September 10, 2006

Sept. 10, 2006: Reporter suspended ...

Radio Canada troop supporter

That is the French language arm of CBC radio.

Canadian Broadcaster Suspended for Supporting Troops, Sept. 8, 2006 4:51 p.m. EDT, Reuters, via newsbeat1

One of Canada's top television reporters has been suspended from her job for praising the country's increasingly troubled military mission in Afghanistan, the company said on Friday.

Christine St-Pierre, a veteran Ottawa correspondent for French-language public broadcaster Radio-Canada, wrote an open letter to Canada's 2,300 troops telling them to ignore mounting criticism of the mission [....]

With CBC, there is a time to express an opinion using every trick in a news reader's / journalists' tradebook, and there is a time to be punished for expressing incorrect thought--endorsing or supporting the wrong side. As with films involving Presidents, it depends on whose ox is being gored. If only Christine St-Pierre had supported bringing home Canadian troops from Afghanistan ... as the NDP wish. With a taxpayer funded cabal (and others in the MSM) at home antagonistic toward the military, the Taliban should just sit and wait for the winning Liberal leader to agree with Jack, the MSM to tout the foolhardiness of the mission, the troops to be returned to Canada on some pretext or another ......... and the Taliban will have won. Nothing will infringe upon the harvest ... or the left.

Ministry Of Truth , INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY, Posted 9/8/2006

Media: In Orwellian fashion, ABC has edited its 9-11 miniseries to please the Clintonistas on whose watch the al-Qaida threat mushroomed. Perhaps, as someone once said, history is indeed a lie agreed upon.

[.... facts here -- worth reading.]

At the meeting to discuss a retaliatory strike, it was met with almost universal opposition. [former and under Clinton] Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who charges that her scenes in the movie are "fabrications," said then that because of troubles between Israel and the Palestinians, "Bombing Muslims wouldn't be helpful at this time." So the trigger was never pulled.

Despite the efforts of Clinton and his apologists, we hope this film will give us the facts. For Clinton, his team and his presidential wannabe wife, these are inconvenient truths indeed.

Media bias: I am amazed that Carol McNeill is still with CBC's Sunday Morning after she proposed doing a future segment on whether CBC is as left-wing biased as so many of their critics have accused. Evan Solomon on her right cast toward her the most venomous hate stare I've ever caught from a CBC news reader or whatever the job is called if it is not journalism but propaganda. If looks could have killed, Carol would have been knocked off her perch. Evan wasn't going to brook any of that nonsense. I guess that brief exchange was the epitome of "balance" on that topic. There has been no mention of it since.

Parliamentary Press Gallery shenanigans -- See comments by jema54j, EBD, nomdenet -- They're usually worth reading.


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