September 09, 2006

Sept. 9, 2006: #1 Intelligence

Hint for the good prof

Please hide this study, Prof. Rushton, before the SoW's network use this to go after more tax $$$ because women are not getting a fair show ... again.

Cue the drums for the SoW beat "gimme, gimme" based on Rushton's study: 'Glass ceiling' reflects women's innate shortcomings', In the past, "Philippe Rushton scandalized with race-based theories", Lance Crossley, CanWest, September 08, 2006

[....] "We have to find the truth about the normal distribution in society," said the professor, whose study is published in the September issue of the academic journal Intelligence. "It's not right to simply say, 'It must be discrimination and don't dare say anything else.' One should really look at the facts."

Prof. Rushton co-authored a study that analyzed 100,000 scholastic aptitude tests (SATs) written by American teens, aged 17 and 18. Researchers focused on the general intelligence factor -- which relates to how quickly an individual can grasp a concept and is widely considered the most crucial ingredient for high IQ scores -- and discovered males scored the equivalent of 3.63 IQ points greater than their female counterparts. [....]

Prof. Rushton's past race claims about Asians being more intelligent than whites .... [ex Ont. Premier] David Peterson once said he would have Prof. Rushton fired if ....

That is how the left would handle / handles dissent, differing opinions, scientific studies which don't come to the "right" conclusions, inconvenient truths (think about the Kyoto accord scientists' who couldn't get a hearing in Canada's MSM) ... anyone with whom they differ. Outlaw anything they don't like, e.g. using "hate crimes" legislation and money from wealthy supporters. They try and sometimes succeed in not letting the authors of inconvenient studies work ... et cetera.

Inconvenient truth sample:

The Left ♥ CAIR, MPAC, et al. .... the far-left Tides Foundation announces that is is funding CAIR's "Interfaith Coalition Against Hate Crimes" ... to "decrease tolerance for anti-Muslim hate crimes"

I love these guys; they can talk all they want and produce studies proving men's superiority but men fall for women's wiles every time ... so I'm told ... so who are more intelligent? I'm all for calling it a draw.

After all, men and women are different ... else how would they have s** and babies ... and one will nag and ... be ignored ... and then get all hurt and weepy ... and need comforting ... and more s** ... and it all makes the world go round.
Trust me on that; a friend told me.

... and while he's snoozing or snoring, she's thinking ... and ...

Philippe, don't screw up a good thing by getting all scientific over us. It isn't the tiny difference found by your science that is crucial; it's the s** ... and ... Well any teenager could have told him that.


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