September 11, 2006

Canadian Victims of 9/11 Terrorism

The names of the 24 Canadians who were murdered on 9/11

Michael Arczynski
Garnet Bailey
David Barkway
Ken Basnicki
Jane Beatty
Cindy Connolly
Arron Dack
Christine Egan
Michael Egan
Albert Elmarry
Meredith Ewart
Peter Feidelberg
Alexander Filipov
Ralph Gerhardt
Stuart Lee
Mark Ludvigsen
Bernard Mascarenhas
Colin McArthur
Mike Pelletier
Donald Robson
Roy Santos
Vladimir Tomasevic
Chantal Vincelli
Debbie Williams.

Source: Toronto Sun

Events of 9/11 five years ago: audio, photos, video, documents


Blogger Scrubs & Shines said...

Canada Government, A call to investigate 911


Its time for the Canadian Government as friends and neighbors to the patriotic good people of America to call on the United Nations to conduct a world investigation into the 911 attacks. The United Nations should seek the truth to the questions that remain unanswered by American conspiracy theories of the 911 attacks . Evidence that seems to incriminate the Bush Administration for being a part of an attack on its own people. These Accusations have risen into a new level of danger to the planet as we know it and to the very foundations of democracy in America.

The United States needs to answer for war crimes against humanity with the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its time for Americans to take thier country out of the hands of tyrants and criminals who profit by war. Its time for America to return back to what it stands for in the world based on thier Constitution and freedoms. And not the freedom to dominate the rest of the world.

Democracy in Canada and around the world is threatened by the decline of the government of the USA and its up to the Canadian Government to take a role in the United Nations to bringing justice to the world from a administration that has lied and caused death and destruction in its evil path to Imperilism and world domination. Its time for America to return as the great nation they once were before the profiteers took it over.

Fri Oct 06, 03:15:00 AM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

Quote from your comments:

"Its time for the Canadian Government as friends and neighbors to the patriotic good people of America to call on the United Nations"

Why should any of us have confidence in the United Nations?

Consider the crooked dealing on the Iraqi oil-for-food program on which the mainstream media still have not thoroughly reported.

Consider the fact that the UN itself has a preponderance of thug states with votes equal to democracies who thwart investigations every time they might lead to anything other than the conclusions they want. Note also that Secretary General Kofi Annan's expense claims have not been made public, which is against the UN rules. What does he have to hide? It seems that his son may have been involved in the oil scandal from what I read, along with his using his father's UN perquisites to import a big car and thereby thwart Ghana's government of the taxes due.

Then there are the corrupt UN troops using children as sex slaves trading food for sex in Africa. Again, have you heard much about that in the mainstream media?

What was the UN's response to the need in Rwanda?

Why did Louise Frechette leave her post as Kofi's Deputy? It has been reported that she prevented investigation of or knowledge of information getting out that would harm her precious UN. I suspect there is more than meets the public eye in that retreat. Check further for yourself.

Do you trust the UN? I don't have any faith in it, though I might make exceptions for individuals who may be fine, upstanding citizens.

At any rate, I would rather put my faith in Western democracies than in the corrupt, failed UN and the corruptos and kleptocrats who claim to represent their citizens at the UN. They simply represent those who appointed them and themselves.

Do read some more. You might want to start with Eye on the UN or Claudia Rosset's columns.

Then, join many who want to form an alternative to that corrupt organization.

Fri Oct 06, 05:23:00 PM 2006  

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