August 09, 2005

Late Tour

Clinton keynote speaker at China Internet Summit -- Ali Baba & Ali Bubba Judi McLeod, August 9, 2005

This is important.

Losing the Iraq War -- Can the left really want us to? Christopher Hitchens, Posted Monday, Aug. 8, 2005

Iraq: not a spectator sport. [. . . . ]

How can so many people watch this as if they were spectators, handicapping and rating the successes and failures from some imagined position of neutrality? Do they suppose that a defeat in Iraq would be a defeat only for the Bush administration? The United States is awash in human rights groups, feminist organizations, ecological foundations, and committees for the rights of minorities. How come there is not a huge voluntary effort to help and to publicize the efforts to find the hundreds of thousands of "missing" Iraqis, to support Iraqi women's battle against fundamentalists, to assist in the recuperation of the marsh Arab wetlands, and to underwrite the struggle of the Kurds, the largest stateless people in the Middle East?
[. . . . ]

Re: CSIS Hamstrung By Antiquated Laws Bill Narvey, 2005/08/09, CCD

[. . . . ] Just think how Martin shudders in fear at just the thought of acceding to CSIS's recent public request that Martin's government legislatively enhance CSIS's powers of investigation and its powers to take action against those being investigated. [. . . . ]

World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win Norman Podhoretz, September 2004 -- Worth reading if you haven't already.

Islam: the Religion of Peace (and white knuckle terror) -- " The List " of Islamic Terror Attacks Since September 11th, 2001 -- Just check and then ask yourself "Still think it has nothing to do with Islam?" -- via CCD

Worth reading.

Let's not offend Posted by Gord, 2005/08/09

Italian river 'full of cocaine' Aug. 5, 05, via Newsbeat1

Scientists have been surprised by the discovery of huge amounts of cocaine residue in an northern Italian river.

The findings suggest that about 40,000 doses of cocaine are consumed every day in the Po valley [. . . . ]

This implies that the drug is taken about 15,000 times a month among the 1.4 million young adults living around the Po. [. . . . ]

List for Lower Churchill Development -- Will Nfld. Lab hop into bed with Quebec . . . to be ******* again? -- Remember "an existing deal with Hydro Quebec"? Myles Higgins, August 8, 2005

[. . . . ] Perhaps the most well known and highly debated bid still in contention is one from Hydro Quebec in partnership with Ontario Energy Financing and SNC Lavalin. [. . . . ]

Other names are mentioned but you will guess a probable outcome.

Never a Dull Moment in Newfoundland and Labrador Myles Higgins, August 8, 2005

[. . . . ]Russia, Japan, the U.S., Spain and others have permission from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans to take hundreds of tons each from areas where individuals in the province cannot even catch a single fish to put on the dinner table. [. . . . ]

What ever happened to taking care of one's own first? Or would that go against some UN agreement or against the wishes of some other unelected body?

9/11 Cell Identified In 2000 (Updates) August 09, 2005

[. . . . ] The reason for the inability to share information with the FBI, information that might have led them to "connect the dots", in the parlance of the 9/11 Commission, was the wall between intelligence and law-enforcement operations constructed in large part by the Clinton Administration.

You've got mail -- And it's censored by the Human Rights Commission! Western Standard

The answer to speech we don't like is not removal, it's more speech arguing our own view

Re: Calgary, Eldon Warman, Wendy Seltzer, EFF -- which leads to a website, Chilling Effects, "where the CHRC's letter can be found"

Canadian Human Rights Commission Complains of Hate Speech in Google Groups May 26, 05


Canada's Irving Oil and Spain's Repsol, a major player in the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) business, have signed definitive partnership agreements on development of the 1 Bcf/d Canaport LNG terminal in St. John, NB, which would be connected to Irving Oil's refinery and the eastern Canadian pipeline grid. The terminal is expected to be operational, delivering regasified LNG into the marketplace, in 2008.


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