September 14, 2006

Sept. 14, 2006: Komagata Maru -&- Global drug gangs

Komagata Maru kin want amends -- Descendants of passengers on ill-fated ship call on Ottawa , Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun, May 23, 2006

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I wonder if Jas Toor is related to the Gurdish Toor mentioned in the article that follows.

[....] Jas Toor said his grandfather was arrested as an independence leader after he was forced back to India with the other 375 on the chartered vessel.

[....] "We want a clear and unequivocal apology from the government of Canada," Chouhan said. "We have an apology for the Chinese head tax. We have an apology for Japanese internment. Why not an apology for the Komagata Maru?"

Dhaliwal said the issue is not just for the Indo-Canadian community, but is of importance to all Canadians.

"The government cannot pit one community against another," Dhaliwal said, adding that South Asians should also support the struggles of other minority communities with similar issues. [Get on the victim bandwagon.]

Grewal said Prime Minister Stephen Harper is willing to meet with Indo-Canadians on the issue.

Surrey man ran Indian drug cartel -- Gurdish Toor, Asia Pacific Post, September 05, 2006, via PrimeTimeCrime.

Indian police say they have smashed an international criminal syndicate with the arrest of a Surrey man and the seizure of 100 kilograms of ephedrine worth $24 million dollars that was destined for the Canada and U.S. markets.

They also seized three kg of hashish worth 100 million rupees (about C$2.4 million) concealed in a consignment of paintings headed for an undisclosed location in Canada and about 600 kg of white powdery drugs which have been sent for analysis.

Ephedrine is a highly sought-after chemical precursor in the illicit manufacture of Crystal Meth, Ecstasy and Ice that are popular at all-night dance parties such as “raves” or “trances,” dance clubs, and bars.

[....] Police allege that Rajwinder Singh alias Raja and Paramjit Kaur had carved false cavities in the bags and spread a layer of carbon in an attempt to dodge sniffer dogs and airport X-ray machines. [Related information below]

According to police, Paramjit Kaur [see below] first denied that the bags were hers, but later admitted to being their owner. But she said that she had no idea about the contraband. [....]

Search: cultivated marijuana in B.C., works with Asian drug smugglers , Paramjit Singh, Amit Aggarwal and Kialash Chand Jindal , Doaba region of Punjab, where most Indo-Canadian migrants , Golden Shield Private Limited, Simran Rice and Blue Horse Trading Limited in the industrial city of Ludhiana , export of rice and drugs to Canada and the United States , fronts for the drug cartel , spending up to 50,000 rupees (C$1,100) per day , amassed unaccounted land and properties , operating from Ludhiana with impunity , export license , getting license is very difficult , Canadian and Chinese drug cartels , Punjab , transit point , drugs , Afghanistan , cities like Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Patiala , 180 foreign nationals , Indo-Canadians , Canadian Non-resident Indian Gurwinder Singh Dhaliwal , Vancouver-area couple near the town of Zirakpur, Punjab , one million dollars worth heroin , Randhir Singh alias Dhira from Brampton , Sukhvinder Singh Dosanjh aka Bicky , Paul Dosanjh , Ron and Jimmy Dosanjh , Bindy Johal., 30 to 40 separate Indo-Canadian gangs in British-Columbia's Lower Mainland , 100 murders of Indo-Canadian gangsters in B.C.

Memory Lane: Headers

Frost Hits the Rhubarb August 15, 2005
"I have many names . . . if you are interested." -- Ecstasy & Political Activist Ravinderjit Kaur Puar aka 'Six Feet Under'
Distribution of Ecstasy & Political Activist

United States of America,
Ravinderjit Kaur Puar,

a/k/a Ravi,
a/k/a Amanareet K. Paur,
a/k/a Ravinder Puar Shergill,

Sarbjit Singh Virk,

a/k/a Sabee,

Kamaljit Singh Ghag, and
Sarbjit Singh Sandhu,

a/k/a Sabee


Note the woman has three aliases and two men use the same alias. All are from BC. Get the pdf file and check the charges.

'F--- with us, you die' -- A drug bust reveals another side of an aspiring B.C. politician August 12, 2005, Ken MacQueen, Macleans [....]

'Six Feet Under' Daughter of Vancouver Sikh leader, Politically Connected, Ecstasy Seller

'Six Feet Under' A Vancouver woman with connections to the B.C. NDP and federal Liberal party has been arrested in Seattle and charged with trafficking ecstasy after a four-week sting involving the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

'Six Feet Under' Daughter of Vancouver Sikh leader nabbed in U.S. ecstasy sting, allegedly tells agents how family runs gang. Do it our way, or you're ...'Six Feet Under'
Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun

Puar's father, Kalwant Singh Puar, is on the executive of Vancouver's Ross Street Sikh temple. He has been a high-profile supporter of federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh [.. . . ]

B.C. ACTIVIST JAILED IN U.S., ACCUSED OF SELLING ECSTASY Robert Matas, 08 Jul 2005, Globe and Mail, posted on forums

( )

[....] Search: Robert Virk and David Basi [....]

There is more including links to the original articles.

Drug loot fuels lavish lifestyles in Punjab villages -- Fearing arrest, Indo-Canadian drug thugs are taking their loot back to India to buy land, flashy cars and build huge mansions.

BC couple caught with drugs in India --Vancouver couple arrested with close to US$1 million worth of heroin in Punjab.


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