August 09, 2005

Separatism on the Rise, Bigamy, Frum: GG & Liberal "power without limit", Identity theft, Taxes & Investment, Farmers & Pot, CAIR, "Whole Grain"

The West's Separatist Warning Aug. 9, 05

More than one-third of Westerners younger than 30 think their provinces should consider quitting Canada, showing the strongest support for sovereignty among all ages, a recent poll reveals. [. . . . ]

Czech - Slovakia: A Lesson for Canada -- re: separation Aug. 7, 05 Eclectic Economist

Once a prestigious post, now a refuge for partisans David Frum, National Post, Aug. 9, 05

The Liberals, of course, yearn to do away with the monarchy altogether and elevate the governor general into the formal head of state. If they succeed, they will have eliminated the last vestigial restraint on the power of the chief executive -- and broken the last visible link to Canada's origins. Step by step, they will have built a country without memory ruled by power without limit.

Traders pile into oilsands frenzy -- Junior's volume surges Lori McLeod, Aug. 9, 05 Financial Post

The feverish excitement surrounding Alberta's oilsands stocks continues unabated, leading to comparisons with the dot-com boom of the late '90s. . . . . [e.g.] the proposed takeovers of Terasen Inc. and Deer Creek Energy Ltd [. . . . ]

Withholding wealth: Foreign investors shun high-tax jurisdictions. Canada needs to get its withholding taxes down to get its investments up Aug9, 05, Financial Post: Comment

UN officials accused of kickbacks Aug. 9, 05

How does this change the laws about bigamy? Angry in the Great White North

Identity theft ring affects at least 50 banks Ingrid Marson, ZDNet UK, Aug. 8, 05 via newsbeat1

Investor's Business Daily: Profile CAIR via Newsbeat1

Investor’s Business Daily is going after the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)—with both barrels: Profile CAIR

Is it time to look at CIC in Canada?

Farmers' deal lets police get weed early -- Pot raids simplified in a major Quebec marijuana region -- the Mauricie and Centre du Quebec regions Mark Cardwell, The Gazette, Aug. 8, 05

By giving police carte blanche access to their properties, Leclerc said, farmers are both divesting themselves of responsibility for police operations and facilitating the anti-pot battle. "What we're hearing is that farmers feel more secure, that they feel they're being supported by their neighbours and by police." Leclerc said. [. . . . ]

Search: two-page "social contract"

Insider trading probe sought over drugs -- Senator calls for investigation after report finds doctors leaked secrets AP, Aug. 8, 05

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee called Monday for a federal investigation into whether doctors are supplying investment firms with information about clinical drug trials before companies announce the results. [. . . . ]

Fake white bread sneaks fiber on picky eaters -- Food makers hope to lure consumers with whole grain products

It took scientists eight long years and millions of dollars to sneak whole grains into that spongy, yeasty icon of U.S. health-unconscious consumerism. [. . . . ]

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