September 12, 2006

Sept. 12, 2006: Dancing ...

To a nostalgic tune ... the sabre dance or is that the Cossack sabre dance?

Memory Lane: related to the article that follows it.

Canadian External Affairs Minister Lester Pearson: A Warrior for Freedom in the Cold War , Jamie Glazov,, July 30, 2001

AFTER JOSEPH STALIN’S DEATH IN 1953, Moscow altered its tactics to spread world communism. The new Soviet leaders launched a “peace offensive,” which they hoped would splinter the Western alliance. ... the Kremlin sought to drive a wedge between Canada and the United States. [....]

In the negotiations, the Soviets pressured Pearson to agree that Canada should act as a “bridge” ... the semantics implied Canadian neutrality. The Soviets also insisted that Canada sell uranium, nickel, aluminium, and copper to the Soviet Union. Pearson refused. In the end, Canada agreed to sell roughly 1.5 million tons of wheat to the Soviet Union at world prices over the next three years. Strategic minerals were kept off the list. In return, the Canadians granted Russia MFN (Most Favoured Nation) status, but only for the duration of the agreement.

Pearson came home a staunch defender of NATO and Western interests. [....]

I suspect Canada's interests were just about given away before the last election occurred. Whenever I look up information, I find enough was accomplished with the result that many have a vested interest in pressuring the present government to continue ... whatever they had managed to agree to, establish or gain while the Liberals ran the government(s).

It is of interest that Canadian official George Ignatieff, whose father had managed to escape after the Communists came to power, was along on that trip to Russia. He's the father of the current Liberal leadership candidate, Michael Ignatieff.

Isn't Paul Jackson with Sun News Media?

Why doesn't a journalist contact Paul Jackson and ask about this? "Mr. Trudeau told the wife of U.S. chargé d'affaires that he was a Communist and then went on to criticize the U.S. and praise the Soviet Union", "CANADA'S RED TRUDEAU", by Elizabeth Thompson & Paul Jackson

[....] George Ignatieff, then second-in-command at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, who approached him to discuss Mr. Trudeau's "indiscreet" behaviour at a conference in Moscow.

That old red ... Trudeau magic has them in its spell ...

Cue the nostalgia strings: "Alexandre Trudeau's fight to 'Secure Freedom'" , Sep. 6 2006, 12:00 PM ET, News Staff

[....] "Justice doesn't belong to the government, it belongs to the people," Trudeau said Wednesday in an interview on CTV's Canada AM. [Ah, defender of "the little people" ... cue the violins, the schmaltz ... ]

"And I felt that the detention of men without charge, whatever they might have done, is against what Canadians believe in."

In "Secure Freedom," a new documentary airing ... on CTV, Trudeau investigates the federal government's steadfast support of the use of security certificates on the grounds of national security.

The certificates allow Canada to indefinitely detain non-citizens without charge, trial or the release of evidence against them.

Before the year's end, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on their constitutionality. [This is where the "appointed" Supreme Court Justices earn their Liberal / leftist keep. I have no illusions about these justices' impartiality at all. ]

Public Security Minister Stockwell Day told CTV earlier this summer that the certificates -- which have been around since 1978 -- are used "very rarely" and only to those individuals deemed to be a "very serious security threat to Canadians."

Day said that as recently as September 2005, the courts have ruled their use as constitutional ... an important tool in protecting Canadians.

For his film, Trudeau gained special access to Almrei and to Mohammed Harkat [.... It helps to have that name.]

"Either they stay in jail forever or they get deported to countries from where they're refugees, where they're likely to face torture." [Of course, dissembling / lying would never be part of this, would it? Search a post on one who was returned to Iran: "News Junkie Canada, Iran, refugee, lying"]

[....] The 31-year-old Almrei is being detained on allegations that he has links to al Qaeda through an Islamic charity, that he was part of an international forgery ring, and that he spent time in a terrorist training camp.

[....] For his assignment, Trudeau travelled to Syria [.... Who paid? Was it paid by Canada World Youth? CIDA? Any other agency using public money? CBC? ]

Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau is/has been also a director of Canada World Youth [see below], and of the Trudeau Foundation [check out the directors ... They're back!] for excellence in social sciences and humanities research and innovation.

Cue the nostalgic violins to touch your heartstrings ... for a kinder, gentler, socialist Canada ... the good old days ... when Pierre Elliott Trudeau gave you the finger while taking your money. Remember the National Energy Program?

Memory Lane: The World Youth Manifesto Project

Don't the lefties love that word "manifesto" -- harkening back to the the halcyon days of "Muscular Communism" ... of Stalinist Russia and Maoist China ...

It might interest readers to know that Pearson committed your tax dollars of today years and years ago ... and the left has many tentacles that lead right to your pocket. ... ING Direct advertisers must have taken lessons for their "hands in my pockets" ads.

Presentation by Mr. Kevin Rex , Program Officer, Canada Fund for Africa Secretariat, Africa Branch, Canadian International Development Agency , Photos by Duncan DeYoung and Report by Kathy Grzetic, (All pictures are thumb nailed, please click to enlarge), 2003

On February 4th, 2003, to commemorate International Development Week, a CIDA Program Officer for Africa, Mr. Kevin Rex, gave a presentation to the History, Global Issues and Languages students at Prince of Wales Collegiate. For two hours, Mr. Rex spoke about international development, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and how students can contribute to this important cause. [ It sounds like social engineering to me. What if a parent disagrees with this being done in schools? ....]

The Canadian International Development Agency helps these developing countries by funding initiatives by non-governmental organizations (NGO's) and by organizing its own initiatives to encourage sustainable development. [....]

International development is an extremely complex and varied area of work. For this reason CIDA has broken down its objectives into four main areas: basic health and nutrition, HIV/AIDS, basic education and child protection. Canadians working with CIDA and with NGO's travel and work abroad to implement social, political and economic initiatives. [....]

The nostalgia moment:

More than thirty years ago, Former Canadian Prime Minister and Nobel Laureate Lester B. Pearson helped to devise a treaty with the United Nations stating that all industrialized nations throughout the world should commit 0.7% of their Gross National Product (GNP) to foreign aid. Canada currently pledges only 0.25%.. In fact, there are only four countries in the world who contribute in accordance with this treaty.

However, CIDA and many Canadian NGO's have made significant progress in helping to alleviate some of the problems developing countries face. At the G8 Summit, an annual meeting of the heads of the world’s eight most industrialized countries, in July 2001, a group of African leaders presented the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), a plan they had devised to end poverty in Africa. The next year, at the G8 Summit held in Kananaskis, Alberta, the leaders of the G8 presented their own plan to support the NEPAD Initiative, called the Africa Action Plan, which included commitments to double, triple, even quadruple aid to these regions. A Canadian fund was set up to help fund this initiative, called the Canada Fund for Africa. Mr. Rex manages the fund’s $35 million “Bridging the Digital Divide” program, as well as its youth initiatives. [....]

Most importantly, by becoming informed global citizens [....]

What is the position of your MP on human rights? [ politicking? ....]

My 'I get it' moment ...

Maurice Strong and network have just the bridge for you and yours ... to cross the Digital Divide. Check the OneWorld / ManyOne network. That will help them ... and indoctrinate your children.

NEPAD -- pronounded "knee pad", an unfortunate choice of acronym

Social engineering contest, would you not say? "The contest calls on youth to speak up about international development issues"

Have you noticed how often the do-gooder left includes prizes, awards for "excellence", and the like? Check your pocket, again.

Is it possible? Is this social engineering at its best ... paid for with your taxes ... and the Trudeau name associated.

Canada World Youth - Core Program -- or here, a Google cache

Note, that is or was a government of Canada url / address, during the time of the former Liberal government.

Designed for youth aged 17 to 24, Canada World Youth's Core Program focuses on volunteer work and community development in a cross-cultural setting.

The Core Program lasts six to seven months, during which participants spend half their time in a Canadian community and the other half in a community in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America or the Caribbean. During the program, youth live with host families and volunteer in community organizations or small businesses.

The Canadian International Development Agency helps fund Canada World Youth programs.

More information is available from:
Canada World Youth
2330 Notre-Dame Street West, 3rd Floor
Montreal, QC H3J 1N4
Tel: (514) 931-3526
Toll-free: 1 800 605-3526
Web site: [....]

This material was/is usually located in the same area ... closer to the stakeholders, I suppose. Remember the links to the UNESCO initiatives I posted on in Jan-Feb, 06?

The Evils of Ideology , From the Gulag to the Killing Fields, edited by Paul Hollander, and published by ISI Books, reminds us of how far man’s inhumanity to man can go, and on what scale. It is a selection from the prison and other memoirs of victims of communist repression in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba and Ethiopia.

Professor Hollander, who provides a long introductory essay, is the author of the now-classic Political Pilgrims, a history of the way in which western intellectuals were duped, and wanted to be duped, by their visits to communist countries into believing that some kind of paradise was under construction and was already partially built: in sharp contrast, of course, to the living hells of their homelands.

[....] Perhaps the difference exists because elements at least of communism still exert an attraction for so many intellectuals, and no one wants to acknowledge that his ideals justified and in part motivated mass murder on an unprecedented scale. Who would not rather deny the meaning of scores of millions of deaths, than abandon his illusions?

[.... why Communist atrocities] have comparatively so little emotional resonance .... [....] [source for the above]

Search: the greatness of its motive , ethical injunction, to cultivate your inner psychopath , The very qualities that are loathsome , a Cambodian physician , Pol Pot’s regime , Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) in Peru , a worker for Amnesty International

One of the problems with [so-called] intellectuals is that they think, write, film perhaps, but do not have to live as others do in the worlds their ideals have made / would make. They do not see through ... understand what they are aiding and advocating, e.g. the NDP, the new movements and network(s) to network the poor especially of the Third World to tell their stories ... which may (intentionally, I believe) prevent other views from tainting their stories, especially those not belonging to the right groups. Actually, Sasha Trudeau should read this and look further.

Update: A reader wrote that the link to the article below does not work. I have tried to find the correct one in my files. Of course, I cannot at this moment. However, I couldn't make this stuff up (I have not the imagination for that.) and I remember seeing it. Try this link for a paragraph that says essentially the same thing: The Shadow Party , Jamie Glazov,, Aug. 29, 06

[....] FP: Does the Shadow Party really seek to destroy America?

Judge for yourself. In his new book The Age of Fallibility, Soros writes, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” He announced in 2003 that it is necessary to “puncture the bubble of American supremacy.” Soros is working systematically to achieve that goal.

On the economic front, he is shorting the dollar in global currency markets, trying to force a devaluation. At the same time, Soros is orchestrating a nationwide movement to encourage mass immigration into the United States, and to mandate the provision of free social services to illegal immigrants. These measures alone have the potential to bankrupt the nation. However, if they fail, Soros has another program that will certainly finish the job. A long-time Soros operative named Jeffrey Sachs has been placed in charge of the United Nations Millennium Project – a global war on poverty designed to transfer wealth from rich countries to poor ones. Sachs is currently demanding that American taxpayers turn over $140 billion per year to his global welfare bureaucracy. [....]

There is much more in the above article on the book: The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party.

Bad link below so I have removed it. Memory Lane: George Soros -

American supremacy is the greatest threat to the world today."
-- George Soros,'s billionaire benefactor

"Now it's our party! We bought it, we own it!"
-- leader referring to the Democratic Party

International influence over local government -- United Nations Agenda 21

United Nations Agenda 21, adopted in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 at the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development, has had profound influence on local public policy. The objective of this document is to integrate environmental protection, economic development, and social equity under the management of global authorities.

The United Nations Millennium Assembly and Summit has authorized the U.N.'s vision of global governance and is now accelerating its implementation with the approval of more than 170 nations, and funding by a conglomeration of government, corporate, and foundation grants. Local implementation of U.N. Agenda 21 is shifting the power to make public policy away from elected officials to non-elected individuals who are using a "new collaborative decision process" to reorganize society around the central principle of "protecting the environment."

I have mentioned before that it is imperative for the left that the alternate / alternet network of such as OneWorld / ManyOne. net be globally implemented. I believe that, based on a login with one global identifier (potential for tracking and control), based on who are included / excluded in this global network, Google searches won't be as effective, perhaps not even allowed in that pristine, safe--no sex, no porn, no evil influences--environment for children ... so conducive to global social engineering. The effect would be that the ability to research and to have access to information from all over, the result will be to impede their ability to find information and to think for themselves ... outside the politically-correct socialist/leftist framework of ideas to which the students will be exposed via the network ...

More on this as time permits ... and there is more that I believe is of interest or, at least, of use.


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I couldn't make this stuff up, believe me.

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