August 08, 2005

No racial profiling for SCOC? & A Saudi sponsor of Jihad

An aboriginal who knows aboriginal law or a lawyer versed in aboriginal law?

Bar may join aboriginal jurist lobby -- Supreme Court vacancy heightens urgency of debate Cristin Schmitz, CanWest, Aug. 8, 05

OTTAWA - Amid charges from some of its members it is veering into ''racial profiling,'' the Canadian Bar Association will decide this week if it should join the Assembly of First Nations in lobbying for the appointment of a qualified aboriginal jurist to the Supreme Court of Canada. [. . . . ]

It is rather like the position of Governor General, I suppose, where diversity and multiculturalism trump all. Will the next SCOC appointee be from Quebec, as well?

A Saudi sponsor of Jihad Allister Heath

[. . . . ] The British Prime Minister rightly argued in a powerful speech in the aftermath of the London bombings that most of the world has dropped back to sleep after 9/11 and become complacent about the Islamic terrorist threat; yet last week, without batting an eyelid, he praised the legacy of one of the men most closely implicated in the murderous rise of Islamo-fascism. It will not do. During the watch of King Fahd and his half-brother and successor, Crown Prince Abdullah, Saudi Arabia has become the world's largest promoter and funder of extremist perversions of Islam; the least any self-respecting democracy can do is not to shower them with unearned praise.

There remains much public ignorance about the facts: fundamentalist Islam has been the calling card of the House of Saud since its inception in 1744. [. . . . ]


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