August 05, 2005

Whither goeth Saudi Arabia? Canada's First Islamic Terrorist, Our shameful IRB

Whither goeth Saudi Arabia?

The passing of King Fahd in Saudi Arabia has allowed his step-brother. Abdullah, to step out from his semi-official trustee position to become the real ruler. Fahd had been incapacitated by a stroke. The question now is what will Abdullah do with this supreme power? Oil and terrorists figure large in our interests about this succession. Will he align himself with the Wahhabi-influenced members of his extended tribe, or will he follow the moderates, who know that democratic changes must come--and soon?

To a large degree, the Saudis have been perfidious friends. They are almost solely responsible for the deluge of radical imams in the West. They have funded Wahhabi preachers, who spread their extremist messages amongst vicious criminals in prisons. John Mohammed and his little buddy systematically shot eight people, irregardless of age, race or gender, murdered because they were the infidel enemy. Did you notice that there was liitle examination of that case, once they both were convicted? Another question: Was it sheer coincidence that Prince Bandar's wife sent money to the Muslims in San Diego, who were sheltering some of the 9/11 terrorists? It must be remembered that this royal family includes over 7,000 princes, some of whom--like the Minister of the Interior, have been aiding and abetting jihadis for years. This money has spawned demons who hate the West, but who also hate the palatial lifestyle of these royals. This has forced the royals to make some effort at suppressing al-Qaeda at home.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect is that most ordinary Saudis despise the Americans--with one poll showing only 10% approval. That fact that America saved their butts from Saddam's 1991 rampage into the Arabian peninsula has been forgotten. Many even support the Saudi jihadis, who launch Iraqi suicide attacks on GI's, Shi'ites, and fellow Muslims who desire democracy. King Abdullah has to placate these fundamentalists also. One of the unexpected consequences of their enormous oil revenues is that the average Saudi is coddled from birth to death. Almost every occupation and the work is done by ex-patriot workers. Added to this are the large numbers of young Saudis who pursue degrees in Wahhabi religious studies. There are few occupational openings for these graduates, thus inducing bitterness. Instead of teaching them how to better their society, the religious schools preach a regression to the some glorious past. Also the Wahhabi imams have perfected the conspiracy theory that Jews and Westerners are the reasons they feel powerless. Even the more infamous al-Qaeda terrorist attacks are said to be the work of Mossad and/or the CIA. Thus indoctrinated, they make the perfect cannon fodder for al-Qaeda suicide missions. How King Abdullah will handle these shifting cross winds of modernity and retrogression will be decisive for everone.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Canada's first Islamic terrorist attack--Goodbye Marc Lepine, hello Gamil Gharbi

What was the motivation that prompted Gamil Gharbi, the Algerian-Canadian, to slaughter those women at the Montreal university? Well, the feminist movement didn't take long in answering that question. For them it was the essential evil that lurks in the hearts of all men. It was a giant guilt club to whack us with. The media dropped Gharbi's name in favour of Marc Lepine, which he didn't take on until age 16. Forget that his father was a brutal misogynist, who had contempt for all women.

The efforts of the feminists to lay that atrocity at the feet of all men never worked very well. I notice a change of expression when I tell some Montreal massacre ribbon-pushers that the guy who was always labelled Marc Lepine, really wasn't Joe Quebecois. The same impulse to murder women was seen every day in his ancestral homeland. In Algiers, educated women dressed in Western styles were targeted by the fundamentalists. Whole villages were raided by Islamic militant militia. Most of the villagers were hacked to death, while the young women were kidnapped, raped, and murdered, their bodies thrown down the village well.

Sorry, got a little sidetracked there. But it was to point out that the toxic religious brand peddled by the fundamentalists has taken root not just in Algeria, but here as well. There are Wahhabi imams here and in the United States, who would give their blessings to both Gamil Gharbi and John Mohammed's violent acts. It is time that the government clamped down on these radicals.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Our shameful IRB

And as with Mr. Hamdi, a.k.a. Osman, captured in Rome proved, who got into Britain on a fraudulent documents, anyone can get into this country with a fake name and a fake country of origin. When Canada allows people with no documentation (or fake ones) to enter the country, I'm sure such people here are quite numerous. Long ago the IRB dropped the ball with its refugee policy. Through laxity or fuzzy-minded intent, they allowed welfare cheats, gangsters, and terrorists to get not only residency, but to evade deportation if they had committed fraud or violent crimes while here. Ahmed Ressam, a classic example of this, was arrested by police on credit card theft, along with his Algerian co-criminals / terrorists; yet he was free to plan all sorts of terrorist attacks in Montreal. Many on the IRB board are simply Liberal appointment hacks--and with some of them carrying heavy left-wing ideological baggage. This Augean stable must be cleansed. Could Harper play Hercules?

However, the Liberals have ruled for so long they don't think there is anything to reform. If they thought it up, it must be true to Canadian values. They are still allowing that albatross, the Gun Registry, to continue, despite it ballooning costs and general uselessness. Still, the people must awaken to the fact that there is a 'reality show' in the works, one that they won't want to see
© Bud Talkinghorn. Believe me, the Liberals really, really don't want to see it either. They will have so much to answer for.


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