August 06, 2005

Quick Tour Aug. 6, 05

Poll--Vote on Tony Blair's actions to thwart terrorists --

Results up to now: 81% or 5064 voters . . . .

It's a tough and necessary measure . . .

It will backfire if he goes ahead . . .

Was Transport Min. Lapierre in the House at all these last few years? Did he read Hansard if he wasn't? He seems not to know what has transpired.

Is it possible that he he one of the 50% of Canadians who have literacy problems? Impossible. So what is his problem in the face of the reality?

Ottawa plans to develop no fly list" -- Scheduling the no-fly list for 2006 -- after any would-be terrorists have made Canada their home? -- Is Minister Lapierre misguided, naive, or just plain dumb?

Canadian no-fly list part of travel security reforms Kate Rook, August 5, 2005

While Canadian officials insist there is no credible threat against Canada Transportation Minister Jean Lapierre announced a review of security at the country's airports, train stations, seaports and subways.

[. . . . ] In 2006, he said, the government will launch a program to assess air passengers — creating a list of individuals who might threaten aviation security.

Biometrics, such as fingerprints, will also be used at airports, he said. [. . . . ]

Locking the barn door after . . .

Peter Worthington speaks for all of us

Where is OUR leadership? Peter Worthington, Aug. 6, 05

Oh, we send soldiers to Afghanistan but our politicians fear for their political lives if casualties occur. But we continue to accept potential terrorists into Canada in the form of illegals who, when caught at the airport with phony passports, claim "refugee" status and can't be deported without years of appeals.

The Supreme Court has ruled that a refugee claimant is entitled to all the protections of citizens.
[. . . . ]

Is Canada's PM still 'consulting' with the 'stakeholders' before he says anything substantive? Counting how many votes he and the Lieberal$ might lose if they cross the usual suspects? Getting approval for how to go about it from same?

A disastrous leader in need of a backbone transplant . . . IMHO.

Michael Coren: The sensitivity threat -- "take political correctness to an absurd degree"

Former anchorman sees anti-Tory media bias Aug. 4, 05

Toronto — A former national TV anchorman who plans to run as a Conservative in the next federal election says the media is biased against the Tories.

[. . . . ] We have to overcome, among other things, the apologists for the Liberal government in the Toronto media.” [. . . . ]

No half-mast flag at Parliament for Canadian war hero Judi McLeod, Aug. 5, 05

[Conservative] MP Betty Hinton, Kamloops Thompson Cariboo, was astonished to learn that flags on Parliament Hill were still flying at full mast yesterday, while Canada mourned the loss of Ernest "Smokey" Smith.

What's with our banks? Part 1 John Lawrence, Aug. 4, 04

Once upon a time, people lived within their means. Then along came banks, and before you could say "IOU", you were buying things on credit, that is, on a promise to pay the bank for whatever it just bought for you, as long as you would pay it usury, or interest as it is now called. [. . . . ]

What's with our banks? Part 2

This whole business of credit and debt is very short-sighted, even dangerous, particularly for young people starting out. They begin their adult lives owing money and they may never crawl out from under the debt load and its costs. It is time for parents and educational institutions to emphasize that the bill ALWAYS comes due and the costs of debt, despite its allure of easy and quick gratification, are steep and always mean one is in thrall to whoever holds that debt.

There are always articles on this site worth reading:

Henry Lamb: World Heritage Committee Blasted Aug. 3, 05

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International

In January, I learned that UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee would meet July 5 - 17, in South Africa. As chairman of Sovereignty International, Inc., I applied for credentials to attend this meeting as an NGO observer, as I had done nearly two-dozen times to attend other U.N. meetings around the world. This time, however, I asked for permission to video tape the proceedings.

Knowing that despite its claims of "transparency," the U.N. really doesn’t want the world to see how it conducts business, I . . . .

One already in the lineup for US immigration benefits blew his chance

ICE nabs two men in phony ID plot Jerry Seper, Aug. 6, 05

Two Guatemala natives have been arrested on the Eastern Shore of Virginia by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on charges they produced and sold fraudulent Social Security and alien registration cards.

[. . . . ] ICE agents seized more than 1,000 blank Social Security and resident alien card templates [. . . . ]

Canada takes a kinder, gentler approach. Canada keeps them here and Canadians pay and pay and pay.

Mexicans pose Social Security drain Stephen Dinan, Aug. 6, 05

Allowing Mexicans who pay into U.S. Social Security to collect benefits would place a long-term drain on the system since Mexican workers are less-educated and tend to have more dependents, according to a new congressional report.

The report, released last week by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), looks at the effects of a "totalization" agreement with Mexico. Right now Mexican workers who are in the United States temporarily must pay into both the U.S. and Mexican systems but cannot get U.S. benefits.

Totalization would allow them to pay into just one system, and collect benefits based on the time they paid into the U.S. system. [. . . . ]

Read how a Mexican could benefit over a US citizen.

Search: the large number of Mexicans illegally living and working

Top cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani: Constitution must respect Shariah -- Iraq -- concern among Iraqi women that their hard-won freedoms will be eroded Sharon Behn, Aug. 6, 05

New York City cabbie, returns forgotten jewelry to Montreal businessman Aug. 5, 05, WND

Hossam Abdalla taxi driver at LaGuardia Airport and Thierry Bellisha, co-owner of Montreal-based Crown Ring -- a great story. It renews ones faith in mankind.

Embedded Chip vs RFID Passports

What We Now Know -- Dangers of RFID [Radio Frequency ID] Passports week of 8/2/2005

[. . . . ] For some time, the Department of Homeland Security has been working to get other countries to agree on a standard for machine-readable passports with embedded computer chips. Countries whose citizens currently do not have visa requirements to enter the United States then will have to issue passports that conform to this standard, or risk losing their non-visa status. The embedded chip, much like a "smartcard," will allow the passport to contain a great deal more information than a simple machine-readable bar code, enabling passport officials to quickly and easily decipher the information.

This entails some loss of personal freedom, but it is probably as reasonable a response to the threat of future terrorist attacks as we're going to get. However, that's not all. The Bush Administration also wants to include RFID chips in the passports of the future, for both U.S. and foreign citizens, and that's far more troubling. Like embedded smart chips, RFIDs can hold lots of personal information, but the difference is that they can be read from a distance. A receiver can remotely access the chip, without any need for physical contact, and get whatever information is on it.

The fly in the ointment is that RFID chips are always on. . . .

[. . . . ] technology will inevitably make receivers more sophisticated over time.[. . . . ]

"It doesn't matter what the imam says inside the mosque because the young people don't understand. The real education goes on outside. In mosques our religious leaders are speaking in Urdu. The only people speaking in English are extremists like Abu Hamza and Bakri Mohammed. Youngsters do not get the real message of Islam."

The Sharecropper Society -- When Warren Buffett speaks, people listen

[. . . . ] Today U.S. corporations are arming China with all the financial tools necessary to challenge American hegemony, while government trade policies are allowing a massive transfer of manufacturing, intellectual property and American jobs to China. And if we try to backpedal from these policies, as Congress is attempting right now, we'll look like hypocrites, to say the very least.

So what's it going to be--put on a happy face and hand over our assets like good free-market sports? Or nipping the attempt in the bud, making a 180-degree turn from cheerleader of globalization to protectionist miser, thereby potentially triggering a trade war? Let's not forget the negative consequences of Smoot-Hawley in 1930.

Alternatively, people could stop asking the government to do, well, just about everything for them, reducing the size of the behemoth to a level where we don't need to go hat in hand to the rest of the world for our daily billions.
[. . . . ]

"Eminent domain--the power of states and municipalities to take control of private property"

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Americans concerned with the preservation of their civil liberties and especially the right to private property have cried out in indignation when on June 23, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that local governments may from now on seize people's homes and businesses for private economic development.

Heretofore the rule of eminent domain--the power of states and municipalities to take control of private property--only applied if it was for public use, for example to build roads or schools, or to revitalize blighted areas. [. . . . ]

. . . Logan Darrow Clements. . . . "faxed a request to Chip Meany, the code enforcement officer of the Towne of Weare, New Hampshire, seeking to start the application process to build a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road."

Incidentally, that is the home address of David H. Souter, one of the Supreme Court Justices who voted for the new law. [. . . . ]

See Weare Residents Start Ballot Initiative Drive to Support the Project and Circumvent the Board of Selectmen

Souter's high position should not allow him the privilege to be exempt from his own rulings.

Thanks to HM for this.

Status of 'blighted' areas challenged disputed Pat Beall, Paul Lomartire, Palm Beach Staff Writers, Aug. 5, 05, via

RIVIERA BEACH — Whispering two words — eminent domain — in Riviera Beach these days is like screaming "fire" in a packed multiplex.

[. . . . ] The issue is so hot now because this long-beleaguered city with an ocean view is closing in on a deal to allow developers to build a 250-room, 27-story Marriott hotel and 250 time-share units at the city beach on Singer Island. The $200 million project replacing the Ocean Mall's ragtag collection of shops and eateries is the first solid sign that the long-discussed, long-troubled $1.2 billion plan to reinvent this city is finally starting. [. . . . ]

Another Attack -- links to articles on gangs and violence via Newsbeat1

Would curfew curb gang violence?

Mentors try to quell gang violence

Expert: How to keep your kids out of gangs

How about ending the puff-ball sentencing? Or are we all supposed to feel guilty?

Benon Sevan’s Finest Hour -- Late in the day, former Oil-for-Food chief demands the U.N. open its books Claudia Rosett, NRO, Aug. 5, 05 via Newsbeat1/Instapundit.

[. . . . ] Worst of all, Volcker has parked himself for more than a year atop U.N. records that might have helped outside investigators crack some of the Oil-for-Food schemes involving ties to terror, organized crime, arms rackets, and political bribery, all of which are salted among the more than $110 billion of Saddam Hussein’s deals administered by the U.N. under Oil-for-Food. [. . . . ]

In Israel's vacuum, al-Qaida moves in to Gaza -- Jerusalem draws up battle plan for all-out war on bin Laden

WASHINGTON -- As Israel plans a unilateral withdrawal of all Jews from the Gaza Strip this fall, al-Qaida operatives are reportedly ready to move in.
Al-Qaida's presence, in the name of "The Jihad Brigades in the Promised Land," was announced on an Islamic website known to be friendly to Osama bin Laden's terrorist network. [. . . . ]

Search: "According to Farkash, al-Qaida is in the process of shifting its operational interests from Pakistan and Afghanistan,"

Al-Qaida nukes: Why wait? Keep up with latest on bin Laden's 'American Hiroshima' plan July 26, 05

Where bin Laden is,
why he's still alive -- Author: Boy Scouts could get terror chief who's still planning 'American Hiroshima'
Paul L. Williams, Aug. 6, 05

[. . . . ] Osama is almost always surrounded by fawning attendants who hail him not as Sultan bin Laden or Emir bin Laden but rather as "awaited enlightened one," the title reserved for the Mahdi."

The Mahdi is the rightly guided caliph who will appear during the last days of human history. His coming is foretold by the Haddith, the sacred teachings that supplement the Quran. In such writings, the Mahdi is depicted as the figure who will bring forth the "Day of Islam," when all people throughout the world – believers and unbelievers alike – will fall in submission before the throne of Allah.
[. . . . ]

Search: "among the Uighurs in China." , annual Soldier of Fortune convention , shabnamas or "night letters" , Peshawar , Pakistan, with its arsenal of strategic nuclear weapons,


Download the .pdf, check the supplies you should buy and more . . . just in case . . .

Terror fears spark car searches -- Combing for bombs to start at Bay St. undergrounds

[. . . . ] In 1993 a truck with a fertilizer bomb exploded in the underground parking garage of New York City's World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring hundreds.

That attack was a precursor to the 2001 terrorist attack with hijacked jets that destroyed the World Trade Center with the loss of almost 2,800 lives. [. . . . ]

Blood Scandal

Clinton & the killer blood Articles from the Progressive Review, MAY 2005
I have no knowledge of this site; read and come to your own conclusions. There are excerpts from several articles.

[. . . . ] "Later after a promotion, an inmate who became my clerk told stories of events that took place when he was assigned to the plasma center, including things like the refrigeration going out for hours and the plasma being refrozen later and shipped.

[. . . . ] NATIONAL POST - In exchange for a guilty plea under the federal Food and Drugs Act, the Crown withdrew charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and common nuisance.

[. . . . ] The Liberal government denied compensation to those infected before 1986, claiming that no test was available before then. That now turns out to be false. Paul Martin was on the board of the Canadian Development Corporation from 1981-1987, during the time hemophiliacs were infected with tainted blood. The CDC was the holding company for the private company, Connaught Laboratories, the major supplier of blood products in Canada, specifically Factor VIII used by hemophiliacs. . . . [MURRAY DOBBIN, GLOBE AND MAIL, 2003 ]

Topic: China, Nukes, Clinton CNEWS Forum, 8/05/2005

Khrushchev's Words Return to Haunt -- "Communism will dance on the grave of the capitalist and we will sell you the rope you use to hang yourself." Rachel Marsden , August 4, 2005

Toronto-- When Chinese general Zhu Chenghu threatened that China would use nukes if America interfered in the defense of Taiwan, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld-- [. . . . ]

[The] American government must figure out where it stands on China. Either it’s against human rights abuses, and the military and economic buildup of a communist power--or it’s in favour of cheap Happy Meal toys, trading with communists, and the selling of America to Chinese state-run players, starting with the recent bid for U.S. energy giant, Unocal. [. . . . ]


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