September 10, 2006

Sept. 10, 2006: Various

Straight shooter looks to lead -- Stephane Dion, Tu Thanh Ha, Sept.6, 06, A8

[....] Mr. Dion will prevail in later ballots because he has less baggage and fewer liabilities than the other candidates, his campaign chairman, former public works minister Don Boudria, predicts. "Mr. Dion has very few Liberal enemies. I don't know of any anti-Dion people in the Liberal Party."

Neutral observers are less sanguine and forecast that Mr. Dion will finish high but not the winner, perhaps having to settle for being a kingmaker.

In the Liberal Party tradition, it is a francophone's turn to be the leader. [....]

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Dion has dual France-Canada citizenship and studied at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris.

Since 1968, with the exception of a blip of 'Joe Who?', Canadians have been governed by Quebec PM's with all the appointments they could make
... Quebec's Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin (whose father left Quebec for Ontario--Hamilton, I believe--the last name's accent was removed to be accentless English--Martin not a francophone? He represented / represents Ville Emard in Montreal -- check details, though, as I may have mis-remembered). Definitely, it is time for a francophone Liberal leader to become Prime Minister ... not!

Globe and Mail Poll but remember it is a snapshot and could have changed since.

Do you think the CIA's secret prisons were necessary tools in the fight against terrorism? [Should they have been advertised for other terrorists?]

Yes (54%) 18104 votes
Total votes: 33346

Internet ring busted, March 16, 2006

[....] There was evidence he was live-streaming the video of his assaults. Police were led to a U.K. man doing the same, ensuring he was arrested within 24 hours of the horrific assaults.

Toronto investigators were enlisted to run the Edmonton accused through the CETS (Child Exploitation Tracking System) and found a chatroom. From there they managed to infiltrate the secretive chatroom.

... the chatroom designed to be heavily monitored so police could not infiltrate it. “The rules they’ve used surrounding the chatroom and the admittance into the chatroom just demonstrate the drive, the motivation they have to maintain the chatroom and their access to child pornography.”

[....] In an unrelated investigation, Child Exploitation Section investigators arrested a 27-year-old man who allegedly lured and violently sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl.

[....] Chou Eng “Charles” Fong, 27, of Markham, has been charged with luring a child, sexual assault and two counts off fail to comply with probation. The victim told police her attacker referred to himself as "Jay" and used the name "mjay" as his handle while on the internet. [....]

What is the NDP position after the conference? These are from pre-conference policy statements.

NDP resolution -- against increase of sex consent to 16 , tordor, 9/06/2006 14:16:49

WHEREAS the Conservative government plans to increase the basic age of consent for sexual activity to sixteen (16) years of age; and

WHEREAS Bill C-2, passed into law in 2005, already prohibits any exploitative sexual
relationship with a person under 18; and

WHEREAS there is no evidence to indicate that the proposed legislation will protect young people from predators; and

WHEREAS youth are significantly less likely to seek sexual health information or advice if their activities fall outside the law; and

WHEREAS an increase to the age of consent is opposed by the Canadian AIDS Society,
EGALE Canada, The Canadian Federation for Sexual Health, The Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario, and others,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Convention direct Caucus
not to vote for the
Conservative legislation to increase the basic age of consent for sexual activity to sixteen years of age;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NDP Federal Caucus work to ensure that the Age of Consent for anal sex be consistent with that for all other types of sexual activity. [....]

I cannot imagine going to a policy convention to discuss anal sex ... Svend Robinson's bill to lower the age of consent must have been a "good thing"; you can't start 'em young enough. Was he at the convention? Did he have a diamond ring? Surely, everyone has a right to ... an expensive diamond ring ... to cure whatever ails one.

What happened at the NDP Convention with this?

"Quebec members of the NDP hope to win the hearts of francophones by proposing that Canada become a republic and by adopting a conciliatory tone with sovereigntists" , Sept. 6, 06

Toronto International Film Festival Blogs -- to have your say -- Add your views to the socialist / leftists filling the airways with bilge about the wonders of ... if ...

Mountie who shot B.C. man was choked nearly unconscious: Attorney General

Drugs, Safe Injection Sites Commentary

Drugs and Safe injection sites

Quote 191145acp: "I think we need to interfere with their "right to freedom" for a number of reasons. They also will infect other susceptible persons by example and they spread disease.

We need something a lot more comprehensive than safe injection sites."

Quote caspar35: "These people need real help not just making it easier to be an addict. Let them hit rock bottom. Then offer them drugs and treatment in a safe facility. At the facility give them treatment as they get weaned off drugs. There should be mandatory facility commitment if they come in contact with the justice system." [....]

Gambling, Gaming, Racketeering, Fraud

Internet gambling stocks dive after arrest -- Second executive held in crackdown -- U.S. targets sports betting companies, Tara Perkins, Sep. 8, 2006. 02:07 AM

More than $1.5 billion (U.S.) in market value evaporated from the global online gambling industry yesterday after U.S. authorities arrested Peter Dicks, the chairman of Britain's Sportingbet PLC.

Dicks, 64, was arrested in New York on a warrant issued in Louisiana for gambling by computer. His arrest comes less than two months after former BetOnSports PLC chief executive David Carruthers was arrested, charged with crimes including racketeering and fraud. [....]

Search: casino-style games , "Cryptologic and Chartwell (Technology Inc.) , marketing companies , aiding and abetting , 25 or 30 Canadian companies

I think to myself: ho, ho, ho -- except these guys never really pay. It's always the little people who get scammed, lose their pension money, their houses, et cetera.

Lorrie Goldstein: Guess what, war is Hell , TorSun, Sept. 6, 06

[....] Was nobody listening a year ago when then defence minister Bill Graham -- one of the few Liberals who has acted with honour on Afghanistan -- repeatedly warned us that we were undertaking a dangerous new mission in Kandahar?

That our soldiers would be helping to free Afghanistan from the iron grip of the terrorist-loving Taliban and that there would be heavy Canadian casualties?

Was no one listening when Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hillier warned us our troops would be hunting down "murderers and scumbags" who would be firing back and that our soldiers would be killed?

Oh, but that's right. When Hillier said that last year, he was pounced upon by the high foreheads in the Ottawa press gallery for speaking out of turn.
In other words, for telling us the truth. Such is the sad state of our know-it-all national media, who think a "nuanced" position in foreign affairs means forever proclaiming our "neutrality" in conflicts where we should not be neutral, while blathering about "peacekeeping" in places where there is no peace to keep. [....]

Storm and Emergency Guide -- note:
Emergency first-aid kit
Emergency preparedness
Emergency radios
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