August 15, 2005

"I have many names . . . if you are interested." -- Ecstasy & Political Activist Ravinderjit Kaur Puar aka 'Six Feet Under'

Distribution of Ecstasy & Political Activist

United States of America,
Ravinderjit Kaur Puar,
a/k/a Ravi,
a/k/a Amanareet K. Paur,
a/k/a Ravinder Puar Shergill,

Sarbjit Singh Virk,
a/k/a Sabee,

Kamaljit Singh Ghag, and
Sarbjit Singh Sandhu,
a/k/a Sabee


Note the woman has three aliases and two men use the same alias. All are from BC. Get the pdf file and check the charges.

'F--- with us, you die' -- A drug bust reveals another side of an aspiring B.C. politician August 12, 2005, Ken MacQueen, Macleans

It was a disappointing winter for Ravinderjit Kaur Puar, a brash and ambitious would-be politician in British Columbia. In January, the 30-year-old lab technician at the B.C. Cancer Agency and mother of a young daughter lost her bid for the provincial NDP nomination for Vancouver-Kensington, an immigrant-rich riding in the south of the city. While her family has solid connections in the Indo-Canadian community there, some said Puar -- who often uses her married surname, Shergill -- was hampered by a weak grasp of the issues and her past ties to the federal Liberals. She was part of a delegate slate backing Prime Minister Paul Martin's leadership bid, and her family campaigned for Ujjal Dosanjh, the ex-B.C. premier who is now federal health minister.

With a seat in the provincial legislature out of reach, Puar moved on to a new challenge: a run for Vancouver city council in the forthcoming November civic elections. [. . . . ]

More than 80 Indo-Canadian men have been murdered in the past 10 years, many due to gang and drug violence. There have been several arrests at the U.S. border of Indo-Canadian drug couriers, some claiming they were coerced into the role. An Indo-Canadian, Francis Devandra Raj, was among the three men arrested last month, accused of constructing the elaborate smugglers' tunnel under the border from Raj's property at Aldergrove, B.C., to a home in Lynden, Wash. A police investigation 18 months ago resulted in a raid on the B.C. legislature, and criminal charges against Robert Virk and David Basi -- ministerial aides and organizers within the Indo-Canadian community for the provincial and federal Liberals. Drug charges against Basi were dropped. A trial on fraud and breach of trust charges against the two is set for November.

[. . . . ] Puar's arrest may force a new and higher burden of proof on Indo-Canadians seeking office. Unfairly or not, there will be questions to answer: Who is this person seeking to lead? And why?

'Six Feet Under' Daughter of Vancouver Sikh leader, Politically Connected, Ecstasy Seller

'Six Feet Under' A Vancouver woman with connections to the B.C. NDP and federal Liberal party has been arrested in Seattle and charged with trafficking ecstasy after a four-week sting involving the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

'Six Feet Under' Daughter of Vancouver Sikh leader nabbed in U.S. ecstasy sting, allegedly tells agents how family runs gang. Do it our way, or you're ...'Six Feet Under'
Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun

Puar's father, Kalwant Singh Puar, is on the executive of Vancouver's Ross Street Sikh temple. He has been a high-profile supporter of federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh. . . . . The DEA got a tip from a confidential source June 1 that Puar was looking to sell tens of thousands of ecstasy tablets, including designer drugs made in Vancouver.

Using undercover agents, the DEA spent four weeks attending various meetings with Puar and her associates at restaurants in the Seattle area. . . . . She also offered to send a driver to Portland with pills, but the DEA agent said he preferred to deal with her, prompting Puar to say her drivers had been working for her for 10 years. "They don't f--- around with me because ... [. . . . ]In Vancouver ... you pay for it and you know how bad you pay for it."

She said that is why no one rats out other gang members involved in drugs: "No one talks to the cops. If you're in jail with this person, you have a family member out there.". . . . In one meeting, she claimed "her family organization 'has it very well with the cops' and that police in Vancouver, B.C. work for the organization as her father is very well connected politically," the documents said. When the DEA agent told Puar that his sister had recently been beaten up, the Vancouver woman offered to have the person who did the assault "taken care of," the documents said. [. . . . ]

B.C. ACTIVIST JAILED IN U.S., ACCUSED OF SELLING ECSTASY Robert Matas, 08 Jul 2005, Globe and Mail, posted on forums

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[. . . . ] Political observers confirmed yesterday that Ms. Shergill and her father Kalwant Singh Puar have been active in the federal Liberal Party and provincial NDP.

Ms. Shergill was a federal Liberal at the time of the leadership race in 2003 but voluntarily resigned her membership in January. She was a Paul Martin delegate in the federal leadership campaign bid but did not attend the convention. [Could the convention have interfered with business? ]

She joined the provincial NDP in September, 2004, and ran unsuccessfully for an NDP nomination in the recent provincial election.

Her father, who operates four tow trucks under contract for Buster's Towing, is regarded as a valued supporter of federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh. [. . . . ]

Search: Robert Virk and David Basi , trial Nov. 28

We live in interesting times.


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