September 10, 2006

Sept. 10, 2006: #1 Connections -&- Money Talks

Clinton and Burkle’s Yucaipa Companies

Clintons' Connections Leave Hillary Open to Conflict of Interest -- re: $$$ and Bill, Burkle’s Yucaipa Companies, by Tom Fitton, Posted Sep 08, 2006

Bill and Hillary Clinton, who made influence peddling into an art form, are apparently at it again.

The Clintons have developed a profitable and compromising connection with billionaire Ron Burkle. In the past, [....]

But the financial connections do not stop there.

Bill Clinton is a senior advisor to Burkle’s Yucaipa Companies. Hillary is not legally required to provide the full details .... She could tell more, but you can bet she won’t.

According to former Clinton campaign advisor Dick Morris, however, Clinton “stands to clear tens of millions of dollars -- with virtually no risk -- from his Yucaipa work.” Off the record, he is also working on a fund that “invests in overseas ventures, for which he receives regular payments and would draw one-third of the profits when the fund is dissolved at least five years from now.” In one news report, Burkle estimated that he spends 500 hours per year with the former president -- about 10 hours per week on average -- a very small amount of time for a very large amount of undocumented income. (I know that Yucaipa does business with public pension funds in the State of California. Nice to know that an admitted perjurer can help direct the investment of public pension funds, isn’t it?)

Why is all of this important? Because Hillary Clinton presumably shares a bank account with her husband and payments to him are, in effect, payments to her as well. [....]

George Soros - MoveOn,org

Quotes to note - or - here

"American supremacy is the greatest threat to the world today."
-- George Soros,'s billionaire benefactor

"Now it's our party! We bought it, we own it!"
-- leader referring to the Democratic Party

Clinton pointedly refuted several fictionalized scenes that he claims insinuate he was too distracted by the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal to care about bin Laden, Ian Bishop, Sept. 7, 06, New York Post

September 7, 2006 -- WASHINGTON - A furious Bill Clinton is warning ABC that its mini-series "The Path to 9/11" grossly misrepresents his pursuit of Osama bin Laden - and he is demanding the network "pull the drama" if changes aren't made.

Clinton pointedly refuted several fictionalized scenes that he claims insinuate he was too distracted by the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal to care about bin Laden and that a top adviser pulled the plug on CIA operatives who were just moments away from bagging the terror master, according to a letter to ABC boss Bob Iger obtained by The Post.


Clinton & Film Festival

This was so funny as they tried to blacken the film's reputation without revealing why--the salient parts that would have reminded everyone why Bill Clinton needed to have it changed.

It was the Harvey Keitel (interviewed on the Mothercorps, I believe) and others who were trying to tell us that the 9/11 film is not historically accurate but they didn't mention how it was not. That would have entailed mention of Monica and the man who "who did not have sexual relations with that woman", mention of Sandy Berger's docs in pants caper, "former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former national security advisor Sandy Berger making decisions that, in hindsight, appear to have been missteps." and more.

9/11 miniseries outrages democrats -- Clinton supporters demand ABC yank 'inaccurate' drama ... except, read who consulted on it , Steven Edwards, CanWest, September 08, 2006

The chief consultant for the miniseries was Tom Kean, former Republican governor of New Jersey and head of the commission that probed the circumstances surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Critics of the miniseries, pre-screened last week in Washington, say Mr. Kean's party affiliation makes him susceptible to bias. Supporters say executive producer Marc Platt clearly had access to a person with key knowledge.

"The Path to 9/11 essentially chronicles everything we know that happened in the '90s that prevented the capture of Osama bin Laden," said Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio talk-show host.

[....] Democrats fear the miniseries will tarnish the legacy of Mr. Clinton, who has so far escaped blame for not checking bin Laden's rise in the late 1990s.

[....] They also object to other scenes showing former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former national security advisor Sandy Berger making decisions that, in hindsight, appear to have been missteps. [.... ]

Search: denies he refused the CIA authorization to try to kill bin Laden in 1998

I believe I posted about one misstep -- the one where Sandy Berger takes documents out of a library stuffed in his pants and someone destroys them ... or something happens so that they are unavailable. [posted around the date that happened]

I never see a photo of that man that I don't think of Monica ... and they say a film would tarnish his legacy? They can't be serious. What he did tarnished our memories of him. Strangely, that may have added to his appeal when people pay so much to attend one of his speeches or dinners, such as his birthday celebration dinner in Toronto at $200,000 for a table for ten -- a good table. Of course, his legacy has been fine with some people, such as Belinda ... Business is business.

I agree with the little people, ones who will not be attending, the ones who do not respect this man for how he tarnished the office of the President. Only little people think like that, it seems. Some even go to church and that kind of activity in the highest office of the nation offends their sense of propriety, their sense of right and wrong. Of course, that in itself, has gone out of fashion. Pity.

Vicious against Bush, not Clinton

Film festival to be sweet, vicious -- Political dramas on the big screen, ex-lovers on the red carpet

[....] Clinton, of course, is not the only political thing baking ... much of the menu -- both dinner and dessert -- seems to consist of politics. And not only politics, but the sort of politics that take on the current man in the White House!

[....] "What's with all these American political stories?" someone pointedly asked me at a warm-up-to-the-festival party the other night.

"Do they think that Canada is like Switzerland?" this movie insider followed up by asking. In other words: Is the country north of the U.S.A. a relatively safer place to launch these kinds of stories? [....]

Yes, a perfect anti-Bush place to launch.


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