August 05, 2005

Updated: The New GG 'appointment' -&- Liberal propaganda: your tax dollars at work

Updated: links and comments added

Excellent article: Micaelle Jean as Lord Byng? I think not Bruce Garvey, Aug. 5, 05, National Post

Editorial: Give the new GG a chance National Post, Aug. 5, 05

There are already questions about the suitability of the Governor General whose spouse has made a film judged by some to be sympathetic to Quebec's separatist movement . . . Ms. Jean's own public pronouncements, notably highly controversial and inappropriate statements linking the 9-11 terrorist attacks to U.S. foreign policy, are more problematic.

Note: I had no time to post Bud's post so I have changed the tenses. On Micaelle Jean's appointment as our next Governor General, Bud had noted that Monique Begin lacked the one qualification necessary, perhaps, a stint at the CBC. Well . . .

Martin's "democratic deficit correction" report card sports another F.

Despite the Prime Minister's promise before a Quebec City audience that he would forego blatant political appointments to the Senate, he is at it again. Most of his appointments Tuesday were Liberal backroom boys or Red Tories like Hugh Segal. The selection that distinguished itself was that of Larry Campbell, the mayor of Vancouver. The men elected on a genuine democratic basis by Alberta were once again passed over. Just to show how shallow his commitment was, the rumour [had it that it was] Ms. Monique Begin as the frontrunner for the Governor-General's position. She was a Trudeauite minister and a loyal Quebecois foot soldier. This political appointment simply [would have shown] that Martin [had] no intention of abandoning his old patronage ways. The only thing missing for Martin from Ms. Begin's CV was a stint at the CBC.

Well, hush my mouth. Before I could even send this, Begin was out of the picture ( Martin's little joke on that meany-mouthed Chretienite toady), and by jingo, there is Michaele Jean, a CBC appointment. Boy, Paul is loyal to the media outlet that is his unofficial mouthpeice. Martin runs a large country; however, he can seem to fish only from a tiny pool. This is the third? fourth? CBC personality picked for the job. Nevertheless, Ms Jean fits so perfectly into that whole lefty-liberal 'stakeholders' category. Curiously, she managed to somehow get to anchor both The Passionate Eye and Roughcuts. I always asked, "Whose girlfriend is she?" Now it turns out to be Paulie. How politically correct. A Haitian-Canadian takes over from a Chinese-Canadian, both from the CBC. Doesn't get more multicult than that does it? At least, it wasn't Ali Hindy--posssibly his second choice.

© Bud Talkinghorn--How many Haitian / Quebec votes will that appointment garner?


I'm waiting for next political "appointee" GG, burqa clad, sporting a red pom pom (toolie?) like the ones the Irish or Scots regiments wore as they marched off to war.

There will be those thrusting forward an Inuktitut and French speaking Quebec Inuit candidate for that same position.

Paulie getting all bases covered before the election? Which of all these would garner more votes in Quebec?
As soon as the PM finds out, well, you have the next in the "appointee" lineup. NJC

Next governor general to reach out to youth

She was a regular contributor to CBC Newsworld's The Passionate Eye and Rough Cuts documentary programs and is a documentary filmmaker herself.

[. . . . ] Martin said he hasn't spoken to Jean about potential constitutional problems, saying she can make her own decision with the help of her own advisers.


Journalists are not so sure. I think it is Bruce Garvey who explores the implications of this today in the National Post, but there are several articles on the wonders of our PM's kingship, the fact that now we do not have to go through the messy business of democracy--all that thinking, considering and voting--now that Canada has one person rule. Should a problem ensue on the constitutional front with need for the GG to make a decision which could go against Paulie's government, all the GG has to do is check with the PMO and call for another fine bottle of wine from the well-stocked cellar at the vice-regal mansion to celebrate the end of the crisis. No worries, mate.

Liberal propaganda: your tax dollars at work John Turley-Ewart, National Post, Aug. 5, 05

Does this qualify as non-partisan news? I doubt that's the way it would strike the people of New Brunswick, where the federal government refuses to make a deal with Premier Bernard Lord, who wants to ensure that parents who choose to stay at home and raise their children receive the same benefits as those who choose to place their children in daycare.

But flip the flyer over and things get worse: The pretense of non-partisanship evaporate entirely.

[. . . . ] This is not only a partisan statement, but also patently false. [. . . . ]

Honour . . .


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