September 11, 2006

Sept. 11, 2006: Reality

Remembering September 11: videos, articles

Alleged bomb plotter contests anti-terror law -- re: Momin Kawaja ,
Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, September 10, 2006

[....] His lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon, is attempting to have the act ruled unconstitutional on the grounds that it is vague, overly reactive and was hastily conceived in a period of national stress. [....]

Khawaja, an Ottawa software developer who was working on a contract with the Foreign Affairs Department at the time of his arrest, is charged with seven offences under the act, including developing bomb detonators, knowingly participating in a terrorist group, counselling others to finance terrorism and planning a terrorist attack. [....]

How interesting that the reasons Momin Kawaja was charged, the specifics of this accused terrorist in the case, will not be part of this. If Greenspon is successful, it looks as if investigation, foresight and good policing will be of little use. Khawaja would have had to have act--that is, commit a terrorist act, it seems. According to Mr. Greenspon, thought is not a crime. What about the charges against Kawaja which involve more than thought? He will be tried later for them, in January. First, the object appears to be to get rid of the tool which allowed him to be picked up, the anti-terror law.

Toronto bookseller 'friend' to terror boss -- Police raid house

A native of Pakistan, Mr. Al-Attique has not been charged with any wrongdoing. But he admitted his relationships with the Lashkar-e-Tayyiba boss and two of the Toronto terror suspects may have caught the attention of Canadian counterterrorism investigators

Quick: Three questions. Guess.

* Name the mosque in Scarborough with which he is associated.
* What does he sell in his bookstore?
* What does he say of those accused?

He knows many of the principals picked up lately as terrorist suspects and has connections to a terrorist group ... but he's a loyal Canadian.

Words you likely won't hear today in Canadian media

Undoubtedly, you will listen in vain for the state propaganda organ and the mainstream media to use these words today, so I'll mention them for the gutless ones. Why do I write that? Apparently Henry Champ reported on the 9/11 atrocity earlier without mentioning them. One almost expects to hear the word "militant" or "insurgents" from the MSM today, so cowed are they by political correctness and fear of backlash from those who would cry that they are victims of racism, discrimination or Islamophobia.

Muslim, Islam, Islamist, terror*,
jihad*, bomb*, Koran, radical imam, Wahabbi*

How do these terms fit into the atrocities committed on 9/11 in New York to citizens of the US and elsewhere, a group which included Canadians. How do these words fit into any reports of the atrocities since: Bali, London, Madrid, Beslan ... and countless other incidents of evil jihadis acting out their lessons from radical imams and those who justify their acts with the Koran. Then consider whether it is not time to actually report the connections, instead of talking about Canadians being racist, even Islamophobic in the face of the overwhelming evidence that we have reason to look askance. We should be honest about the peaceful religion's influence in these atrocities.


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