] The Pearl's early reviews have been mostly positive. Walter Mossberg provided a glowing review in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, describing it as a "beautiful piece of work, a very nice combination of hard-core e-mail capability and fun features." [Don't forget the other features ... ability to track ... GPS]

Mr. Balsillie said the Pearl is compelling because it offers the "magic trifecta of a 100% smart phone, 100% BlackBerry and 100% sleek phone." [....]


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