August 08, 2005

Harper, GG, National Sovereignty, UNSCAM, EU & Terrorists, Iran, Safe Firearms Discharge Site, The Stillwell Road & More

"transforming the meaning of national sovereignty"

Sovereignty Report -- Next, the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas "The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas is an extraordinary erosion of freedom, for this nation, and for every citizen." -- Henry Lamb, Aug. 8, 05

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International

[It] would be completed by January, 2005, and would enter into force by December, 2005.

[. . . . ] The effect of this agreement takes away law-making power from duly elected representatives of the people, and gives it to unelected bureaucrats, most of whom represent foreign nations. [. . . . ]

If you read nothing else, read this. "transforming the meaning of national sovereignty"

Advice for Harper on Governor General's appointment Arthur Weinreb, Associate Editor, August 8, 2005

And the appointment of Michaelle Jean is certainly open to criticism. . . . . What Canadians really need at a time such is this is a Governor General who has expertise in the constitutional field or at least someone with vast political experience; someone who could at least credibly threaten to intervene if Parliament is unable to function. [. . . . ]

“You were like a burning flame full of enthusiasm. You wanted to give whatever you could to your brothers who were raising the flag of jihad.” — Eulogy by the Islamic Observation Centre in London, England to suspected al-Qaeda member from Ontario, Ahmed Said Khadr

Canadian, eh? And here is another Canadian, Imam Ali Hindy, who has been in the news lately.

Ali Hindy & Friend October 16, 2003 -- "Muslim groups eulogize Khadr " -- There is an article July 27, 05, as well.

The eulogy said the Pakistani government agreed to release Mr. Khadr in exchange for a promise that Canada would not file a torture complaint against the government of then-prime minister Benazir Bhutto. It depicted Mr. Khadr as a committed Muslim and humanitarian who devoted himself to helping the mujahedin and the refugees displaced by warring in Afghanistan. [. . . .]

Ali Hindy, the Imam at the Salahedin Mosque in Scarborough, where Mr. Khadr worshiped and collected donations, also said the man was no terrorist. "I don't think that he was al-Qaeda, but I think he felt that now he became part of Afghanistan." He said while Mr. Khadr worked with the Taliban, the regime was mostly doing good. "Actually, honestly, they were doing good work except what happened on Sept. 11 and harbouring those people that were doing the bombing around the world," Mr. Hindy said. "He was convinced this was a good government."

Europe Decides: Nothing Politically Correct about Terrorism! J.B. Williams, August 8, 2005

[. . . . ] Where should Europe deport these mad-men to, America, land of the free, land of unbridled opportunity, even for terrorists? The one place on earth where democrats, liberals and the ACLU agree on the human rights of even known terrorists? Where the terrorists have protections even average citizens don’t? The land of milk and honey and wide open borders? Why not?[. . . . ]

I suspect they will be coming to Canada, land of diversity, multiculturalism . . . and the bought vote.

Desalination plants via Newsbeat1

Iran won't hesitate Klaus Rohrich, Aug. 8, 05

A country that finds it perfectly acceptable to overrun another country’s embassy and hold that country’s diplomats hostage is not likely to be squeamish about the use of nuclear weapons. This is particularly true if motivation for the use of the nukes is driven by religious zeal. [. . . . ]

The recent discovery of high quality munitions including sophisticated landmines in Iraq that are thought to originate in Iran [. . . . ]

Search: there will be a confrontation


Gun Registry cost overruns -- interpreted by Tony Olekshy, The Sagacious Iconoclast

Never mind that it is to me unfathomable that it could take eight years to develop the registry database, and never mind that according to the CBC it doesn't actually work; $750 million divided by eight years is about $250,000 per day. That's right, they spent what should have been, at its most extreme, a $10 million budget for the entire project, they spent that much every 40 days, for eight years.

Here's another way to look at it. The database system has cost about 750 / 8 = $94 million per year, for eight years. Loaded full-time staff costs in this field are about $100,000 per year. That means the development of this system employed 940 full-time staff per year for eight years. How the hell can a database fundamentally designed to store and retrieve 7 million gun records distributed across 3 million person records take 7,500 man-years to develop? What is this, the Pyramid of Cheops?
[. . . . ]

Safe Firearms Discharge Site -- Trackback

[. . . . ] Infight has been established in partnership with the City of Toronto, the Toronto Police Service, and the Lawrence Park Community Services Society. [. . . . ]

Recommended. It links to Warren Kinsella August 5, 2005

Scroll down on Small Dead Animals for the comments such as this Posted by: maz2 at August 8, 2005 06:12 AM

A well-connected source said there were more than 100,000 people in Britain from "completely militarised" regions, including Somalia and its neighbours in the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan and territories bordering the country. "Every one of them knows how to use an AK-47," said the source. "About 10 per cent can strip and reassemble such a weapon blindfolded, and probably a similar proportion have some knowledge of how to use military explosives. That adds up to tens of thousands of men.
[. . . . ]

Warren Kinsella has a great story about the lady who did not make the cut as GG, Monique Begin -- August 2, 2005

Under the Media Radar | August 8, 2005 -- Read the details.

Search: 'town square test' , a Hamas summer camp , It's not their kind of story because it ruins the story of

UNSCAM -- Rich, Pollner and Others

Marc Rich: "Former American fugitive Marc Rich was a middleman for several of Iraq's suspect oil deals in February 2001, just one month after his pardon from Presidentlinton" from an article dated Dec. 1, 2004 -- links to Glenn Reynolds

Powerful officials and their profiteering friends in France had a reason to try to stop the United States from overthrowing Saddam Hussein: They were pocketing billions in payoffs through a U.N. oil-for-food front. [. . . . ]

Search: Pollner and others dealing with Saddam's Iraq , "Ben Pollner, head of Taurus Oil" , "Rich's company Trafigura, spun off from the Swiss-based Glencore" , Kojo Annan's business

How is this work coming along?

Reminiscence of Stilwell Road builders May 17, 05, Xinhuanet

KUNMING, Yunnan, May 17 (Xinhuanet) -- Zhang Guanghua, a Chinese man who took part in the construction of the Stilwell Road during World War II, is 87 years old now. His earnest wish is to witness the reopening of this road in his remaining years, he told Xinhua recently.

[. . . . ] Zhang took part in building the Stilwell Road, which starts in Ledo, a railway hub in India, runs through Myanmar via Myitkyina and ends in Kunming, capital of south China's Yunnan Province. Theroad opened in January 1945.

[. . . . ] The road was built in 1944 to provide logistical support to theAllied Forces during World War II. It was named after the commander of Allied Forces in Southeast Asia, General Joseph Stilwell. More than 50,000 tons of military supplies were transported to war-torn China on the Stilwell Road in the first eight months of 1945. The road was abandoned after the war and eventually became a forgotten piece of history. [. . . . ]

"India, China to sign accord paving way for boundary settlement" -- "China to renovate historic Stilwell Road to facilitate Sino-India trade" April 2005

China is to begin a major overhaul of the historic Stilwell Road built during World War II to facilitate growing trade with India, state media reported Monday.

The road, connecting the southwest province of Yunnan with India via Myanmar, will shorten the overland transport route to India to just 500 kilometres (310 miles), Xinhua news agency said.

[. . . . ] A detailed renovation plan is expected to be finalized by the end of the month with the road crossing into Myanmar at the border town of Baoshan and entering India at Ledo, a railway hub in the northeast, the report said.

China, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh -- Kunming Initiative to rebuild the old Stilwell Road, linking northeastern India with southern China to enhance Sino-Indian trade Ramtanu Maitra, Feb 12, 2003

[. . . . ] It also proposed that the road should measure up to international standards and be capable of carrying 40-foot containers. Senior professors attending the seminar observed that once the road was opened, the entire Southeast Asian region would become a major trade hub. For Yunnan province, which is landlocked, the road will pave the way for access to the Bay of Bengal.
[. . . . ] Those who oppose the enhancement of Sino-Indian trade relations point out fearfully that the road will allow Chinese goods to flood the Indian market. A huge amount of Chinese goods come in as it is, and will continue to do so through the unmanned Indo-Nepal borders. . . . .

[. . . . ] According to the Independence of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has accepted, in principle, a proposal for the construction of a Myanmar-Tripura-West Bengal gas pipeline through Bangladesh. It is also said in that the Myanmar, Tripura and West Bengal state governments of India have accepted the proposal in principle.

Never a Dull Moment in Newfoundland and Labrador Myles Higgins, August 8, 2005

One thing nobody can ever say about the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is that life is dull. Indeed, for anyone interested in politics and current affairs, there is never a dull moment in the province. [. . . . ]

Another company that received taxpayer $$$

Norshield Financial Group Launches Second Cinar Related Lawsuit -- Additional $10 million Sought from Cinar and Head of Litigation Committee April 29, 05

[. . . . ] Starting in 1999, Cinar became involved in a series of serious corporate governance issues including improperly applying for and receiving tax credits from the Federal and Provincial Governments, the use of corporate assets for the benefit of senior officers, and the investment of USD$108 million in offshore investment funds. [. . . . ]


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