September 10, 2006

Sept. 10, 2006: TB, Terror, Media -&- The Real World

In case you missed CBC's spate of references to Muslim concerns about Islamophobia, you'll want to know about a case of profiling by an airline -- "When Ahmed Farooq crosses the Canada-U.S. border, he isn't surprised when he is singled out for questioning. He is, after all, a young, single, Muslim man born in Saudi Arabia who fits the racial profile of would-be terrorists."

I do not believe this is the time to try to give Canadians a guilt fix -- before the memorial ceremonies for the dead from Islamist / jihadi terrorism on 9/11. Remember, Canada lost loved ones. The Chretien-Martin governments and CBC did not seem to remember their names ... but if any Muslim is subjected to a raised eyebrow around 9/11, you will hear of it ad nauseam ... rather like the rat a tat tat of AIDS victim stories coming out of the recent AIDS Conference. I'm waiting for CBC/MSM to mention an equal number of times the virulent strain of infectious TB coming out of South Africa (below). But anyone can get that, not just the "victims" who beloved of media and leftists who get so much publicity -- gays, druggies, prostitutes, victimized wives, raped infants and children; therefore, TB's victims don't fit into one of the victimized groups that trigger CBC news reports nor the iterations.

Fast action urged on new, killer strain of TB -- 52 die in South Africa, Sarah McGregor, Reuters, September 08, 2006

[....] There is no vaccine to prevent infection of TB, which kills 1.7 million people a year globally, but antibiotic treatments can end or cure most strains. However, the new super-bug appears to be multi-drug resistant. Isolated cases of XDR-TB are present in every corner of the world but health officials know little about it.

African health ministers one year ago declared TB an emergency and called for increased efforts to contain the disease. [....]

TB poses a grave risk to HIV-positive people as it thrives in weakened immune systems.

South Africa has one of the highest HIV caseloads in the world, with one in nine people infected with the virus that causes AIDS. In addition, about 60% of adults infected with TB are HIV-positive. [....]

Did any of the AIDS Conference refugees have this infectious TB also? Is anyone checked at entry points for it? Or does a refugee have certain rights ... more than the rest of us? The kind of rights so beloved of the UN and leftists?

CBC’s Beirut correspondent, Nahlah Ayed

CBC Portrays Terrorist as Victim

CBC’s Beirut correspondent, Nahlah Ayed, sympathetically profiled the family of a cold-blooded terrorist.

The Background: Cold-Blooded Murder

Almost three decades ago, an Israeli court sentenced Samir Qantar to several life sentences for murdering an Israeli father, daughter and two policemen. Qantar was a Lebanese Druze member of the Palestine Liberation Front, a PLO terrorist faction infamous for murdering a wheelchair-bound American Jew on the Achille Lauro cruise-ship. In 1979, Qantar led a group of terrorists from Lebanon to the Israeli town of Nahariya, where they broke into the Haran family's apartment. [....]

Qantar’s name has been mentioned as part of a potential prisoner swap for two Israelis kidnapped by Hezbollah, so CBC decided to profile people associated with the Qantar story. But rather than focus on the family of Qantar’s victims, Canada’s national broadcaster chose to focus on the family of Qantar the terrorist. [....]

In addition to generating sympathy for a brutal murderer's family, Ayed enabled Qantar's brother to legitimize an additional round of unprovoked aggression -- the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, murder of 8 others and shelling of northern Israel on June 12, 2006. Using Hezbollah's code-name "Operation True Promise," Ayed let viewers know that Hezbollah's attack was merely an attempt to free a man who's been imprisoned for too long: [....]

CBC balance ... You may watch Nahlah Ayed's report on this site, as well as learn more. It is time Ayed's biased reporting was noted by CBC. Do you suppose she will be suspended, as was the military supporting CBC Radio reporter? Not a chance; she holds the leftist, pro Lebanon, pro Hezbollah views and reports accordingly.

Fives Years After 9/11: First in a Series

For Muslims, guilt by association -- Five years after 9/11, the war on terror puts Canada's Muslim groups at odds, Maria Jiminez, Sept. 8, 06

[....] Other Muslims disagreed, pointing out that it is key to remember that the "lethal ingredient" in the cocktail of anger is the twisted interpretation of Islam that says you can kill yourself and go to heaven.

This fact must be acknowledged -- or Muslims merely feed into the "victimization" narrative, says Tarek Fatah, the MCC's founder.

"Many Muslims have made an industry out of perceived anger. Every mosque, every sermon is 'you're being victimized,' " Mr. Fatah says. If the Muslim community were really concerned about all grievances against Muslims, he adds, why don't they speak out against the killing of Muslims by other Muslims in Darfur, or the suppression of Kurds? [....]

The Real World

It's terrorism, stupid, Sheldon Alberts, National Post, September 08, 2006 -- Bush using secret prisons to rally voters -- Did they expect him to advertise so as warn potential jihadi terrorists?

In June, an ABC News poll found 66% of respondents believed the U.S. was protecting the rights of detainees at Guantanamo and 57% thought it fine to hold them indefinitely without trial.

One has to wonder how many Americans, as they prepare to mark the fifth anniversary of 9/11, would sympathize with the plot's mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who reportedly gave evidence to the CIA after being subjected to "waterboarding," an interrogation tactic where a detainee's head is dunked under water to simulate drowning.

The White House clearly thinks the answer is "not many."

Watch what these guys do: "key Republican senators, former POW John McCain, former Navy secretary John Warner and former military judge Lindsey".

If a prisoner has knowledge of who are involved and how a terrorist attack is going to take place, what would you do ... seriously? Forgive? This is the real world and these guys show no mercy, themselves. In fact, they celebrate death. Particularly yours.

Speak Up or Get Lumped In with The Islamo-Fascists, John Hawkins, Posted Sep 06, 2006 -- or Moderate Muslims: ...

Among Americans, there is a growing and hardening suspicion that moderate Muslims are really nothing but "moderate" Muslims who talk about peace while they tacitly support terrorism. There's a simple way for Muslims to change that perception. All they need to do is regularly condemn terrorism, condemn Sharia, condemn Hamas, condemn Hezbollah, and condemn Al-Qaeda. Maybe it's unfair that Muslims should be asked to do that and unfair that what extremists are doing should reflect badly upon Muslims who don't share their beliefs. However, fair or unfair, more moderate Muslims need to speak out, loudly, about their disagreements with the Islamo-Fascists or regrettably, the number of people in the United States and across the world that are hostile to Islam is only going to continue to increase. [....]

Another excerpt: "these Islam related headlines"

Maybe moderate Muslims are hesitant to speak up, but the extremists don’t hesitate to tell the world that Islam is all about murder, death, and savagery. They also seem to have no reservations about acting on their beliefs. Let me show you what I mean. What you're about to read are five headlines per month taken straight from the daily news section of my blog, Right Wing News, over the last year. As you read these Islam related headlines, keep in mind that it would have been easy to post three or four times as many items for any given month. [....]

Mr. Hawkins runs Right Wing News, a conservative blog. He writes a weekly column for Human Events Online. You can also e-mail him at johnhawkins -at-

Islam / Islamophobia: "cognitive dissonance" -- By God, I think s/he's got it.

They must have taken lessons in reporting from the CBC or the Canadian MSM. CAIR Adopts Lefty Blogosphere Tactic

[....] Notice a pattern here? They can’t attack the blog’s owner for his statements, so they use the time-honored tactic of cherry-picking “extreme” comments from readers, completely out of context (and often distorted or misquoted), despite the clearly-worded disclaimers at Spencer’s site. It’s the same dishonest tactic that the LGF haters [use]

[....] I suspect that what offends you about this is the idea that any anger anyone has toward Islam or Muslims could be the "fault of Islam." But consider it from the infidel point of view for just a moment. Here you are in the Chicago Sun Times wringing your hands about "Islamophobia" and posing as a victim, when in fact several members of your organization have been arrested and convicted of various terrorism-related activities, and you no longer contest Anti-CAIR's characterization of CAIR as a "terrorist supporting front organization" that "wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia law in America" and is a group that was "founded by Hamas supporters which seeks to overthrow Constitutional government in the United States and replace it with an Islamist theocracy using our own Constitution as protection."

Can you see the cognitive dissonance there?

The Top 10 Amazing Things About America Once It Becomes Part Of The New Caliphate , John Hawkins
which leads to:

Canada: Student debt problem? Deserving poor? A potential jihadi gathering funds?

Or just a dumb bank robber? University of Windsor student, Micah Ahmad, charged with robbing three banks , CanWest, September 08, 2006


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